Subj: Re: Date on radar file
Date: 11/24/01 1:24:03 PM Pacific Standard Time

I tracked down some info last night re the effects of RFR on the human brain. It is directly related to producing low levels of acetylcholine which is implicated in Alzheimer's ("a veritable epidemic in this country"); it affects cognition and breaks both both double and single strands of DNA. In a word, it is turning kids' brains to jello! (Maybe politicians' brains. as well). (And prolly yours and mine!)
Interestingly, a steady supply of nicotine appears to help mitigate the effects -- at least where acetylcholine is concerned!
I researched ELFs some years ago when I joined a neighborhood fight to stop the planting of high tension wires in our yards. I found that Navy personnel in Wisconsin couldn't work simple arithematic problems under the influence of ELF radiation. Scandanavian countries began to bury their wires while New York kids got cancer.
This "war" is hazardous to our collective health in more ways than devastated towers, downed airplanes, terrorism and dearth of oil.
Colorado residents are currently fighting construction of a new tower and Colorado State has received a grant to begin a 3-year study of the effects on melatonin in 300 Colorado brains, 75 of whom will be children over age 8, starting in Jan. 2002.
Press release at:
Effects of microwave exposure at:
Don't recall seeing anything about this on Orbit. Methinks it fits well with the present hoopla over radar rings et al.
Shall I sleuth the more?