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Kent, some more info

Apparently, a quantized structure of our solar system is not such a novel idea
after all. There are 3,000 Google references for


and about 1,500 for


[..] http://www.n-t.org/tpe/ng/uss.htm
Already more than two centuries the formula of Titsius- Bode [6] (1772) for
planetary distances are in a center of attention of the researchers, however its
secret while remains not open. In spite of the fact that the values of distances
differ a little from calculated with formula, due to it the asteroid belt between
Mars and Jupiter was retrieved, and Adams and Lever'e used it by search of Neptune.
The sense of this formula became clear after the rise of quantum mechanics (1915).
Distances of planets up to the Sun are expressed in this formula through an ordinal
number of a planet that means only one – quantization! So, the solar System is

[..] http://www.grantchronicles.com/astro30.htm
Bode’s Law is a mathematical concept for predicting planetary distances in this
solar system. The formula was developed by Johann D. Titus, a German Mathematician
in 1766. Bode’s Law provides a formula for predicting the orbits of most planets,
but has exceptions. The formula goes astray when determining the distance of the
outer planets Neptune & Pluto, and their orbital paths. Also, it does not address
the yet undiscovered 12th planet, which will become visible to large observatory
telescopes in the late 2001-early 2002, and to amateur astronomers in mid-to-late
2002. [..]