PLANET X Solar Particle Deflection?
8/20/02 7:27:26 AM Pacific Daylight Time

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If you 've been monitoring the SOHO images for the past few weeks (a pretty
safe assumuption ;-J) you've probably noted that many of the larger
prominences, from the south solar pole, are repeatedly being deflected to
the right of the field-of-view at roughly a minus 15 degree down-angle.
Given Earth's current position in it's (cyberspace) orbit, PX is currently
approaching us from a postion that is 90 degrees to the right of the sun,
(during Aug 2002).  PX is also currently minus 10 degrees below the solar
ecliptic, approximately the same down-angle as the deflected solar flares.

My question is, are these solar prominences being attracted/deflected by
the electromagnetic influence of the inbound newcomer?

Sorry, this is not the best C2 example, the best ones have already expired
from the SOHO site.  I'm sure there will be more of them however.

Note:  Come November 15th, we will have orbited to a position that places
us squarely between the sun and the inbound PX, which will be much closer
by then.   If PX is attracting solar flares, this would place us right in
the line of fire..... (no pun intended).  If so, the gradually increasing
declination of PX's approach may direct the solar flares safely below our

Thanks to you and Elane!


Shear seen on EIT, 8/2/00 13:19

Date: 8/21/02 12:00:59 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Dear Kent,

I am no Sleuth, and sorry to raise even more questions, but this AM, I read this article about how Contour has broken into two pieces and one part of it has settled near the sun?

What do you think about this? Seems like maybe they want to study something without having any evidence or reports about what they learn?  Dunno, but just nagging at me, after reading what I have about this on your site.

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Pluto may be undergoing global warming IRONY: Pluto has a highly eccentric orbit and is heading away from the sun to the most distant point in its travels.


Date: 8/22/02 9:30:34 AM Pacific Daylight Time


Some folks have also been theorizing about an approaching photon-belt and/or gravity-wave released from our galaxy's core. Kind of like a galatic core black-hole version of a CME. There currently is not a lot supporting evidence available to validate this theory. However......

Have you ever seen those "newklear" test videos from the 50's where they filmed the shockwave impacts on various structures? Did you notice how all the sand, dust and particulates are initially sucked towards the center of the explosion (by the resulting air vacuum) just before the shockwave hits and sends it all flying in the opposite direction?

If there is any truth to the gravity-wave theory, is this shearing of the solar-flares similar to the action we see in these films? Given Earth's current orbital position, as of Aug. 2002; from our perspective the galatic core is currently located almost 90 degrees to the left of the sun and the outer-edge of our galaxy is to the right, (the same direction that PX is supposedly approaching). Now PX's reported trajectory in towards our galactic hub, creates a bit of a quandary, for it becomes difficult to determine if the solar effects we are witnessing are created by one source or the other, as they share the same alignment.

Regardless of which may, or may not be true, come Nov. - Dec. 2002 we will be in the position, currently viewed as being 90 degrees to the right of the sun, placing us between PX and the sun or on the opposite, downwind side of the sun from the galactic center, however you prefer to look at it.

As Spock would say; "Facinating Captain."

EDITOR: Check out the field collapse in the center of the explosion as seen in the solar 8/28/02 X-Class event

Date: 8/22/02 1:15:29 PM Pacific Daylight Time

An illustration of the alignment of the Sun and Earth relative to the theoretical positions of both PX and the gravity wave.

Note: PX's location is shown much closer than reality, due to graphic size limitations. Currently, it is reported to be approximately 5 - 6 times the distance of Earth to Pluto, which will shrink to 3 - 4 times that distance by November of 2002. It won't reach the position shown in this graphic until April 2003.


Could a superwave fold space to the extent that the sun appears to jostle around? Bent light?

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Date: 8/25/02 2:33:13 AM Pacific Daylight Time

The Sun-jumping around on August 20 (especially EIT 304) is really weird and cannot explained so far in my opinion. If you take a look at  you will read

"The plots also indicate variations in the X and Y positions of the Sun. However the variations are so large that we must be very careful before believing them, since we know that the spacecraft doesn't experience such large variations, our own pointing eyes (the PES and boresighters) and the images themselves don't show those excursions."

What is this?

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