Date: 10/12/00 6:55:02 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Kent: See attached. Italy and odd streak with debris trail.

Noticed C2 is current but C3 out since 8:00UT, Look at last Navy C3, whole left side blocked out and feeds end there for now. [EDITOR: since this email the Navy image, usually live and current raw data, has been replaced with  frame, 10/10 02:42, captured by the SOHO cameras the day before the torpedo incident. This data-intact C3 image is MOST ANOMALOUS!]

Screen capture showing date irregularity

Complete C3 showing on Navy site at 14:36:46

Interesting how the missing data on C2 and C3 for Comet impact time finally turn up late yesterday. The images, if they can be believed, make it look like the comet fizzled out before impact. [EDITOR: NASA hit my website yesterday, maybe the protest accomplished the release of the missing files]

LEFT, Animation of Released 10/11 C2 Data Files: 20001011_0950; 20001011_0926; 20001011_0906; 20001011_0850; 20001011_0826; 20001011_0806; 20001011_0750

I did find what might be on comet on EIT images betweem 9:00UT and 10:00UT on yesterdays images... look at between 7 o'clock and 8 o'clock close in to the solar disk on those images.