4/17/2006 12:05 PM

Al Francoeur writes: Good morning Everyone

Please pass this around to the energy groups for their thoughts on this find which changes the once thought known history of the developments of the EMA system with Edwin Gray.

Check out what I now have, it's the original motor generator that Edwin Gray used as part of his development of the EMA system. I now have the motor generator here that was left behind from when I first bought the EMA motors from the people in Texas.

Check out the links of Alexander's motor generator device. I have included a picture of his proto type machine which is shown. I only have two pages of his patent and the patent is also not available on the US patent office, it has been deleted. Hmmm, very interesting. After looking much further I found a place where I can get a copy of the patent and our good friend Jeanne Manning bought me the patent number 3,913,004, but it did not come from the US patent office because it is not on the US patent office web site..

This motor generator is claimed to produce 1 to 3 over unity (if I can use the term). Turns out that I happen to have a Alexander motor generator here right now. The light blue start motor that Edwin Gray used to get the ema motors turning (shown on the jpeg file) is in fact an Alexander motor generator device shown in the jpeg picture.. Edwin Gray must have known of Alexander's motor generator or Alexander knew of Ed Gray's development. This proves a link between the two people and their work in which their patents that have been issued to them is also very close together. Edwin Gray used an Alexander motor generator in his research with these 3 pole ema motors, now it also may change the date of development being done on these motors because Alexander's patent was issued Oct, 14, 1975, which is after Ed Gray's patent of June 17, 1975. So did Edwin Gray have this Alexander motor generator before he got the patent for it or after? If he got the motor generator from Alexander after he got his patent, then the 3 pole ema motors I have may have been constructed after the number four - 9 pole ema motor. If Ed Gray got the Alexander motor generator before Ed Gray got his patent on June 17, 1975, then these 3 pole ema motors may have been developed before the 9 pole ema motor was constructed prior to 1974.

I have completely rebuilt the Alexander motor generator with new bearings and a new machined phenolic brush holding plate to replace the broken one. The machine looks bran new and is now the color of dark navy blue with black motor mounts, the brush ring assembly and rest of the motor is completely cleaned and ready to run.. Its looks great.

We now have an original (excellent shape) Alexander motor generator here complete with duel isolated primary and isolated secondary windings on the rotor and bifilar wound stator coils. You don't see many of these around anywhere, and everyone else seems to have over looked this device except me.

If anyone out there can shed more light on this fascinating suppressed technology please bring it on.

What do you think?

Al Francoeur

Inventor & reviving the EMA radiant energy system.

PS; I am getting many requests from allot of people asking me to reopen the alfenergy series of groups. I hear everyone and If all goes and everything is ok, then I may reopen the groups January 1, 2005 which is just over a month from now.


Hi All,

Interesting claim, however as you say, the patent isn't on the USPTO website. Why is that? Also, the Delphion site shows only images of the first page, and the tripod site is down. An analysis of the patent would shed light on this subject. I must say that I've never found a patent to not be on the USPTO site, and I will e-mail them to find out why. If I find out anything significant, I'll e-mail you about it.

Have you verified the claim yourself Al, on your own motor? And with what methodology, might I ask? Too interesting! Please keep us posted, Al.

Have an excellent weekend everybody!

Yours truly,

Alfred Reaud

Independent Investigator


Hello Bruce and Everyone else

Another fellow pointed me to a link toward the European Patent Office where it is there shown at one or both of these links.

Check it out if you have not seen the patent yet, which goes to show you how reliable the US patent office is doesn't it, and also which makes it very strange why it's on the European Patent Office and not the US Patent Office. I checked with the original copy I have here and it looks like it's all there except not in the same order. The US Patent Office suppresses the information in the patent and the European Patent Office still makes it available to the world.., HAH, what a twisted screwed up system we live in...

Have a nice weekend everyone.

Al Francoeur

Nu Energy Research Laboratories wrote:


I had no problem accessing the entire patent.

-Bruce P.