Subj: URGENT-- DOME OF ROCK TERROR -- Arafat to destroy moslem holy places to unite Arabs to destroy Israel?
Date: 10/9/00 7:58:13 PM Pacific Daylight Time


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Arafat to destroy muslim holy places/blame Israel and get Arab world to
destroy Israel?

Or so the rumors are going....but now we find Israel has just opened
the door to allow it to happen. So maybe this is true?

Rumors are flying that there is going to be a terrorist incident that will somehow destroy the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem. One newsletter source thinks Arafat and the PLO will secretly do it and blame
Israel. Such an event would unite the Arabic world into a feeding frenzy to destroy Israel once and for all time. Now there are 2 different stories here... One concerns the newsletter which states the fact
that Israel has just turned over security control of the Temple Mount/Dome of the Rock to the Arabs.
Now, that alone would make me go "hmmm" and then I'd go on. BUTTTTTTTT it dawned on me that
there was an incident that Arafat was involved in less than a month ago in an interview on CNN in which he abruptly ended the interview as if he'd spilled some sort of "state secrets"... and the issue
for discussion at that moment was in regards to the Holy Places.... and he indicated that he would target the muslim holy places. He made a few more cryptic remarks and then jumped up took off the
microphone and walked off the TV set. So I'll give you the URLS to first of all the latest newsletter
and intelligence report... then I'll give the link to the SIGHTINGS Story. It sure seems like we could
be poised for an 'historical' moment that will 'live in infamy' so to speak.

Here is a story posted to the RUMOR MILL NEWS Forum by a reader... who posted a newsletter alert
from a "Cutting Edge Ministries" regarding the deteriorating situation in Israel and Jerusalem.

Next is the Sightings story analyzing Arafat's TV interview on CNN.

Just thought you might want to post or relink to these in light of latest developments in the
middle east.


Below is a copy paste of the newsletter itself from the Rumor Mills Forum site.

This newsletter was sent on 07-Oct-00 at 07:55 AM:

Yesterday, events took a dramatic turn for the worse on the Temple Mount in
Jerusalem and just possibly set the stage for the destruction of the Muslim
Dome of the Rock. As you recall, we have told you that the Illuminist Plan
is that the beginning of the Third World War to produce Antichrist would be
the devastation of Jerusalem and the destruction of the Dome of the Rock

Both of the Israeli Internet news services to which I subscribe reported
the following news development, unbelievable unless you understand that
Prime Minister Barak is Illuminist and is just following a script, as is
Palestinian leader, Arafat.

"Israel decided to entrust full control over the Temple Mount today to the
hands of the Moslem Waqf and Arab security personnel. The Barak government
decided that no Israeli policemen would be stationed on the Temple Mount or
in the alleys leading to it … For the first time, armed PLO policemen
guarded the gates of the holy site …" [Arutz-7 News Service, October 6,

This development is unbelievable in several respects!

1. Barak has repeatedly promised that he would never, ever compromise
Israeli sovereignty over the Temple Mount. In fact, Ariel Sharon, the
hard-line Likud leader, visited the Temple Mount of the eve of Rosh
Hashanah just to make this point to the Arabs, that Israel has sovereignty
over the Temple Mount. Palestinians went crazy and began rioting, because
they understood the meaning of Sharon's presence. 2. This move is likely to
spark intense protests and even rioting by Orthodox and Observant Jews, led
by the Temple Mount Faithful, who want to rebuild the Jewish Temple on the
Temple Mount, which they can do without touching the Dome of the Rock! 3.
For the first time since Israel recaptured the Temple Mount in June, 1967,
Israeli policemen are not guarding the Temple Mount! These policemen have
always been specially trained to guard against anyone attempting to sneak
explosives into the Temple Mount so as to destroy the Dome of the Rock.
Orthodox Jews have made it very clear they consider the Dome of the Rock an
abomination and would destroy it given the chance. 4. However, the Orthodox
Jews will not get a chance to destroy the Dome because the Illuminists have
convinced their dupe, Yassir Arafat, to do it for them. Arafat has bought
the lie that, by destroying his own temple, he will so ignite the passions
of one billion Arabs in the world that every Arab nation will immediately
come to his aid in making war against Israel. 5. Israeli Prime Minister
Barak has just allowed the fox to "guard" the chicken coop. If Arafat is
going to destroy his own Dome of the Rock, the logical time to do it would
be Yom Kippur, which is October 9, Monday; however, Jews begin their Day of
Atonement on the sundown on the previous day, which would be Sunday,
October 8.

If the Dome of the Rock is destroyed, you can be sure of several things:

1. The Third World War, planned since 1870 by the Illuminati, is under way.
2. All of the terror, and internal conflict we have described will be
inevitable. 3. Antichrist will come striding through the dust, smoke, and
destruction of this war and the Birth Pang prophecies of Matthew 24 will
have been fulfilled. 4. Sometime between the destruction of the Dome of the
Rock and the confirming of the Covenant by Antichrist, the Rapture of the
Church will occur. We cannot know the exact day or hour

Observe the Words of our Lord, as He is speaking of the End of the Age, and
the actions He wants His people to take when they see these things
beginning to occur: "Keep awake then and watch at all times [be discreet,
attentive, and ready], praying that you may have the full strength and
ability and be accounted worthy to escape all these things [taken together]
that will take place and to stand in the presence of the Son of Man." [Luke
21:36, Parallel Bible, KJV/Amplified Bible Commentary].

David Bay, Director Cutting Edge Ministries