Subj: [EWAR] It's Official, Microwave Surveillance of Los Angeles
Date: 1/14/00 9:41:35 AM Pacific Standard Time

9:00 PM News, January 13, 2000
KFI, 640AM, Los Angeles
The 1/2 second byte of news stated that
Los Angeles will now be under surveillance
24 hours a day, 7 days a week by
"microwave" technology; "criminals will
be identified instantly and apprehended";
"Los Angeles enters the next millennium
will this exciting technology."

Over New Year's, I reported to you that
there was an announcement that L.A.P.D.
was "borrowing" microwave technology from
the DoD which would help them identify anybody,
anywhere, who decided to shoot off their gun
into the air on New Year's Eve.

On New Year's Eve, I heard what I thought was
fireworks around midnight, but realized it was my
neighbors shooting off their guns. The firing of
the guns into the air lasted sporadically for about
an hour. A shot here, a shot there, a group of
shots. However, after the hour was up, ALL
gun firing abruptly stopped, as if on cue.

Plus, by now you have all heard that the Year
2000 Celebration in L.A. was a total bust. There
were many reasons given for it - the City of L.A.
hosted bash costing $1250 per person which took all
the elite indoors; the "little old ladies of the library"
attempting to do something, ended up dividing everybody
up into ethnic groups - the Valley, Crenshaw and
Downtown. However, after hearing the news last
night, and having done the research I have, I wondered
if there was another reason Los Angelenos didn't
show up. We were "the city that rioted" the most
recently. So, we would provide the best field test for
the latest in microwave technology for controlling
the masses' behavior. Great excuse? Yeah!
Now, I further wonder if there is some primal instinct
at work in humans which would make them react
to preserve themselves on a subconscious level.
And, that this instinct surfaced intensely on New
Year's Eve and everybody - on some level they
could not name - knew to stay away from the "party."
Just thinking. Just thinking, and pondering.

Oh, BTW, the name of the company for the microwave
technology now in place in L.A.? WestCam of
Los Angeles. I didn't find that company listed
in the telephone directory, nor is there a URL
for the surveillance technology I believe is now in
place. Anybody got any ideas?

So, when you come to L.A. be sure to wear your
microwave shields. Oh, and if you tell somebody
you meet that this technology exists because you
are a test target, I guess the person you are telling
might wonder what kind of criminal you are and
why you are being watched.

One more thing, Eleanor White is right. The
technology being utilized at LAX is Millivision which
uses microwave technology.