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73P Cultish Symbolism  Email from the inside edge  9 fragments on the 11th  The Ennead

Global Gestalt And Planetary Sovereignty The occult roots of NASA  Forum

Fla captures 2 3 4 Sungrazer Troops in Fla  Tampa residents are hearing Sonic Booms

Please help! ORBIT is not an entitlement rather a poor old nag working his tail off! Skip a sixpack for ORBIT! Thanks for ongoing help, alas, need to spend some $$ as a result of a virus crash Sunday. Here is a humble return, some original tales and tunes.

Kent Steadman; 425 S. 156th Street; #119A; Seattle, WA 98148

SERAPHIM [Movie, Music].73P/Schwassmann-Wachmann 3  NASA Statement 2  Frag B" brightens 3-fold

Discrimination needed! This unusual wedding-veil comet is interesting--beautiful!

Will the earth get blasted head-on by a stray chunk? Doubtful [well, maybe a few wee meteors, no biggy, eh]. We all know Zeus the Magnificent, like Dick Cheney, can't shoot.  But do keep sleuthing!

"It's driving us nuts; fragments of fragments of fragments," said Don Yeomans, manager of NASA's Near Earth Objects Program office at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif. It is his job to keep track of them all and tell astronomers where to find them.  Interesting turn of events


Rosemary Hill capture 2 3 4 5

Canary 2  capture 2 3

Debris, Hercules 2 European Northern Observatory located in Canary Islands  HAARP Quad All-Sky Imager Wise Observatory [capture]  Rosemary Hill [capture] Kitt Peak [capture]   MORE   SWAN [capture]  MAP 2 Plot of the Innermost Solar System  Comment  Ships underway

Organisms?  Influenza from Space?  Mushrooms From Space?  Terence

Radio Fireball Events' photos  Fireball Sightings Log: 2006  SOHO  Mauna Loa  Quakes

Prediction of meteor shower radiant associated with Comet 73P/Schwassmann-Wachmann 3  Deep Impact\

The suggested length of the comet along its axis of movement PLOT: There is 6.5 days duration between the times of closest approach of the first and last fragments. The velocity of the group relative to Earth is roughly 14.6 km/second (although the fragments in front of the pack are moving faster than those behind

 On May 7th, fragment C raced by the Ring Nebula

STATE OF EMERGANCY...TROOPS IN FLORIDA  Tampa residents are hearing Sonic Booms


NASA "We do not yet know what to expect from this comet..."

5/1/2006 6:04:08 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time

Check out the cult numbers below NASA just can not help but use! 11, 33 & that damn tetrahedral 14.7, wow! I wonder if this is doctored or the actual numbers? Maybe the site was hacked (I hope so) or are we really in for a real whacking? No wonder everyone has been seeing 11:11 for the last couple of years. Is this a joke or not? Toss in 21:53 adding up to 11 and we have cult symbolism all over this thing: 21:53 = 2 + 1 + 5 + 3 = 11, talk about tossing us a bone. Thought you might find this interesting/amusing?

IS THIS AN ERROR? 73P/Schwassmann-Wachmann 3-BD  2006-May-11 Minimum: 0.0 LD [Lunar Distance] / 0.0001 AU [Astronimical Unit]  Note: nomininal / minimal /sigma values Forum 2 3 4 5  Tail

NASA CHANGES MINIMUM DISTANCE: Now at: 19:05 CET, to 33.7/0.0867 and 0.04/0.00010

NEO Earth Close-Approaches  

B-Fragment Selsey, West Sussex, UK  Kronk

What about the tail?  Does 3-BD cross the orbital plane then earth plows through region a few days later?

73P info that has NOT been posted before!  Source  Capture Here, we propose to observe a magnitude 1 comet, 73P/SW 3, the brightest comet of the decade during May 2006 within only 0.08 AU of the earth...

The Suzaku Mission  Suzaku SWG Target List  UPCOMING NEAR-EARTH OBJECT RADAR TARGETS  Schedule: 2006

COMMENTS: I don't know why they would lie about the magnitude. I am SURELY not saying that the comet is going to hit us, I'm just very disturbed about the lying.  This event was always going to be big ... The biggest Clue - MEDIA BLACK OUT - We have a frag'n comet in our neighborhood and nothing :(

Forum: cometary objects impact calculations [unverified]

5/4/2006 3:19:56 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time

Kent, attached is a PDF of a document entitled "Narrative Report on the Hazards to Civilization due to Fireballs and Comets". Prepared by S. Klube, Physics Dept at Oxford University some years back. Spine tingling stuff considering all the recent amount of attention to P/73. Not sure if you have this listed or linked on your site anywhere but I thought it a very important document considering the implications discussed within. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.  SPACEGUARD

Schwassmann-Wachmann 3's fragments "are spread over about 6 million kilometres … The tails of the bigger fragment extend around 2 million kilometres."

FRAGMENT C: The biggest piece of comet 73P/Schwassmann Wachmann 3 is not falling apart. Sturdy fragment C, for reasons unknown, resists crumbling.

This makes it different from the other 40+ fragments of the dying comet.

Tonight [4/29] is a good night to see fragment C. Point your telescope toward the double star zeta Herculis in the keystone of Hercules: sky map. Fragment C is passing by that star tonight, making it especially easy to

Maybe the dirty snowball theory is wrong  Hybrid comet-asteroid in mysterious break-up


SYNCHRONISTIC EVENTS: Gamma Ray Bursts, April 26 Solar Seraphim

Gamma Ray Bursts [related to disintegrating comets?]

GRB 060507A  GRB 060505A  GRB 060502B  GRB 060502A  GRB 060501A

ELement, ELectricity, ELement, angEL, ELohim= the EL

Rosetta Mission 2 3 4 [search/find 73P]

Tau Herculid meteor shower   Fireball Sightings Table: 2006  2  Arecibo  Webcast  Observations 2 Preparedness

Orbits All Orbits  Frag-E 2 3  Frag-S Observe 2 Finder Charts  NASA Statement  Space Weather  Great Dreams [latest Eric] Alpha-Omega  AUDIO  MORE>>

Sneaking a comet into the news: So which is a more important impact – a rock guitarist hitting the earth with a thud? Or a space rock strafing our planet with interstellar debris?

Manager, NASA/JPL Near-Earth Object Program Office April 24, 2006 During the 2006 return to perihelion, which for the main fragment C takes place on 2006 June 6 (just inside the Earth’s orbit), the comet began to fragment into more than 30 additional pieces. All of the observed fragments in 2006 will pass relatively close to the Earth during the interval May 12 through May 28 but none will pass closer than 5.5 million miles.

Forum: 4/30/2006 11:22 PM

[Something else out there? A force that destroys comets?]

Nobody really knows what the anomally is. It might be antimatter, it might be a dispersant wave, it is a distortion in space that can be seen though, but only visible by the distortion of space through it. What goes through it reacts as 73P SW. It's a bloody monster.  Hybrid comet-asteroid in mysterious break-up Images

THEORY: When galactic antimatter enters our solar system, antimatter is called comets

Man Witnesses Meteor Shower  eta Aquarid  Hybrid comet-asteroid in mysterious break-up

RADIORBIT LISTEN  05-01-06  Dr. Dennis McKenna and Richard Glen Boire


Don't quit your day job on the basis of this information as its theoretical and unconfirmed.

THE VISION: Former Military Air Traffic Controller Claims Comet Collision with Earth  Great Dreams [latest Eric Julien Communication] Part 3  NASA + Julien

Eric Julien 2  "MAY 25, 2006 - the Day of Destiny!"   NASA Statement


After finding that a reader had submitted info. about the death of the Nasa Caveman on the website "CyberspaceOrbit," I then contacted the officiating funeral home which was in the obituary in a newspaper. [Deeply researched]

Daughters of Deep Impact: UM Proposed Missions Could Clear Clouded Comet Picture



Scientists blame sun for global warming

Plasma Effects within the Solar System

SOLAR TORPEDOES             



ALERT: 8.0 2006/05/03 15:26:35 -20.035 -174.227 16.1 TONGA  

Earthquake hits Tonga, tsunami warning issued Tonga News NZ News

MAPS  P-Wave Travel Times  Tsunami warning 2 [cancelled]

Aftershock: 6.0 2006/05/04 11:25:30 -20.516 -174.104 37.9 TONGA

Forum 2  Tornadoes

Cloud Tunnel

Shifting constant could shake laws of nature  Is faster-than-light propagation allowed by the laws of physics?

Diebold faces informal SEC inquiry  Iran letter

CIA Director Porter Goss Resigns 2 CIA's Goss Drawn Into Hooker Probe? HOOKERGATE The Next Head of the CIA?  NBC, CBS, Fox cropped Rumsfeld questioner's challenges  

Bush Clears the Way for Corporate Domination  Our monarch, above the law  Charlie Sheen

Brazil Inaugurates Uranium Enrichment Center Capable of Producing Fuel for Country's Power Plants

US Approves Second Dubai Deal Bush set to OK takeover of nine military plants by Dubai firm [note the Crown & Pawns weaseling this deal]  BRITAIN'S POLICE STATE

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Poetry


ORBIT SOLUTIONS  [stop burning oil in your jalopy, that'll get em...]

Extreme Hybrid Tech
Tiny Microreactor For Biodiesel Production Could Aid Farmers, Nation CORVALLIS, Ore. - Chemical engineering researchers at Oregon State University have developed a tiny chemical reactor for manufacturing biodiesel that is so efficient, fast and portable it could enable farmers to produce a cleaner-burning diesel substitute on their farms using seed crops they grow on their own land.

"This could be as important an invention as the mouse for your PC," said Goran Jovanovic, the OSU professor who developed the biodiesel microreactor. "If we're successful with this, nobody will ever make biodiesel any other way."


EMA system with Edwin Gray  Directory:Joe Cell 2  Forum  Wood Gas as Engine Fuel British Inventor Unveils 8000 MPG Car

ALERTS: US Dollar   Mild form of avian flu found in New Jersey  Bolivia's Gas Seizure High Gas Prices Will Last Years, Bush Aides Say  Nationwide Boycott  Updates  Forum Debate  2  Webcam links for major cities in U.S.  Asia

Hurricane Alley Heats Up  'Fin' Forms Inside Crater On Mount St. Helens  The Internet is Dead, Long Live the Internet  

Amitakh Stanford  Hacker fears 'UFO cover-up'  Bermuda Triangle Stargate?

UPDATED: WORLD NEWS 2006 The truth is rarely pure and never simple


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