Subj: Alleged catastrophes prediction
Date: 10/14/00 1:19:46 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Hi- Am I the only one who is getting tired of these comet/asteroid
impacts and other global cataclysms that never occur? I don't know if
the people at Ambilac realise it, but NONE of the predictions on their
site have come true so far. They try to come up with ridiculous excuses
to explain why their "CERTAIN events" didn't unfold. They predict
Earthquakes on certain places, then as they don't occur, simply change
the locations to suit their agenda. Even if the EQ is just 4 on the
Richter scale, that doesn't bother them, they have to pick it so they
don't lose face. And why does it always have to happen on the 13th of
each month on a full moon? Are some playing games here? Are some trying
to influence the consciousness of people so that they eventually bring
on Armageddon themselves? It seems like it! It strangely reminds me of
the TV show Millenium, where the Millenium Group, a secret society bent
on bringing on Armageddon, conspire to make it happen. Could there be a
relation to the real life group of the SAME name which started all the
Phobos impact paranoia on the INTERNET? I don't know, but it's a rather
STRANGE coincidence.

I really wouldn't pay much attention to their "warnings" as so far they
have all been hot air, while they kept saying events would unfold for
SURE. If indeed a comet or some thing comes our way you could be sure
they would be the last to warn us - because they WANT Armageddon to
happen. There are weapons (scalar beams) capable of shooting down
everything that is threatening to impact us. But of course, this is a
crucial detail that the doom and gloom propagandists won't tell you
about. What's in Revelations is in fact a script which is to be
followed. "The best way to predict the future is to invent it first."
Some people are using the fact that the global consciousness of the
world CAN indeed make "exterior" events happen, especially right now at
this period of time in the evolution of the planet. If enough firmly
believe it will happen, it WILL. So take the words of the doom sayers
with a large grain of salt, no matter their credentials or position of
authority. No "HIM" or "HER" or "HIS/HER PROMISE" should be followed
blindly. Those are mind-control tactics used by a group of people in
contact with a group of beings who have a big interest in seeing
humanity disappear, so they can take over afterwards. DO NOT BE FOOLED.



Date: 10/14/00 10:20:34 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Kent, The only folks aware of Scalar Beams are NWO folks who design and Build them. They are similar to the pulse weapons alledgedly responsible for 990,800, JFKJR and others. They are of LIMITED effectiveness when asteroids, comets, and large natural objects are concerned. They are Great for Space-Junk. The Phantom-Ghost carried airborne photon torpedo is a possible defense also but proximity is a problem. You must get close to pack a wallop. This is a word of caution to the sceptic's response, be careful of EVERYTHING you read or hear. Time will sift out the Junk from the Facts. Anony Mous


Date: 10/14/00 4:10:18 PM Pacific Daylight Time

You have to realise that those orchestrating this have access to HOLOGRAPHIC technology. They can project anything they want in the sky and around the Earth. The Ambilac people predicted an IMPACT that would be felt all around the world. This did not occur.


Date: 10/13/00 10:14:12 AM Pacific Daylight Time

The weird star is not Jupiter. Jupiter, Alderbaran, Saturn, and the Pleiades are now forming a rectangal in the night sky,and the weird star is to the north of them ( when it's there).

Ambilac seems to be full of it on the asteroid or comet impacts ( oh, it fragmented we're safe, hell anybody could make up a better story than that.).


Date: 10/13/00 2:08:00 PM Pacific Daylight Time

<< Ambilac seems to be full of it on the asteroid or comet impacts (oh, it fragmented we're safe, hell anybody could make up a better story than that.). >>

[KENT] That was not AMBILAC, but another party that goes by the handle, Anony Mous.

AMBILAC's statement is at:


You might want to examine this material re, the SEARCHLIGHT:



Date: 10/13/00 8:53:57 AM Pacific Daylight Time

"10/13/00, Anony Mous now indicates that the incoming asteroid he refers to above has been successfully "fragmented;" however, there might be smaller pellets incoming -- or perhaps no incoming as originally predicted. We will leave this alert posted and see what happens."

Hi Kent, Just curious, has anything posted to date by this mysterious individual ever proven to be of any validity? Methinks his/her sources may be more imaginary than real and of little substance. What has your experience been...?


Date: 10/14/00 9:40:50 AM Pacific Daylight Time

re my question/comments about Anony Mous, events of the past 24 hours or so have led me to rethink my admittedly skeptical position. At this point I'm wondering who really knows "the truth" about any of what's happening! And from where the rest of us might have a chance to access it (other than your site, that is...). Seems to me a lot of you-know-what is hitting the fan, both here on Earth and in the cosmic vicinity. Too many 'coincidences' as well, e.g., mid-Atlantic quake, the (presumably) Bolide sighting, the SOHO images and Ambilac's message. All together now... HMMMMMMMM!


Date: 10/15/00 9:44:25 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Dear Kent,

I would like to tell you how much I enjoy your site. It has become part of my daily internet reading for nearly 2 years. Wonderful photography, interesting observations and excellent links to other alternative researchers. However, I will have to agree with the recent post from the skeptic concerning the Alleged catastrophes prediction . The Ambliac group is never correct with any of their predictions. They give the impression of a bunch of whacked out doomsdayers, always looking for something to confirm "the sky is falling". And the excuses they come up with after every miss are laughable. I think you might be loosing credibility with your die hard readers when you continue to post from these people. Perhaps you should consider their track record before you add additional new "theories" to your site. In the meantime......please keep up the good work.


Date: 10/15/00 12:24:54 PM Pacific Daylight Time


<< Perhaps you should consider their track record before you add additional new "theories" to your site. In the meantime......please keep up the good work. >>

I try to post it all and let readers as well as myself try to sort it all out in time.

Actually I was amazed at the appearance of the bolide in the midwest:


Date: 10/15/00 2:21:19 PM Pacific Daylight Time


Have read the Skeptic article on Ambilac and articles by AnonyMous plus

thousands of hours re: other events/happenings/prophecies/bible/etc.

Earlier this year, I was lead to information that a flood would happen on

May 5, 2000 as described in Daniel 9:26. I did not accept this at first until

I did a lot of research on my own. If one understands that everything in this

universe operates on cycles, then when I read the date of the first(?) flood

in the Bible in Genesis 7:11.....i.e. the flood occured on the 17th day of the

second month...and then going back in time, I found that the original calendar

of keeping time was based on lunar months....that is 28 days. Later on the

calendar was changed to a lunar/solar combination....comparable to what we

have today. Later the Egyptians declared the Spring Equinox as their 1st

day of the year.....which is equivalent to our March 21st....the first day of

Spring. In other words, their January 1st was on March 21st.

Now going back to the scripture in Genesis, using March 21 as January 1st...

count 28 days for the first month and then count 17 additional days and guess

what day you have ....May 5th and I WAS ABSOLUTELY CONVINCED

that Daniel 9:26 would occur this past MAY 5th..

About a week before, somehow I knew that this flood would not happen.....

IT DID NOT even though several chunks of the Anartica broke off 1-2-3 weeks

before May 5th. Then I found the article on AMBILAC about activating the

GRID on May 4th and I knew why Nothing Happened.

The fact that AMBILAC reports what they think and believe is going to happen

and it doesn't exactly happen the way everyone expects is absolutely

WONDERFUL. WE ARE ASCENDING...and prophecies will continue to

be changed.

Revelations is a script as you stated but it does not have to become REALITY.



Give the people at AMBILAC some slack and all others that are searching

for the absolute TRUTH. No One has it all but if we all work together, we are

soon going to find it......VERY SOON.



Date: 10/15/00 2:35:01 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Look, I've gotten so that I don't read anything from or about Ambilac

for the simple reason that they are never close to predicting anything.

As for the recent meteor shower (or asteroid glancing blow) North

American Air Defense Commands' Master Sergeant Larry Lincoln is quoted,

“It seems to be a very heavy meteor shower. Our weather people told us

to expect something like this from the 10th to the 29th of October, with

the heaviest coming down around the 15th. It seems to probably be coming

down a little early". NORAD appears to be able to do just as good a job

at predicting as Ambilac. After awhile one simply quits listening to

all the junk floating around the web.


Date: 10/15/00 2:58:18 PM Pacific Daylight Time


<< down around the 15th. It seems to probably be coming

down a little early". NORAD appears to be able to do just as good a job

at predicting as Ambilac. After awhile one simply quits listening to

all the junk floating around the web. >>

Oppositely, I've seen so much shenanigan and Voodoo-astrophysics from NASA of recent, that I'm willing to listen to Mom and Pops from Kansas.--not to mention lifelong seekers and philosophers. Takes many eyes.

Artists, Blake, Escher, Picasso, now of course THEY ROCK!--Kent


Date: 10/13/00 4:05:48 PM Pacific Daylight Time


In a message dated 10/13/00 12:56:28 PM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

<< Kudos to Dennis Wang and the LASCO team for their quick poitive response

to my inquiry (see attached).

How do you interpret this Wang explanation? NASA images have seriously been out o' whack, well, since the torpedo-thingy. This all happened before with the former two other torpedo anomalies. Cut the feed in identical manner prior to impact on the April torpedo:


After the 1998 projectiles NASA lost the entire spacecraft for many days, not just the data-feed, but they maintained the actual craft was displaced a million miles!

Somewhere in my archives I have this scenario, but the objects I'm refering to are here:




Subj: Re: LASCO EIT SOHO Real Time Movie
Date: 10/13/00 10:39:16 PM Pacific Daylight Time

When I served on subs in the 70's I stood watches on the ESM which is a
receiver capable of detecting RF from 50 MHz to 12,750 MHz. This
covered a vast majority of radar and line-of-sight commo and could DF on
the signal for max reception. We used any time at periscope depth to
record all signals detected which were later turned into ELINT for
computer analysis. On one patrol I recorded the usual commercial
airline radar altimeter for training purposes (sometimes quantity is
rewarded as well as quality) and later computer analysis picked out a
Soviet prototype radar that had only been heard once before but never
recorded, so this shot in the dark produced something beyond what I
original heard. I think these images and movies have a lot more detail
than we are allowed to see and many of the telescope door closures and
cut and pasted images are for political vice scientific purposes. Now,
with the ability to insert data and create an alternate reality, it is
always neccesary to be wary of what is seen at first sight.

Wang was very forthcoming on a previous request as was Dr. Gurman when I
communicated with him several times in the past. He knows there are
alternate agendas at foot, but look who pays his mortgage. A different
pocket used to pay mine, but I've since downshifted; sort of like the
old coots that stood under the saloon during the goldrush waiting for a
little gold dust to filter down through the floor boards. --- ANON---


Date: 10/15/00 7:19:37 PM Pacific Daylight Time

<<Note from a skeptic: Subj: Alleged catastrophes prediction

"Am I the only one who is getting tired of these comet/asteroid impacts and other global cataclysms that never occur?>>


I'm in complete agreement with the above, 'skeptic' in that every comet or asteroid that comes along, is not Wormwood and every earthquake is not the great earthquake of Revelations! The author of the above is correct in saying "What's in Revelations is in fact a script which is to be followed" Some would have us believe the script has been changed and that Wormwood heralds the beginning of the end when, in fact, it is the 3rd Trumpet judgement. Similarly, the 'Great Earthquake' is the 7th Vial Judgement and to my knowledge, none of the Apocalyptic prophecies, preceeding them have taken place, as yet.

I agree, it does appear that there is a lot of activity going on 'out there' but has it ever occurred to anyone that this activity has always gone on and we just didn't have the means to see it, before? [SOHO, the internet, Hubble, etc.]


Date: 10/16/00 3:23:31 AM Pacific Daylight Time

From: (Charlie Plyler)

Frank, I think you need to see this. Please check your recordings for 2:19 UT on 10/14. This is around the time of the fireball. The really interesting item of note is the signature. According to our detectors, the event was caused by a non earth based anomaly. The array we use for wave cancellation detected a possible scalar pair, wave form. This was recordable for around three seconds before the main spike. See pic. Top view..North-South array Bottom view...from same array however using wave cancellation technique.

Whatever the cause, it was very powerful. Andrei may be interested in this event as it may be non meteoric in origin.

Charlie, Elfrad Group

Frank Condon wrote:

"Hi Frank,

You might want to take a look at this latest fireball. It was no normal one, and according to NORAD, it wasn't space junk either (like the "experts" are suggesting).

This site has some good video clips:

Its getting stranger!"


UFO Over L.A. Saturday Night?