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ken melatonin is produced in the pineal gland and has a great effect on brain NTP NOMINATION HISTORY AND REVIEW - Melatonin ...while melanin is a biochemical that effects skin pigment....two diiferent substances Optical Absorption of Melanin...the one you are most likely interested in is melatonin....from it's chemical has and absorption band in the microwave region....that means that a maser can directly effect it chemistry..therefore effect the brain.....melanin also as an absorption spectra in the microwave region....but it effect pigment changes in the skin and not the brain....regards vince >>

ken if you want hard objective evidence that masers effect the brain via breaking down is easy to verify..the following companies in the USA manufacture melatonin....just ask them for the absorption spectra for melatonin in the microwave will see absorption peaks in the maser region...hence masers effect the brain chemistry via changing the levels of melatomin in the brain.... you can get the spectra from any of these companies..just call and ask..they have it...regards vince

3M Pharmaceuticals
Aceto Corp./Pfaltz & Bauer
Aldrich Chemical Co.
Amber Synthesis, Inc.
Bristol-Myers Squibb
Calbiochem-Novabiochem International
Cardiovascular Research, Ltd.
Flavine International, Inc.
Fluka Chemical Corp.
G.C.I. Nutrients
Genzyme Corp.
Hoechst Animal Health/Schering A.-G.
Hoffmann-La Roche & Co.
Interneuron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
ICN Biomedicals, Inc.
Marcor Development Corp.
Parish Chemical Co.
Regis Technologies, Inc.
Research Organics, Inc.
Sigma Chemical Co.
Spectrum Chemical Mfg. Corp./Janssen Chimical
TCI America
Triple Crown America, Inc. (agent for Biosynth International)
Weinstein Nutritional Products

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Ken I looked at the two patents...the melanin just references the Eastlund patent...dont forget uv radiation gives you a tan or decreases the melanin....but more important I read the Eastlund patent....and these people are sick puppies...what he claims in that patent by using haarp...they can effect the amount of UV radiation on the earth surface....and they can do it in selective in some place by using haarp you can create higher doses of UV radiation...this is sick ...for a period of time in that region you can induce higher rates of skin cancer on humans .....this is Teller and the boys at LLL......I am amazed to see this type of work being good for people or the environment....regards vince