ORBIT10/12/00 6:19:36 PM Pacific Daylight Time cplyler@elfrad.com writes: A high amplitude magnetic disturbance was detected by Elfrad at 00:31 UT, 10/13/2000. An extremely high magnitude pulse was recorded at 00:51:58 UT. The signature is unusual for a magnetic storm. Very energetic..  Charlie Plyler  Elfrad

IR Satellite 10/13/00 01:30

FIRE IN THE SKY  WICHITA, Kansas, October 13 – Kansas watches as a strange sight lights up the night.

Date: 10/14/00 12:48:53 AM Pacific Daylight Time I live in the Okla City metro area. Tonite on the local news, they reported that people all over the state had been calling in about something they had seen in the sky. The news station reported it as a bolide type meteor. Apparently it crossed a large portion of the state from South to North. When it was first seen, people noticed a 'smoky' or dirty  tail (late evening), but after the sunset it had a tail similar to a comet. In its final stages it apparently broke into several pieces. Unfortunately we didn't see it here because we are having cloud cover for the first time since June.

Check this out, sent by AMBILAC a couple of hours prior to bolide notice [Okla City above]. I was too wishy-washy to publish; guess I will now by gum!
Date: 10/13/00 10:32:51 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Kent: check out soho images 18:42 [detail-left] and 19:42....if that is it and sure looks like it wormwood entered time frame at 18:42...must of then taken it's bearings and left on intercept course at 19:42.... It's about 12:30 here right now...I hope that I'm wrong but looks like we will be in the wrong place at the wrong time within a couple hours...like I said I hope I'm wrong...JIM, AMBILAC (more streakers 2)

SLEUTHS: try to find out if a bigger rock came down elsewhere or skipped off atmosphere! Something bigger yet to arrive? It is a real swarm out there. Good thing shields were cranked up yesterday, eh?

EDITOR: While I am at it, here is a post from Anony that I will now publish

Date: 10/13/00 9:31:31 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Kent, 10/13/00 2:00 PM GMT came and went without incident. Intel reports intruder fragmented and lost punch. Large piece skipped off the grid over the Central Mediterranean in the area of Malta (North and West of Cairo). Grid is back on-line and powered. One disturbing note is that sources in the Azores report a strong electromagnetic residual signature coming from the Brookhaven area. Hypothesis is that an electromagnetic beacon is DRAWING comets and asteroids in our direction. It shuts down so that objects will "Just Miss" us. Their calculations were off this last time for sure. Someone out there likes us and fragmented the beastie or we would have been hit a glancing blow. The grid would have stayed up, but would have been weakened considerably. The consequences of this signature in the crust resulted in shock waves that may have ignited that mid atlantic quake. We are still running calculations to confirm this. Anony Mous

Date: 10/14/00 10:01:04 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Three came in on our Mother Earth, One in Oklahoma, One managed to stay on course (also a small one like Bolide) and a pretty sizable one bounced off the Grid a little North and East of Cairo. To the best of our knowledge the Bolide was the only one near enough to "Put on a Show". The Grid is firing up again and will stay at peak through December 20th or so. As Jim at Ambilac says, "It may be a Wrong Place, Right Time Scenerio", We believe however that a somewhat Happy Ending is in the Offing. Anony Mous

EDITOR: Anybody know what this is on C3? ANIMATION (circle marker added)

Notes skeptics: Alleged catastrophes prediction

"It seems to probably be coming  down a little early". NORAD appears to be able to do just as good a job at predicting as Ambilac. After awhile one simply quits listening to all the junk floating around the web."

Oppositely, I've seen so much shenanigan and Voodoo-astrophysics from NASA of recent, that I'm willing to listen to Mom and Pops from Kansas--not to mention lifelong seekers and philosophers. Takes many eyes. Kent

Artists, Blake, Escher, Picasso, now of course THEY KNEW!--and Shakespeare:

The bay-trees in our country are all wither'd

And meteors fright the fixed stars of heaven;

The pale-faced moon looks bloody on the earth

And lean-look'd prophets whisper fearful change.

These signs forerun the death or fall of kings.

William Shakespeare, Richard II

"This is a bad dream you have been dreaming; time to redream it." Lame Deer

Opening the Portal

Fireball Ignites Curiosity

OCTOBER 3, ASTEROID-METEO6 [Did it skip across atmosphere?]

Please investigate this NEW offer. Highly recommended--Kent

Wednesday 10/11/00 EDITOR: Once again, NASA pulls feed just prior to torpedo impact!




10/11/00 00:42 C3

Subj: URGENT Object headed for sun


Lockheed missile

10/11/00 06:06 C2


10/10/00 9:03:39 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Kent: See attached frames. Comet? Something else...its moving quickly as evidenced by its change in location between frames. Also note several ORCA effects in last 8 hours of C3 frames--9:08:10 PM: Just found out NASA is saying its a new Kuertz Comet. [EDITOR: or Interceptor?]

Sun freaks as torpedo approaches at 5:00

April 2000 torpedo notes: Lockheed, Reptilians more  1998 Torpedoes  Rogues

20001011_0727 pulled feed 20001011_1006-- Okay that does it, clue, the damned object was artificial! HAPPENED THE SAME WAY ON LAST TORPEDO! After the 1998 torpedo they lost the whole freakin spacecraft--not merely glitched but gone away, remember that? Can anyone think of a phrase that rhymes with "Lockheed lizards?" I am trying, TRYING to be poetic and...nice!

Data seems available, but no release to the unwashed masses.

10/11/00 Most honorable jewelry-laden (medal dangling), PhD Academia geeks, Mil-industrial Complex nerd-visitors to this URL so far: Howdy, Buckos! 1  2  3 [Yo D.O.D.]  4  5  [Yo, Boeing, ye win the hit-record] 6  7  8 [Yo, NASA] 9  10  11  12  13 14  [Yo, Univ. Corp Atmospheric Research] 15  16  17 Say, don't forget to click my cool sponsors (left) on your way out; what are pals for, eh?

Thursday 10/12/00 FOLLOWUP
Date: 10/11/00 10:53:01 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Weird: Navy site is showing images from August 3rd, 2000... EDITOR: verified at 12:21 PM PST more

Date: 10/12/00 6:55:02 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Kent: See attached. Italy and odd streak with debris trail.

Noticed C2 is current but C3 out since 8:00UT, Look at last Navy C3, whole left side blocked out and feeds end there for now. [EDITOR: since this email the Navy image, usually live and current raw data, has been replaced with  frame, 10/10 02:42, captured by the SOHO cameras the day before the torpedo incident. This data-intact C3 image is MOST ANOMALOUS!]

Interesting how the missing data on C2 and C3 for Comet impact time finally turn up late yesterday. The images, if they can be believed, make it look like the comet fizzled out before impact. [EDITOR: NASA hit my website yesterday, maybe the protest accomplished the release of the missing files]

I did find what might be on comet on EIT images betweem 9:00UT and 10:00UT on yesterdays images... look at between 7 o'clock and 8 o'clock close in to the solar disk on those images. more

EDITOR: Dear, NASA, if you are trying to cornfuse this ol' Coot, why, by gum it is working--except for the fact that due to galloping-senility I am already generally spinning in the bean, therefore, immune.


Date: 10/13/00 8:41:00 AM Pacific Daylight Time

I took a couple of days of footage and spliced them together.


Look at this SOHO animation



Date: 10/8/2000 1:44:25 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Feast of Fatima - Oct. 13th (Fatima, Portugal was a holy site for Moslems). Feast of Tabernacles - Oct. 14th (sundown) Full moon Friday the 13th

Another Origin of Friday the 13th Superstition?

ALTERNATE Impact prediction

10/8/2000 11:16:49 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Should be south, in the Mediterranean. Not north near Sweden.

10/7/2000 9:30:45 AM Pacific Daylight Time

...it is coming from that quadrant, about 6 days out. Impact 10/13/00 2 PM GMT over Mermansk/Archangel area at an angle of 31 degrees positive from True Horizontal. It will skip off, but the seismograph and the quakes will go wild.] ANONY MOUS

EDITOR: 10/13/00, Anony Mous  now indicates that the incoming asteroid he refers to above has been successfully "fragmented;" however, there might be smaller pellets incoming--or perhaps no incoming as originally predicted. We will leave this alert posted and see what happens.

10/13/00 quake mid-Atlantic



Notice NEW asteroids discovered only a few days before flyby.


Asteroid 4179 Toutatis


NEW: Oct 15 -[Oct 07] Asteroid 2000 TG2 Near-Earth Flyby (0.257 AU)

NEW: Oct 22 -[Oct 09] Asteroid 2000 TU28 Near-Earth Flyby (0.088 AU)

Oct 25 - Asteroid 2340 Hathor Near-Earth Flyby (0.1970 AU)

Oct 31 - Asteroid 4179 Toutatis Near-Earth Flyby (0.074 AU)


Orbit is one of the most chaotic in the Solar System--named after a Celtic god that was the protector of the tribe in ancient Gaul.


Relative Postitions Of Asteroids Near Earth

Current Map Of The Solar System

EDITOR: We seem to be plowing through a swarm. Watch this page.

EDITOR: Closest asteroid I can see for the timeframe on JPL charts, but I find to be most peculiar the two dates listed on the JPL Space Calendar. Does the beasty yet lurketh?:

2000 SZ162: Can't find any info on this, but looks close over the mid-October timeframe, same for: 2000 RN12, and 2000 RD53. Actully have found no ID-ed rocks that will seem to munch us, unless one sneaks in undetected, maybe beyond the visible spectrum--a real cluster of stuff out there in earthspace.

Date: 10/15/00 3:41:50 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Kent, don't know if you still need data on these but from catalog of neo info at


I think these are the orbital elements on the objects you say you can't find data for:

2000SZ162 0.9268 0.1682 0.1687 0.642 0.998 0.000 0.000 -17.970 -503.713 0.000 0 4 0 0 0 0.1683 0.902

2000RN12 2.1778 0.5016 0.5955 16.120 26.857 0.000 0.000 18.747 -59.495 0.000 0 0 4 0 0 0.5944 16.309

2000RD53 1.7901 0.4277 0.4391 7.033 9.453 0.000 0.000 20.475 -38.144 0.000 0 0 4 0 0 0.4286 9.282

Now, unfortunately they don't give the format of the orbital elements on this page, but there seems to be a standard format among the catalogs. If you can find it there (or elsewhere) impact can be calculated. They have FORTRAN programs and alternative forms of the OE available on this site and from what I'm looking at, this seems to be set up specifically for those programs. I don't recognize some of the figures (like period, node, mean daily motion, semimajor axis, etc). I'd do it but I don't have any FORTRAN packages on this computer.

Oct 14 -[Oct 01] Asteroid 2000 QL7 Closest Approach To Earth (0.654 AU)

SLEUTHS: OX2 and QS7 seem to have orbital data in common, specifically the Sept. 20th flyby date. Anybody know what's up with this? Binary asteroid? Renamed? Rogue outriders in Comet Encke's fleet? A debris-cluster from the Comet Linear breakup? 76P?

Comet Linear drops a package. Earth lanes?

Asteroid 1998 OX4 Virtual Impactors

EDITOR: Does anyone besides myself think this subsequent statement a bit weird? Uh-huh, NASA, yup, yup.

To the participants of the Torino "IMPACT" Workshop: In the last session of the meeting we announced that the small asteroid 1998 OX4 had the possibility of impacting the Earth, although with a very low probability. In the time since we left Torino we have found some other possible collision solutions for this NEA. (For such announcements, see the impact risk home page of the NEODyS online information system at http://newton.dm.unipi.it/neodys/risk.html [oops looks like this reference disappeared along with the lost asteroid, NASA, tsk, tsk, having fun, Admiral Inman? Here it is]). Unfortunately this asteroid is lost, and the recovery appears almost impossible with the present telescope resources and technologies. We were very unhappy with this unpleasant conclusion, and therefore immediately after the meeting we begun work on a possible solution.

EDITOR: Now look at these two notes, seem Sci Fi, eh, nope, our technology is about a bazillion years ahead of what poor gnarly unwashed peasants are allowed to see. The bozos are pooping around with reality itself, trying to rearrange the very warp and the woof of the Matrix.  Read on:

Friday, September 29, 2000, Phoenix, Arizona. The local news media announced that there was an object on a direct collision course with earth. This was recited by The observeitory in Flagstaff, AZ (shoemaker-levy), Many of us have know of this large asteroid for some time now. As A member of the scientific community we have come up with a way to make sure that ox4 does not hit Earth. We must proceed with or holograph processor. This project has been perfected and is ready to be mass produced. Right now. We need funds, we need them and we need them now. For any further Information please goto www.holix.myweb.net

Dimensional Portals and Wen Ho Lee

An ex-NSA consultant who has been reliable in the past informs me that government scientists working at Los Alamos "Nuclear" Laboratory, NM have succeeded in generating a holographic portal.

EDITOR: so how far advanced is the back-engineered ET tech?  Following is a clue from Col. Tom Bearden, bless his brave soul:

It's the most powerful tool ever conceived. By engineering the Schroedinger equation, for example, one can theoretically engineer physical change itself. One can actually engineer physical reality, change the laws of nature, and determine if a thing shall even emerge into physical quantum change at all, or if it shall change its physical form. Bearden

EDITOR: The universe is a big Nintendo game? ADDS JUSTIFICATION to Anony Mous above, "...advanced reports indicate that the inbound from the Jupiter Quadrant has been fragmented by a Power or Powers Unknown."


ASTEROID 2000SB45  ASTEROID 2000SZ162  Bizarre Binary Asteroid 2000 DP107  NEODyS database Astronomy star maps   Online Robotic telescopes [MARS]  Mystery of free-floating 'planets'  The Vatican Priest Letter  Oct 14 -[Oct 01] Asteroid 2000 QL7 Closest Approach To Earth  The Moonlit Leonids 2000 The Dogbone Asteroid  Asteroids and more

9/29/00 16:06 C2

September Anomaly


EDITOR: This almost feels like Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Richard Dreyfus on the Devil's Tower watching the scout ships come in [the Madonna Object], but is this all?  No, suddenly looming in the heavens is the Mother of Mothers, a dark mysterious Behemoth.


Asteroid busters urge Australia to help avert the killer blow 

Getting Ready for Impact with 1998 OX4?


Dark Matter Solution: Annihilating Particles


Tiny force nudges space rocks our way  Asteroid Hunter Takes Aim


SLEUTHS: Need orbital calculation.

The year of the great seventh number revolves

The comet appears at the time of the games of death

Not far from the great age of the millennium



Date: 9/14/00 7:42:56 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Dear Kent, 1st time response to you but since I monitor Lasco regularly this one I felt I needed to bring to your attention. At approx the 7 to 8 o'clock position from the sun and aprox 2/3 of the way out from center an object appears that is moving in the opposite direction of backgrounds stars.  

Relevant past events    

Comet Linear 2 3 4  


ALARMING UPDATE Getting Ready for Impact with 1998 OX4?

Mysterious Flash Across California Sky May Have Been an Asteroid Chip

76P/MARS/PHOBOS Update  Can Hubble See 76P Today?  COMET CENTRAL


10/10/00 Important Solar Weather Update

Ulysses encounters a different solar wind


10/12/00 M-Class Flare

REGION 9169: EYES OF THE OWL The mega-region that refused to flare.



Subject: [OT] Weird Star???

Posted At: 10/5/00 11:58:19 pm

Can anyone else see this very, very bright, unusual thing. E.N.E., about 30D AZ (guess). Have seen Venus & Mars, but NOTHING like this. [Can your contacts shed some light? Groan, pun not intended!] SLEUTHS

EDITOR: I finally was able to see from the window of the plane the mysterious bright light everybody been worried about. Aye, it IS Jupiter, but very bright, way TOO BRIGHT. [Jupiter, Saturn and Aldebaron in an isosceles triangle]

Date: 10/13/00 10:14:12 AM Pacific Daylight Time

The weird star is not Jupiter. Jupiter, Alderbaran, Saturn, and the Pleiades are now forming a rectangal in the night sky,and the weird star is to the north of them ( when it's there).

EDITOR: anly way to go to higher level on this weird star matter is to either ID the object or send an image that we can look at. I live in seattle under overcast, and have only one line of sight, in the plane on the 9th. Do look at this info: THE SEARCHLIGHT

EDITOR: might be important to determine where the probes, Cassini, Galileo and Deep Space One are located right now--also any theories about what they are doing.

Also of significance is the recent call-to-powwow concerning Mars: AMES TO HOST 2-DAY MARS TERRAFORMING CONFERENCE. Has terraforming already begun with the Deep Space ONE and Comet 76P scenario? IS MARS GETTING WARMER?  Making a Home on Mars

Conference On The Geophysical Detection Of Subsurface Water On Mars

CASSINI STATUS: Nearing Jupiter  Travel Guide Site Follows Spacecraft To Jupiter

SEE: Fallen Galileo Probe Uncovers Secrets of Jupiter's Hot Spots  Jovian Magnetosphere

 NUKING JUPITER Mysterious message:

You may not realize how right you are. However, brace yourself, the changes are only just beginning. Do not fear however, the "EXPERIMENT" as you call it is not over, it will continue. The only thing remaining to be seen is the way in which you humans handle the coming times. Look to Mars, and the red storm of Jupiter as well. You will be amazed at what you discover.

Bright Planets & Random Meteors

SHOO Amazing what the human mind can achieve , once it is awakened--the planet has many different systems that are built into it we just got to figure out what all of them are and how to operate them...Shoo


Date: 10/15/00 1:10:49 PM Pacific Daylight Time

From: flash@toledolink.com (flash)


EDITOR: think I get it now, people starting to sense impending doom so they are doing what they always wanted to do--beat the crap out of each other.

Date: 10/11/00 2:17:14 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Kent, Louisiana National Guard unit has been called up to report to Saudi Arabia to babysit an air force base. But, assignments can be redone in a minute, once the unit is assembled.

Date: 10/11/00 3:38:16 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Kent--an interesting article about the movement of 44 M1A1 Abrams battle tanks from Ft. Hood Texas to four locations in central Minnesota. That's a pretty nicely equipped National Guard unit! --ex-NSA analyst

FOOTNOTE: Date: 10/10/00 11:53:27 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Where was it that we think the incoming may deflect??? Have a look here...hmmm

Monday October 9 11:25 AM ET U.S., NATO Forces to Train Off Atlantic Coast

MIAMI (Reuters) - More than 30,000 military personnel from the United States and its NATO (news - web sites) allies will conduct joint training exercises off the eastern United States coast and the Caribbean this month, a military spokesman said on Monday. The maneuvers will take place in the region that includes the U.S. Navy bombing range on the Puerto Rican island of Vieques, but military officials would not say whether that range would be used. The air, ground and sea exercises will begin this week and run through Oct. 28, primarily off the coast of Virginia, North Carolina and in the Caribbean, said Lt. Cmdr. John Kirby, a spokesman in Norfolk, Virginia, for the U.S. Second Fleet and NATO's Striking Fleet Atlantic. The operation will combine two exercises -- NATO's ``Unified Spirit'' exercises, which are conducted every four years among the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) members, and the U.S. Joint Task Forces exercises held every five months among all the U.S. military branches to prepare for ``demanding scenarios and challenging conditions they might face when they deploy overseas,'' Kirby said.

EDITOR: tis said that the Ancient Mariners survived best the last big thump from space in ancient times. Their secret societies preserved the account. Say, isn't the Navy laced with Lodges and poohbah arcane societies?

Date: 10/11/00 4:15:35 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Kent: Holy Bat Ratman!!! Driving home just now, I heard something that almost made me drive off the road: Clinton has just declared a State Of Emergency in New York state re the WNV. Holy smokes! This was the disease the Feds have been downplaying all along. I have a feeling there's a whole lot more to this latest developement. Sinsister, that is. Need to keep a very close watch on this one. Sleuths check in!! EDITOR: West Nile kahWHOMP?

Date: 10/11/00 5:19:14 PM Pacific Daylight Time

I live in upstate NY and nothing has been declared here. Nothing in NYC either.

Date: 10/11/00 7:14:03 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Kent, CNN Headline news just now-10:13 PM EST-NYC and three counties declared emergency to get funds -spraying again already.

FEMA: President Authorizes Emergency Funds For New York Virus Threat

EDITOR: receiving strange Intel that the WNV situation is a result of the Feds INTENTIONALLY seeding the clouds with WNV for the purpose of innoculation.  Like most Fed projects the spraying went awry, the weather didn't cooperate and folks below got seriously dosed.

EDITOR: not to forget the exploded USS COLE. Why does this feel like a setup?

Date: 10/12/00 1:25:51 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Kent: I noticed last week or the week before (between 25-Sep and 5-Oct, sorry for not having exact dates) that military hardware was being moved by rail in the Syracuse, NY area. I live near the train yards in Minoa (Syracuse suburb) and the yard was full of M-60 tanks on flatbed rail cars. A few days later, I noticed a train moving on the rails adjacent to Onondaga Lake full of HUM-Vs and Jeeps. I couldn't make out the unit designations, sorry. Actually, it didn't hit me until I saw the 2nd train, then the light bulb started to glow. For what it's worth ...

Date: 10/13/00 9:04:33 AM Pacific Daylight Time

hi kent...convoy on u.s highway 321, north carolina...heading north.

Plane High Jacked And Flown Toward Damascus

10/14/00 2:58:11 pm

Hi Everyone,

The skies in mid-coast Maine have been filled with,(I assume-I'm not an expert on military aircraft),

huge military transport planes. This is very unusual, and I can't state this too strongly. They are passing in a NNE pattern, heading off the coast and I presume to Gander, Greenland for refueling and then on to Europe. Brunswick Naval Air Station in about 60 miles south of me; I don't know if they are originating from there. They are flying very low, almost lumbering in their flight. I saw one at 10:30, another one at aproximately 1200 and then 2 very close together at about 2pm. Now I know all of this isn't any surprise with all that's happening in the Mid East, but having it unfold before my eyes is scary.

Date: 10/15/00 12:25:06 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Hi Kent, I have heard thru some sources that the attack on the us ship was done by the Isrealli army. This was a ploy to keep the usa involed in the conflict on the side of the Isrealis. And more importantly fuel the money flow of arms sales to the mideast. Remember our #1 export is arms. This also has political implications-presidential.

Date: 10/15/00 10:22:07 PM Pacific Daylight Time

hi kent...military plane flying Very low near Newton, nc. upper portion of plane was dark green, lower and belly white. US MARINES in all caps near door. the plane had a long thick antenna type thing sticking out of the nose. AF was on the tail. oddly, the plane was landing! there is no airport big enough to land even a learjet here! where did it land? the plane appeared to be attempting to line up with a GWEN tower. the plane was heading nne. there were some type of tanks on the wings and a large tank in the belly. also, there have been no chemtrails whatsoever in the past 6 days (highly unusual). suddenly today they went wild spraying. webs were flying everywhere. they looked like long spider's webs but they were blue. many people around nc are reporting appache sightings, fully armed and flying low over people's homes. mostly out in the countryside. even with all of this going on...i have a strong hunch that things are NOT going according to plan. just an old lady's hunch mind you.

Also see: RuMill

Israeli deputy premier: 'It's war'


1. Watch the skies and online asteroid resources.

2. Watch for troop movements; "officials" ducking for cover.

3. Watch the sun.

4. Watch for electromagnetic-gravitational disturbances.

5. Trust your hunches and watch out for spooky cheese-lipped debunkers.

6. Try to accommodate the unbelievable.

7. REPORT BACK HERE! Opposing viewpoints MOST WELCOME!

8. Click the sponsor's banners, heh.

9. Keep reading below.

A Most bizarre Mars MOC Image









Underground radio experiment  Brookhaven live radar watch

 Collider-Accelerator TV  SC Col  SC Charl  USA

In April of 1997 Secretary of Defense William Cohen admitted he was concerned about threats of terrorism with weapons that can cause earthquakes and trigger volcanoes.

BACK FROM BERZERKELEY, California, with a new irony-puzzle-conundrum--a statement looming on a billboard on Telegraph Avenue overlooking the mythological People's Park, ready? Get set....


Is the Best Lie

Scratchin ye heads? Me too! Guess we need an interpretation contest here. Rivals the face on Mars, eh?


Giant wave could threaten US

Gambling with the Earth If physicists create killer strangelets, we're all doomed. Should we take the risk?

New Story on Shroud of Turin -- doubts cast on Carbon 14 testing  9th,10th,and 11th Commandments

DOME OF ROCK TERROR Arafat to destroy moslem holy places to unite Arabs to destroy Israel?

A broadcast that was leaked out during the shuttle take off in Sept  JAWS

First-of-a kind Bigfoot discovery has skeptics taking notice

Theory links plane crashes to secret military 'killer beams'

STS UFO archives  Pegasus Sends Gamma Ray Scope Soaring  

Action urged over giant wave threat  Backyard Astronomers Catch Star in Outburst

Scientists Learn How To Program Human Dreams   Discovery's TV downlink antenna on the blink

DON'T PANIC  Bubba Returns to Phoenix



 Tockety-tick to Contact  

Date: 10/15/00 10:34:38 AM Pacific Daylight Time

HI Kent, Nothing serious unfortunately, take a look at the html

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