QUESTION TOWARDS RESEARCH: I've been receiving a series of emails 9/16/02 AM Looking for confirmations please--Kent

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IS THIS THE SAME EVENT [a confirmed report]?

9/16/02 2:55:26 AM Pacific Daylight Time

William Liller (Vina del Mar, Chile) reports the following detection of an eruptive object, which may be a nova. Confirmatory observations are urgently needed.
Date: Sun, 15 Sep 2002 15:28:54 -0400

There seems to be a new stellar object at (2000) R.A. 18h 02.4m, Dec. -25d 18'. It appears on three photos taken at U.T. Sept. 15.1102, 15.1227 and 15.1241 with an 80mm f/1.4 lens, orange filter and Kodak TP film; its magnitude is approximately 8.5. Nothing brighter than mag 11.5 appears on two photos taken at U.T. Sept. 11.12.

Note that the magnitude is very uncertain owing to severe light pollution produced by the 8-day-old moon about 8.5 degrees away.

I'd appreciate your confirmation -- or whatever -- since the weather here in Vina del Mar has been very unstable. I will, however, try to get a spectrum, an improved position and some CCD magnitudes tonight.

While the light variation suggests a nova, there is a strong IRAS/MSX5C source close to this location (not registered as a variable star). Possible identification with this source needs to be closely examined
as soon as possible. If the identification is confirmed, an explosion of such an IRAS source is quite unexpected.

180220.7 -251751 (2000.0) IRAS17592-2517 10.920 6.981 24.840L 440.400L 97%
180220.7 -251751 (2000.0) SSC17592-2517 10.920 6.981 24.840L 440.400L
180221.0 -251749 (2000.0) MSX5C_G005.0235-01.3649 -15 -8 7 8 6 6 V(%):-:-:2:5:3:3


Date: 9/16/02 4:13:38 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Check this out. Zeta number's and Chile observation numbers

26.402 minutes

14.76 seconds................... ZETA coordinates

Chile coordinates 25s and 15m respective........ So what now? Time to get it in gear in my opinion. I am shocked.

Date: 9/16/02 8:10:45 AM Pacific Daylight Time

This potential nova as reported at RA 18:24, Dec -25:18 is located in the constellation Sagittarius, which is approx. 180 degrees opposite to the direction of Planet-X's reported approach, RA 4:24 Dec +12:08 (as per ZetaTalk).

Here is Planet-X's current position (as of 9/15/02) and approximate trajectory shown in the early morning sky.

Here I've plotted the reported nova's postion in the night sky.

This graphic shows the approximate sighting vectors from Earth to both the nova (red) and Planet-X (Blue). Planet-X's projected trajectory through our solar system in the spring of 2003 is also shown in yellow. The graphic shows the position of the planets as of Sept. 16, 2002.

Possible Conclusions:

1. This is simply a new nova, not to be confused with Planet-X. (80% probability)

2. This is a distraction, (20% probability); designed to draw attention 180 degrees away from Planet X, which is now becoming visible in the pre-dawn sky, (with 16" - 24" mirror, IR telescopes). It seems highly coincidental that out of the entire night sky, this nova would be located almost exactly 180 degrees opposite to Planet-X's reported approach and also close to the ecliptic, (as to be conveniently tie up observatories hemispheres) This may also provide public access observatorys with an excuse not to point their scopes in the direction of Planet-X, as they are "too busy studying the new nova". The timing of this announcement also seems just a bit TOO PERFECT. Just such a diversionary scenario was anticipated and stated by ZetaTalk years ago.

I recommend you keep your your scopes trained on both sets of coordinates and see if anything develops.

Additional note for home astronomers:

As of Sept. 15, 2003, it is reported by ZetaTalk that given Planet-X's current distance, it and it's tail currently appear 3% the size of Jupiter by comparison, as viewed from Earth. Additionally, as it is not a sun/star, (ie. a source of light), but a planetoid which requires reflected light to be seen, given it's current distance (approx. 22 billion miles) from our sun (ie. light source) it is still only visible through very high-powered IR scopes. So please don't waste your time looking for it with your backyard hobby scopes just quite yet. (My 4.5" Meade just doesn't cut it either). Come December those of you with 12" - 16" refractors, just might get the first dim glimses of it. By March of 2003 most hobby telescopes should begin to pick it up as it begins to reflect the sun's light.

The following chart approximates the current apparent size and magnitude of PX as compared to that of Jupiter, as might be seen through a 16" Dobsonian telescope. I've boxed in the PX representational graphic to make it easier to find, as it is still extremely small and dark, but if you look carefully you should see it. You will need to use IR film in order to capture what is represented here as PX is still too distant to reflect a visible amount of sunlight. I will try and update this graphic over the coming months as new size and magnitude data becomes available from ZetaTalk. (Note: PX is not currently located in the same proximity as Jupiter. They are shown here together simply to provide a visual comparison)

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