Subj: 9th,10th,and 11th Commandments
Date: 10/1/00 8:36:52 AM Pacific Daylight Time

I thought that you might like these commandments that are written in a
manuscript that I have. They were found recorded in a temple in Mexico.
One temple contained 3 commandments and another temple contained the
other 8. From my understanding two Catholic priests (nice) and an old
Aztec man recorded these. The writer of the manuscript I have died on
Dec 22, 1998 just a few months before Father Martin.

The original Aztec name for the "Virgin of Guadalupe" is "Tecuauhtlacuepeuh"
and it means:
"She who Comes Flying from the Region of Light like an Eagle of Fire.

The Ninth Commandment

Each of you choose the two who will give you birth. For who they are,
and what they, themselves, have come into this world to learn, is close
to what you need to see. Do not belittle them with untrue words, for
they are the mirror of all you need to learn in life. They are your
reminder, for everything you need to understand. Honor them, for all
that they are, for within them, are your clues to finding your destiny.
Look at them, and remember them, with love. For all that they do,
they do, so you may see. But it is not from their words that you will
find your destiny, that is to be found, only from their actions.
For until you are willing to see them in you, and you in them, you
will walk in despair all of your days. And when your life is ended,
and I ask you what you have learned, the only answer you can give,
is that your life was far too short. And, you did not understand,
anything ... anything at all.

The Tenth Commandment

Remember, it is I who create the day and night. I am in all things,
and all things are in me. Be grateful for all I share with you, for
I am in each breath you take, and I am in each thought you receive.
And, I am the voice you hear in your dreams. There is nothing that is
not of me. Honor me, as you honor yourself, each day, and each night.
For there is not one moment that I am not with you, walking closer than
your most private thought. Look for me within yourself, and not within
any other. And walk with me, each day, as I walk with you. Remember,
my children, I am always with you. And, I am with you, in all you do,
and say.

The Eleventh Commandment

I have created this world from my love so that all things, both great,
and small, may have a chance to return to me. But, you will be tempted
to look away from my love, because of false words that you will hear
from others who are lost, and hurt. Listen only to those things that
are presented from love, anything more is not from me. Those who would
cause you to know fear, from what they say, are not speaking for me,
they are speaking for themselves. And fear is the greatest obstacle
you will ever encounter in life. Fear will keep you from completing
your destiny. Fear will devour your dreams. Fear will not allow you
to know love, and if you do not know love, then, how will you recognize
me. Do not allow fear to get in the way of your understanding, for
if you do, you will have nothing in your life. And, if you have nothing,
you will never, know me.

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