Spraying in L.A. has been constant for the last two months

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Congress Admits Chemtrails Are Real

1/13/02 8:25:27 PM Pacific Standard Time

Maybe it's nothing, but check out the Mount Wilson Observatory cam for 1/13/02. Goes along with Los Angeles strangeness, huh? What do you suppose that is?

EDITOR: possibly 12 second time-lapse



NEXT DAY [Awesome Movie by co-observer] NOTES  DETAIL ENLARGEMENT


Date: 1/13/02 9:15:07 PM Pacific Standard Time

I live in kirkland, WA. Last night I saw a flash of blue light (not lightning) accompanied by 6-10 VERY LOUD explosion noises. In fact, I and several neighbors SERIOUSLY thought a series of bombs had gone off. Several people witnessed this event. Do you have any information as to what this was? It was so highly unusual and I'm certain quite out of the ordinary. I thought perhaps you heard, or saw it, since you seem to live in the Seattle area. I e-mailed all three local news stations to inquire about it. Nothing appears in any local news publications regarding this unusual event.

It was absolutely between 6-7 p.m. in thinking about this, I'm certain it was an electrical "overload" of some sort in the atmosphere. some sort of energy that combusted. I wonder if it radiated some sort of electrical charge. I had one hell of a headache afterwards. And the weather conditions were overcast and DRY, with no, to very little misty rain. there was no "thunderstorm."

Weird shimmering in LA sky 2 3

LOS ANGELES  (Reuters) - One person was killed and at least 15 others injured on Thursday in a 78-vehicle pile-up during bad weather in a rural area outside the central Californian city of Bakersfield, police said. "The best we know it was weather related," Eichman said, adding that what police first thought was heavy fog "now looks more like a low, heavy cloud" that moved through the area at the time of the accident. "Officers at the scene said it looked more like a cloud," Eichman said. "Its unusual to get fog in that area."

Assorted Calif weirdness Some comments to file in your LA weirdness investigation. Loss of time and other symptoms are not limited to So. Cal, but I picked the posts that were from the area. I think the ones about the USGS posting EQs for times not yet arrived are especially curious! Do you suppose the govt is fortune telling now?



LA-REPORTER: I recently received a report of an odd occurance last night in the Santa Ana, CA area.  I will forward you the details as soon as I check it out.
LA-REPORTER: I'm nervous.  My birthday is on saturday and it's never a good time. :-)
BARDSQUILL: really?  Mine on 17th, now I got reason to be nervous
LA-REPORTER: Happy Birthday to a fellow goat :-)
LA-REPORTER: Did you get any anomalous data around 1am-3am pacific last night?
BARDSQUILL: ummm  noooooo, but getting tons of email and IMs that something bad wrong in LA
LA-REPORTER: as in Los Angeles?  Of what sort of wrong?
LA-REPORTER: (friends and family there)
LA-REPORTER: I'll be right back.  If you could give me an idea of what's going on there I might be able to get you more information.
LA-REPORTER: Unfortunately the report that I'm getting via email isn't going to arrive for a couple of hours.
BARDSQUILL: sorry, got side-tracked
LA-REPORTER: No problem.
BARDSQUILL: Started with some kind of weird glowing cloud last week, big pileup on Interstate
LA-REPORTER: Yes, I read about that.    
BARDSQUILL: Now reports of heavy chemtrails, people acting drunk or glassy-eyed.
BARDSQUILL: stumbling around vacant
LA-REPORTER: We experienced that first hand driving northbound on the 5 and the 101 on Sunday night.    
BARDSQUILL: that's it then
BARDSQUILL: you ain't alone
LA-REPORTER: Couldn't breathe.   We both felt as though there wasn't enough oxygen.   Cleared up once we hit the coast in Ventura.
LA-REPORTER: Would you like some more odd occurances to add to it?
LA-REPORTER: k.  We'll go chron.
LA-REPORTER: Friday night we drove down to orange county.   On the way down we noticed that most of the highway sign lights were off (the ones that light up the exit signs etc...)  in addition, most of the big signs next to the highways were down.   
LA-REPORTER: Sorry.....before that there was something also.
LA-REPORTER: We were in the Glendale area getting coffee with some old friends, and got a heavy scent of blood outside.  It smelled like rotting blood, but not dead blood.  Does that make sense?  The scent was human, and it was the type of smell that someone with a very serious terminal illness would have.   There was quite a lot of it.  Not like someone had a bloody nose, more like a shipload of people  got eviscerated.
LA-REPORTER: The person who was with me smelled it also.  
LA-REPORTER: Another person in our group didn't smell blood, but smelled gauze and antiseptic.  That is always a premanentory scent for him, so we decided to leave and continue our journey south.
LA-REPORTER: The route we took was the 210 east to the 605 south to the 405 south.   Along the 210 and the 605 we noticed an odd fog, but that was about it.  The sky wasn't red, but it was strange to see fog that far inland.   As we were going down the 605 we noticed that one of the time/temp signs which was always on and accurate in the past, was instead displaying 00:00 as the time.  This was cause for concern since most of those signs have a direct data feed to central time.
LA-REPORTER: It was at that point we began noticing the lack of lights etc....  There were numerous stalled cars on the road.   Upon arrival in OC we noticed that it was way too quiet.   Not the normal 3am quiet, but beyond that.  No animal noises, no traffic noises etc...  Strange enough that it set us on edge.   There were also numerous visual anomalies, to the point of seeing ghost figures etc...
LA-REPORTER: That was friday night.
LA-REPORTER: Saturday we woke up edgy and off our game.  (this refers to myself and another person)  This continued all day.   It was on Saturday that we got a call from a friend mentioning that he too had noticed the 'way too quiet' phenom.    
LA-REPORTER: Sat. night was normal with the exception of everyone being on edge and exhausted.  
LA-REPORTER: Sunday we went to a museum (which was packed) and then drove north.   The route we took north was the 405 north to the 101 north.
BARDSQUILL: keep going
BARDSQUILL: listening
BARDSQUILL: important
LA-REPORTER: It was on this drive that we noticed the feeling of a lack of oxygen (to the point where we were considering picking up some oxy jump bottles but opted to wait it out) and a vague sense of unease.   
LA-REPORTER: The person who was driving ended up asking me to take over after only an hour due to experiencing signs of extreme exhaustion, but without being tired (ie: visual sense loss, dizziness, spaciness etc...)  We stopped for food and we both noticed that we were very very hostile.   Not towards each other, but to those around us.   We didn't act on the urges, just ate our food and left.   At that point I took over the wheel and began experiencing the same problems, to the point where I had to pull over since I could not see the road.   At that point the original driver took over again.   We continued northbound on the 101 at about 80-85 mph, but were being passed by everyone.   This was around 6-7pm, and we saw numerous "drunk" drivers.  Far too early for such behavior.  We eventually made it home and let out a sigh of relief.  Unfortunately both the original driver and myself have been ill for the past two days.    
LA-REPORTER: He was ill Sunday night/Monday morning, and I was ill all day yesterday.   We both experienced the same thing:  muscle cramping, swollen lymph nodes, sore throat, slight voice loss, fever, chills, and slight dizziness with sinus headache.   On a side note we both experienced an immune response on Sunday night during the drive.
LA-REPORTER: So that brings us to today.

The Killing of a Wonderful Lady: Chemtrails and the Elderly

The biggest crime was committed by the hospitals and care home. Other crime factors are present in this case. Chemtrails may have been the primary cause.

Radio-controlled DNA act as gene switches  BEARDEN The Porthole Concept

Date: 1/14/02 10:17:20 AM Pacific Standard Time

Hi:That IM you have posted is scary as hell. I was watching TV out of Sacramento several days ago when they reported 3 semi trucks crashed and multiple cars and a bus also. They tried to get in there with a helicopter and the airport said they couldn't fly into that area. That specific area where the accidents (there were 5 accidents all in the same place) was in 0 visibility fog. Finally, a satellite truck was able to get into the fog and took a picture of the scene. Visibility was less than 200 feet and everything as at a dead standstill. Nobody walking around - nothing moving. It took several hours and the fog dissipated like it had never been there. I don't know what was in the 3 crashed semis.

I know that there are weird fogs like that in the valley. We drove through one of those on Christmas Eve ourselves coming out of Tracy south on I 5 towards Modesto. It wasn't one of those fogs coming from the ocean, it was just sitting there in the valley all by itself. We finally drove out of it again. It was like a giant cloud sitting on the ground.

The fact that the reporter smelled 'dead blood' makes me think there was something there. Here in the valley, after the sun goes down, the whole air smells like dead horse piss. Don't know if you can relate to that smell. It comes up from the ground as soon as the sun goes down. I can't stand it and stay in the house. I always feel like it smells like someone died, but it has a horsey/cowey pissey smell. Yuck!

EDITOR, GOING WEE WEE ON OUR HEADS SEE, US5286979: Process for absorbing ultraviolet radiation using dispersed melanin

Date: 1/10/02 2:53:43 PM Pacific Standard Time

Kent, I'm in San Diego. I haven't noticed anything particularly unusual over the past several days except for a couple of things.

1. For the past few weeks I've noticed some unusual contrails in the direction of Vandeburg AFB. These are not chemtrails. They look like the contrails that were visible over London during the Battle of Britain.

Appears to be intensive high altitude aircraft activity, or perhaps missle launches from Vandenburg. I have witnessed two launchings from Vandenburg since 9/11, but the media reported on only one of these.

2. Yesterday afternoon there was a low, thick cloud cover here. Ordinarily this wouldn't be unusual, but nothing showed up on the NWS doppler radar. Several people commented on it where I work, because they keep an eye on the weather and the radar here. Most of our organization is outdoors, so we need to know if a storm approaches. Nothing at all showed over the county yesterday, yet the cloud cover was very thick and there was a very slight drizzle.


Date: 1/10/02 2:24:11 PM Pacific Standard Time

Hey Kent, Check out these pics - weird vortex-like cloud formations. Scalar rings, perhaps? They appeared after a day of HEAVY chemtrail spraying here in Northwest NJ. Come to think of it, been feeling a bit strange around here for the last 24 hours or so -  kind of spaced out, dull and tired for no good reason.

Sent: Friday, January 11, 2002 4:05 AM

Subject: mc is real

Secrecy News, 10 Jan 2002


Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) introduced a bill in the House of Representatives late last year that would ban weapons in space. But while there have been many similar legislative initiatives in the past, Rep. Kucinich's bill is distinguished by its unusually expansive definition of "weapons."

Among the weapons that it would proscribe the new measure includes "psychotronic" devices that are "directed at individual persons or targeted populations for the purpose of ... mood management, or mind control."

No explanation for this peculiar proposal was immediately available. But the text of "The Space Preservation Act of 2001" (H.R. 2977), introduced on October 2, may be found here:


The Kucinich bill was hailed by Citizens Against Human Rights Abuse, one of a number of organizations of people who say they are victims of government experimentation involving electromagnetic and other psychotronic weapons. See their web site here:


full issue of Secrecy News: www.fas.org/sgp/news/secrecy/2002/01/011002.html

Nonconsensual Brainwave and Personality Studies by the U.S. Government

Another Arms Race? What the Public Should Know About Electromagnetic Frequency Weapons

Hi-tech intelligence tools. -Yet another Classified Intelligence Program. Similar to the FBI Cointelpro Program


Subj: Sac weather...

Date: 1/11/02 1:20:25 PM Pacific Standard Time

Hi kent, been following the LA stuff with interest, we've had a few odd time  anomolies here, stuff missing then reappearing in plain sight etc, about the  same time the LA stuff was going on (1/8-10)Too many witnesses to be just my spaciness... was raining here for a a few days, noticed a strange thing as clouds were breaking up, a second layer of clouds above the lower storm clouds...you guessed it, chemtrails, but with the low uv here, I would imagine that blows the more benign theories to hell (lowering global warming, radiation, etc.) On a slightly different note...anybody catch what

I saw on 'America's funniest cop videos" (whatever it is..)last week? A guy had stolen a tank and was driving down the street, crushing everything in it's path. The arresting officer mentioned that when the guy was caught, he had a "blank" expression and said nothing. Also interested in that murder of the scientist by 'cult' members out east, if it ain't x-tian militia types being blamed, it's pagans, right? Find it interesting that one kid was on heavy-duty anti-psychotics and another had managed to run away from navy(???) basic training...

It will be both a tremendous blessing and a terrible curse. It's the most powerful tool ever conceived. By engineering the Schroedinger equation, for example, one can theoretically engineer physical change itself. One can actually engineer physical reality, change the laws of nature, and determine if a thing shall even emerge into physical quantum change at all, or if it shall change its physical form. Bearden



Is there a more rewarding thrill than to break a record? Whereas most of us must content ourselves with breaking personal bests, earlier this month the scientists and engineers of Berkeley Lab’s Superconducting Magnet Group experienced the rush of shattering a world record. The team’s newest niobium-tin dipole electromagnet reached an unprecedented field-strength of 14.7 Tesla. This is more than 300,000 times the strength of Earth’s magnetic field.


Date: 1/10/02 2:24:11 PM Pacific Standard Time

Hey Kent, Check out these pics - weird vortex-like cloud formations. Scalar rings, perhaps? They appeared after a day of HEAVY chemtrail spraying here in Northwest NJ. Come to think of it, been feeling a bit strange around here for the last 24 hours or so -  kind of spaced out, dull and tired for no good reason.

The Ground-Wave Emergency Network (GWEN) System {Editor's Note: GWEN towers are popping up everywhere in America; rural, hilltops, mountain areas, suburbs, and cities. The cover story is that they're supposed to be used for cell phone communications, but as this article reveals, Big Brother has something far more insidious in mind. ..Ken Adachi]  GWEN UPDATES

Date: 1/11/02 12:04:05 PM Pacific Standard Time

Hello Kent. My opinion is that LA fog was of chemtrail origin and that was ionized by 3-9 MHz modulated signal from GWEN towers somewhere nearby, converted to cold plasma state, producing ELF air current (lot of street sign lights were out) that was emitting EM signal in ELF (1-1000 Hz) range. That is why you see radar ring also, it is ground-low level plasma. People got sick because they were practicing en-mass population control. Worrying part is that similar fog is present everywhere lately, even here in Croatia, when there should not be any.

EDITOR: From what I understand microwave transmitters in general (low power, pulsed microwaves) can be used for mind control. Hear any whisperings?

NASA Subject Category: LIFE SCIENCES (GENERAL) Abstract: A decoy and deception concept presently being considered is to remotely create the perception of noise in the heads of personnel by exposing them to low power, pulsed microwaves. When people are illuminated with properly modulated low power microwaves the sensation is reported as a buzzing, clicking, or hissing which seems to originate (regardless of the person's position in the field) within or just behind the head. The phenomena occurs at average power densities as low as microwatts per square centimeter with carrier frequencies from 0.4 to 3.0 GHz. By proper choice of pulse characteristics, intelligible speech may be created. Before this technique may be extended and used for military applications, an understanding of the basic principles must be developed. Such an understanding is not only required to optimize the use of the concept for camouflage, decoy and deception operations but is required to properly assess safety factors of such microwave exposure.

Microwave Hearing - abstracts, references

Date: 1/11/02 6:30:20 PM Pacific Standard Time

I was reading about the strangeness going on in LA and elsewhere. Of particular interest is the post about barium stearate. A couple of months ago, I was given a battery of tests to delve deeper into what is causing my fibroymalgia and intensifying the symptoms. On the hair analysis, barium was rather high. I've never had an upper G-test or other med tests requiring the use of barium. Based on what I've read on your website, carnicon, william thomas, I attribute the high levels to fall-out from the chemtrail spraying going back to 1998. This was also the period when my fibromyalgia symptoms began to increase in intensity.

When the spraying is heavy here in the Philadelphia area, I take colloidal silver which helps with the nose bleeds, spaceyness and nasal/sinus congestion. I'll be meeting with the md again in a couple of weeks to discuss the results. He's involved in integrated medicine so I can likely bring up the chemtrail issue without being considered too much of a freak.

LA-REPORTER2: No chemtrails today; I suspect due to a slight westwardly breeze that was blowing everything out towards the ocean

LA-REPORTER2: This is an unexpected change from the norm; For the past two weeks, the skies have been nothing but a flat gray haze of chem

BARDSQUILL: getting word that they are trying to cool things with these chemtrails, Ed Teller's bright idea

BARDSQUILL: so they say

LA-REPORTER2: I don't buy it

LA-REPORTER2: Seen some reports from independant labs

LA-REPORTER2: Chemtrails contain red blood cells, white blood cells, a few other bacterial agents, and, more importantly, an un-identified retro-virus

LA-REPORTER2: (not to mention human DNA)

LA-REPORTER2: Now; If I remember my microbiology correctly...

LA-REPORTER2: Retroviruses are used for two things;

LA-REPORTER2: A: Hunting other viruses (ie; toxin elimination)


LA-REPORTER2: B: Gene splicing

BARDSQUILL: want to turn us all into lizards

LA-REPORTER2: ...or worse... 'tards...

BARDSQUILL: I'm already a 'tard



LA-REPORTER2: I'll be there soon, lest I'm rescued from this frightful existence. ;P

BARDSQUILL: Get 'tarded more maybe I'll run for President

Date: 1/13/02 11:29:39 AM Pacific Standard Time

I have decided to take a chance with my reply here to the list, because I am sincerely seeking answers, though I know there are many here who don't quite believe possible, the "woo woo" element that some of us live with, as a factor of our everyday "normal" lives. I just wanted you to know that I hear the "beeps" and Morse Code sounds too. I used to only hear the "beeps" late at night sometimes, when I was trying to fall asleep, and had my head positioned a certain way on my pillow. Like you, it was confined to my right ear only. Now I hear the beeps sometimes in the mornings, and in both ears like stereo. It sounds electronic, and is not just confined to inside my house. I have heard it outside too. Its not like the "Hum," I know what that sounds like. This sounds definately manmade, like RF.

10:20 AM (PST) and I just began hearing them again. I only hear these if I am facing N or S, and the signal is absent if I turn to face E or W. I am a lifelong "experiencer" as well as an earth sensitive. Below is a post I made yesterday to the Syzygy Sensitives board. There is some strange stuff going on here in So. California, and it began on Friday the 4th. Are they testing something? For the past several days now, I have a real bad pain on the top right side of my head, above my right ear, my right eye is affected too, along with my amalgam fillings in my teeth on that side.

It may be that I am just sitting in the middle of an antenna array. I'm down in the valley, and there are antenna's of various kinds on every hill, mountain and tall structure here. I also live close to several large, active earthquake faults. Due to my biomagnetic "wiring," maybe I am like a receiver? However, this pain since Wednesday night is getting intense. Is there any way to deflect the signal, or block it? Right now I'm feeling a little bit like a lightning rod. :) I'm open to suggestions.

ARCHIVES: It's Official, Microwave Surveillance of Los Angeles Cellular transmission tower on our high school  Melatonin 2  STAR WARS, STAR TREK AND KILLING POLITELY  Electromagnetic origins of the Taos hum  RF WEAPONS - NEW TERRORISM  Mind control and contrails  Intercranial voice phenomena and sympathetic brain wave synchronization  Turning kids' brains to jello  Radio-controlled DNA act as gene switches

Date: 1/15/02 9:37:32 AM Pacific Standard Time

More on the changing state of the universe from Richard Hoagland, which also suggests chemtrails are a (poor) defensive mechanism.

Subj: Radio Active Dumping

Date: 1/15/02 3:12:07 PM Pacific Standard Time

Kent did you know that the state of California in november quitetly passed a law authorizing the Federal government to be able to dump up to so many tons of radioactive materials in any municipal dump in the state of California.NRC Failure at Early Nuclear (FUSRAP) Sites http://bfn.org/~nuclear/latest.htm

Date: 1/15/02 7:49:01 PM Pacific Standard Time

Kent - for what it's worth.I live on the Central Coast of CA, Monterey Peninsula. I recall driving on the night of 1/7/02 and was surprised by the thickness of the fog. So thick you could hardly drive. Born and raised here, so I know our fog almost NEVER gets that thick or even close this time of year. Conditions continued next couple days or so. Many people commented about it. Maybe the scramble was statewide and not just LA.

Date: 11/26/01 6:26:52 PM Pacific Standard Time

I have talked to several people who used to be radar and electronics technicians in the military, who described a common practical joke they would play. This involved modulating a microwave transmitter with a voice, and directing the beam at unsuspecting people far from the transmitting site. The victims would hear the voices! Of course, that was back in the days when nobody thought that such things might have hazardous side effects.


U.S. Air Force Linked to Electronic Warfare Attack in Tennessee HARTSVILLE, TENN - Newly released documentary and eyewitness evidence now links an apparent July 6, 2001 electronic warfare attack on a radio station and weekly newspaper in Hartsville, Tennessee to a nearby unacknowledged secret access project (USAP). This secret project, eyewitnesses say, includes the U.S. Air Force as paymaster, U.S. government aircraft as transportation and security craft; military troops in black uniforms; and black unmarked triangular aircraft. The project may also include a secret electronic warfare unit capable of disabling nearby media outlets with destructive electromagnetic energy.

Weather phenomena that baffle scientists  Scalar Electromagnetics and Weather Control

Detailed information on electromagnetic bombs

BELOW: I was looking south east in Deer Park, New York on Long Island. Line is in a east/west direction.I have been seeing alot of arcing and spiraling trails in the area also. (Bohemia, NY area)

Date: 1/14/02 11:48:01 AM Pacific Standard Time

3-9 MHz EM signal that ionizes chemtrails and turns them to plasma makes also the current flow through such artificial ionosphere. If this current is properly modulated by the signal itself plasma (chemtrails) emits secondary signal in ELF range of 1-1000 Hz. Being of the EM anture human brainwaves are influenced by the external EM signal dirrectly.

Here is the quote from my SATURATION WITHIN article at http://www.deepspace4.com/pages/questions/saturationwithin/saturationwithin5.htm

It is known for millennia that the reality perception can be altered with meditation, which is basically shutting down of all outside interferences by the use of very low and monotone frequencies, in the range of those generated by our brain itself, which lay between 0-26 Hz.

The brain gives off measurable electrical energy that corresponds to certain states of consciousness. The four kinds of brainwave patterns are really descriptive tags for different wave speeds which are measured in cycles per second or Hz.

Delta is the slowest of the brainwaves (0-4 Hz), usually prominent during deepest stages of sleep without dreams.

Theta, (4-8 Hz) is related to creativity and dream activity.

Alpha, (8-13 Hz) is characterized by a relaxed but alert state.

Beta, (14-26 Hz) is the brainwave state of a normal wake consciousness.

If I remember right there is a frequency in vicinity of 10 Hz that makes people feel sick.

Furthermore, here is my comment on the picture at the bottom of your LA page (image attached - cloud05zx.jpg).



From Satellite Clues Have We Located the Northern Reaches of Lemuria?



What happened at 8:00am Hawaii time exactly sixty years to the second?



US5038664: Method for producing a shell of relativistic particles at an altitude above the earth's surface

US4686605: Method and apparatus for altering a region in the earth's atmosphere, ionosphere, and/or magnetosphere

US5041834: Artificial ionospheric mirror composed of a plasma layer which can be tilted

US4817495: Defense system for discriminating between objects in space

US4412967: Multistage high voltage accelerator for intense charged particle beams

US5286979: Process for absorbing ultraviolet radiation using dispersed melanin

US4999637: Creation of artificial ionization clouds above the earth