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SLEUTHS IMPORTANT if possible we need an ORBITAL on this object

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Starchart 9/14-15/00



9/18/00 11:28:11 AM Pacific Daylight Time

From: chergen@fortuna.lpl.arizona.edu (Carl Hergenrother)

Don, The mystery SOHO object is Comet 2P/Encke just a few days after perihelion.

Carl Hergenrother

Lunar and Planetary Lab

University of Arizona

Whipple, for one, concurred. He pointed out that Encke, some 5 kilometers across, most probably had several dormant and even larger companions. In addition there have so far been two other comets identified in the stream and 13 Earth crossing asteroids.

Not all agree: 18, 2000 at 02:34:57 PM EDT

Posting: I don`t think that`s Encke; last time it was on SOHO it took 2 1/2 days to move out of the SOHO view...

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The reasons that this object is important are:

1) It moves in an opposite direction to the star field.

2) It cannot be identified as a known solar system planet.

3) It is seen on several images over a long period of time.

4) It doesn’t appear to have a tail, which suggests it is not a comet.

Date: 9/14/00 7:42:56 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Dear Kent, 1st time response to you but since I monitor Lasco regularly this one I felt I needed to bring to your attention. At approx the 7 to 8 o'clock position from the sun and aprrox 2/3 of the way out from center an object appears that is moving in the opposite direction of backgrounds stars as it fades in at around image 30 or image 31.This is using the Java console running it in its normal fast mode. Any Ideas? Im thinking a planetary body possibly heading in our direction? Can orbitals be plotted on this Object? Anxiously waiting a reply.

Jeff from Houston

Date: 9/15/00 6:06:38 AM Pacific Daylight Time


To: Jeff from Houston

All I can say at this point is the perspective shows the bogey incoming, and that it is not a known planet.


Date: 9/15/00 6:54:28 AM Pacific Daylight Time: 9/15/00 6:54:28 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Hi Kent,

Agreed that its not a planet nor a comet as I would assume a comet should show a tail. An asteroid, 76p, or ET seems most likely. My last download of C3 shows another object following our initial bogey in 2 frames ,but the trajectory is slightly different. Appears its trajectory perhaps 5-10 degrees off of initial object. But of course 2 frames is not enough to even say if 2nd object is not just a fluke.

Jeff from Houston

Date: 9/16/00 2:20:32 PM Pacific Daylight Time


Hopefully someone is working on an ephemeris and we will have something soon. I've alerted the SIGs at yowusa I'm a member of , and see the article is spreading on the net. I would also propose that until identification of the object , it be called The Madonna Object in honor of the violent CME eruption the other day with no sunspots, and the coincidental arrival of our object.

Jeff from Houston


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