Dear Kent at Cyberspaceorbit.com,

Your latest reports on the LA Brain Scramble and Chemtrails is elaborate and informative. I have come to believe that chemtrails may have played a major role in the death of my wonderful mother. I have sent you my report, Chemkill01.htm, included in this emailing. I wish for you to post it in your Chemtrail report section for all to read. I included a picture of my mom if you wish to put it in next to my report. But if not, get the report up for the readers.

Have been following your very excellent web site for some time now. You folks at Cyberspaceorbit.com are the best in my opinion.

Jack Petersen

The Killing of a Wonderful Lady: Chemtrails and the Elderly

from: jp220v@angelfire.com
to: Cyberspaceorbit.com

This is a letter I am offering to you and your associates, and to the general public. It was a near recent incident of events which took place between 1995 to present. Only now have I been able to piece together the horrors which led up to the death or possible killing of my mother by official agencies. The biggest crime was committed by the hospitals and care home. Other crime factors are present in this case. Chemtrails may have been the primary cause. I hope everyone who reads this report is awakened to new possibilities for the "silent" extermination of our elderly and loved ones. For safety I have withheld the names of specific persons and organisations. I will reply to concerned parties. A complete list of names and places upon request. A longer report including legal aspects also available. This is a true account.

Mom's excellent medical report

For the record and this letter to the public her doctor gave my mother an excellent health report back in 1994 at her hospital. Her doctor said:" Well Jack, you have a remarkable mom. She has the best respiratory health I've seen in years with a person her age of 76. It must have been all those years in the professional opera and movies she was in. Because she never drank or smoked has paid off now. Her other health is pretty darn good overall...but she should not go into the high altitude and frigid cold of winter in the high sierras. She should stay in the lowlands during winter seasons. That could be a problem because of other factors with her type body. Your mother seems slightly affected by air pollution so the desert would be nice for her. I always direct my elderly patients away from extreme cold. Its hard on all of them. But you should have a mom around for a long time Jack. She should go for another 15 years easily." I should mention that her doctor had a vacation home in our very same tract in the sierras for about 5 years or so back in the 70's and 80's. Mom worked at MGM and Columbia Pictures for 20 years as the double-stand-in for Rita Hayworth and Olivia DeHavilland.

Evidence of deadly Chemtrails surfaces: Chemkill

During the late months of 1996 and 1997 I was seeing strange jet exhaust trails being exuded by high flying commercial and military aircraft over our mountain town and over the entire region. I have now come to realize why I was so tired and getting sick, coughing,after riding my racing bike in the fallout from those chemtrails. Mom was also exposed to them unknowingly while she did yardwork. She loved the outdoors and always produced a beautiful landscaped garden wherever she went. It became apparent that the chemtrails were affecting both of our health. I saw the brown residue on the Lincoln windshield several times and it smelled awful. I noticed that most of the locals in town became drowsy, sleepy, tired and a lot of unexplained headaches. Children seemed to be coughing and sneezing and becoming sick. General store workers looked very tired and moved slowly on chemtrail spray days. Neighborhood dogs became very quiet and barking virtually ceased during chemtrail residue fallout.

It was in May 1998 that a friend remembered seeing strange jet trails over the Owens valley in the eastern sierras during the 3 days prior to mom's death. He said he was down in the big truck town heading to his usual hot tubs he and his wife would frequent each week. They said they were standing outside getting ready to enter the hot pools when out of nowhere came this C-130 Hercules flying low down the Bishop/Owens Valley. His wife saw another set of jet trails coming from other higher flying  jets expelling long whitish trails that turned brown while drifting to the ground that didn't blow away. When the descending clouds began to pass over their hot tubs they began to feel sick and tired all of a sudden. His wife began coughing and both their eyes burned profusely. They abandoned their tubs and jumped in their truck and left the area. Both saw the same jets and C-130 continue to expel more and more of this whitish cloud-like exhaust right over the same location as the care home my mom was in. It made at least 4 passes over that locale [care home] then began moving south leaving at least 9 criss-cross patterns all the way down the Owens Valley. Their other friends who lived in that town said many locals there became very ill that evening. They said they saw this operation several times but didn't know at the time what to make of it. Both of them had tremendous headaches that evening when they got home. They said aspirin barely stopped it.

I have since learned that the care home staff always put most of their patients outside for fresh air each day for at least a couple hours in the shade under the trees. I was told mom was outside on the days prior to and the day of her death.

I cannot get the care home workers to reveal anything over the phone about mom except that she was supposed to have been doing pretty well ...until those last fateful days. I heard many of the care home residents incurred a high degree of respiratory difficulties at the same time mom passed on. The staff seem utterly ignorant about "chemtrails" and placed no importance on it. They said she died of a "heart attack failure" .....but her previous medical reports showed her lungs and heart were way above average. So ....you decide what killed my mom. Evidence of the medical staff's knowledge about what was causing mom's heart condition to inflame into a full heart failure is proven when I learned the hospital performed a CPR on my mother to correct her condition.

That's right folks....a CPR that added to her death. When I examined mom at the local morgue I clearly saw that her left side of her chest had been broken in 3 places. The director said this was done to help her survive. But the most important item here is that it appears to have been the "Chemtrails" that drifted down on her that did the primary damage. The hospital and care home staffs seemed to know nothing about any other contributing factors. They were blank.

Would I still have a mom today to care for if the proper measures had been taken to correct the true culprit......Chemtrails? In my mind and heart I feel it WAS the Chemtrails that extinguished my mother.


For the correct names associated with the above report please contact me at the address below. Legal professionals welcome. Science researchers also welcome. I have a sample of my mother's blood to offer for examination and wonder if ethylene dibromide and other bacteria/viruses might be present
in it.

Those of you after reading this report on Chemtrails and the death of my very nice mother feel compelled to respond or reply by e-mail .......please do so at:

7- 2000

Jack Petersen

EDITOR: Presenter really wishes your email, your insight. He might have followup if you are interested. We are all in this together.

EDITOR: I have very personal reasons for presenting this heartfelt report because in Kent's tribe things have not been well. Furthermore, suspicions have surged that some of the above scenario parallels our family ordeal. Time to wake up now, America, we are being treated like rats in a laboratory, Congress Admits Chemtrails Are Real


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