CO-OBSERVER: Evening report for L.A.:  
CO-OBSERVER: A moderately thick fog has set in
CO-OBSERVER: Today was unseasonably warm, just like the past few days
CO-OBSERVER: However, tonight is quite cold; Feels to be around ~40F
CO-OBSERVER: A distinct metallic taste/smell in the air, as well as rapidly developing cloudcover [see notes]
CO-OBSERVER: 3 hours ago, there was *no* cloudcover, and *no* signs that it would turn cold, save for some extremely high altitude (40,000ft +) spraying
CO-OBSERVER: I definitely think weather control/manipulation is one agenda
BARDSQUILL: pretty spooky-lookin
CO-OBSERVER: Holy crap
BARDSQUILL: just caught an image had a bogey in it
BARDSQUILL: will upload
CO-OBSERVER: Roger that
CO-OBSERVER: L.A. *never* gets this sort of low-lying cloud/fog activity...It's quite unusual

NOTE, TOWERCAM: View to the Southeast toward the cities of Irwindale and Whittier.

USC 60-foot solar telescope dome on the right; TIE 24-inch telescope dome above that.

CO-OBSERVER: You suppose they purposely clouded us up tonite to avoid us seeing bogeys?  
BARDSQUILL: towerc05x.jpg
BARDSQUILL: left-center
CO-OBSERVER: There's two of 'em
CO-OBSERVER: One on the left, and one to the right
BARDSQUILL: might bear watching sequences for awhile
BARDSQUILL: rt-click/save if a Reptilian battleship shows up, heh
CO-OBSERVER: Haha :)  
BARDSQUILL: I'll wtch too, looking now at a report of a hexagonal storm in atlantic last night
BARDSQUILL: came from Holland
BARDSQUILL: looks pentagonal actually
BARDSQUILL: still corresponding and constructing but have this so far
CO-OBSERVER: Really odd...
BARDSQUILL: jetstream making angled corners, thought that stuff ain't supposed to happen in nature
BARDSQUILL: especially over water
BARDSQUILL: Suspected Atlantean underwater ruins near Azores
BARDSQUILL: HOLY MOLEY, Towercam now, if you miss will upload
BARDSQUILL: two bright critters there
CO-OBSERVER: Grabbed it as well, in case you missed
BARDSQUILL: towerc06x.jpg
CO-OBSERVER: Yeah I grabbed that one too
CO-OBSERVER: You can see 4 of them in that shot
CO-OBSERVER: I just Refreshed; Another bogey on the left
CO-OBSERVER: Grabbed that shot as well  
CO-OBSERVER: Holy moly -- I just grabbed another
BARDSQUILL: might make a real media movie if this keeps up
BARDSQUILL: jeez more
CO-OBSERVER: 3 on the left
CO-OBSERVER: Doesn't look like normal air traffic
CO-OBSERVER: It's moving too fast
BARDSQUILL: darting around
BARDSQUILL: what a deal, spooky canvas to boot
BARDSQUILL: looks like Rembrandt
CO-OBSERVER: New image up, I think
CO-OBSERVER: 4 more!
BARDSQUILL: my gawwwd
CO-OBSERVER: Those are way too close for FAA regs
BARDSQUILL: starting to have beaded look
CO-OBSERVER: I guess we know why they wanted it cloudy tonight
BARDSQUILL: ask one to move in close, heh
CO-OBSERVER: Looks like a new image is up
CO-OBSERVER: One bogey on the right
BARDSQUILL: energy? Tangible 3D? What do you think?
CO-OBSERVER: Your guess is as good as mine, friend
CO-OBSERVER: There's another just off center
BARDSQUILL: see it, kinda faint
CO-OBSERVER: Man, lot of activity tonite
CO-OBSERVER: Persistent bogey in left side now
CO-OBSERVER: Good one now... 3 bright bogeys
BARDSQUILL: bad flare today
CO-OBSERVER: Still watching cam...
BARDSQUILL: me too, big one on right
CO-OBSERVER: I've got 12 good images so far
BARDSQUILL: corroboration aspect really good
BARDSQUILL: mentioned solar on purpose, might be a connection, really long burning flare and NASA withholding images again, something up.
BARDSQUILL: 2 bright left
BARDSQUILL: like you have been pointing out a kind of sandwich double cloud layer, some of the Eastlund patents hint of constructing an artificial atmospheric capacitor, if my terminology is apt.
BARDSQUILL: toward a kind of Tesla shield, so they say
BARDSQUILL: more of a focused sphere now
BARDSQUILL: 21:37:17
CO-OBSERVER: I'm lookin
CO-OBSERVER: Odd stuff
BARDSQUILL: yea, just kind of making a running text notation here
BARDSQUILL: da script, heh
BARDSQUILL: think I'll add frame notation and plunk here too
BARDSQUILL: 21:41:38 faint, left-center
CO-OBSERVER: Aye, See it
BARDSQUILL: okay, I'll label these
BARDSQUILL: didn't expect anything like THIS
BARDSQUILL: 21:46:00 bright focused orb, left
CO-OBSERVER: I'll be compiling these into an animated .GIF when I get home w/a 1/2 second delay between the images
BARDSQUILL: be huge I'll try to go real video after we see what we each have
CO-OBSERVER: Orb has moved slightly, now joined by another bright bogey
BARDSQUILL: 21:50:21 orb and linear, adjacent-left
BARDSQUILL: some seem to hover
CO-OBSERVER: Confirmed
CO-OBSERVER: Feed has stopped, I think
BARDSQUILL: I have 21:59:04 streak, faint-left
CO-OBSERVER: On my way home; Will msg you again when I get there
BARDSQUILL: ok, I'll keep watching
Auto response fromCO-OBSERVER: On my way home...
BARDSQUILL: 22:03:25 faint streak left, faint streak right
BARDSQUILL: 22:07:46, clear
BARDSQUILL: 22:16:30 orb right
CO-OBSERVER: Back; Anything new?  
BARDSQUILL: BARDSQUILL: 22:03:25 faint streak left, faint streak right

BARDSQUILL:  BARDSQUILL: 22:07:46, clear
BARDSQUILL: 22:16:30 orb right  
BARDSQUILL: hoping for biggun
CO-OBSERVER: Roger that
BARDSQUILL: like fishing
CO-OBSERVER: I'm compiling/enhancing/examining 17 images now
BARDSQUILL: bet the moving clouds awesome
CO-OBSERVER: check out current; Two streaks, center and left-of-center
BARDSQUILL: 22:20:51 two faint streaks center
CO-OBSERVER: Nab as many as you can while I piece these together
BARDSQUILL: I'll get em all.
CO-OBSERVER: Roger that

'll ask you for any missing ones
BARDSQUILL: 22:25:11 clear
CO-OBSERVER: It's already looking very promising
BARDSQUILL: 22:29:33 bulged streak center
BARDSQUILL: 22:33:54 clear
BARDSQUILL: cloud cover below seems to be thinning
BARDSQUILL: 22:38:16 clear
CO-OBSERVER: Sorry about that, 'net connection shut out for a minute
BARDSQUILL: 22:42:37 clear
BARDSQUILL: looks like the phenomenon subsiding
BARDSQUILL: 22:46:58 clear
CO-OBSERVER: Animation looks great thus far
BARDSQUILL: I'll bet, those clouds been churning
BARDSQUILL: 22:51:19 clear
BARDSQUILL: correction, very faint streak center
CO-OBSERVER: I'm doing a morph between the frames too
CO-OBSERVER: To give a better effect
CO-OBSERVER: Holy crap this animation is amazing
CO-OBSERVER: The clouds are literally moving in a counter-clockwise fashion
BARDSQUILL: 22:55:40 faint streak center
CO-OBSERVER: It's two megs
CO-OBSERVER: 17 frames
CO-OBSERVER: 2 hour timelapse, 17 frames
BARDSQUILL: most of the action then, anomalies subsiding
BARDSQUILL: cloud cover flattening and thinning
BARDSQUILL: maybe, seeing a few plumes rising in foreground
CO-OBSERVER: .GIF will be done uploading in approx 2 mins
BARDSQUILL: 23:00:00 faint beaded streak right
CO-OBSERVER: Here's a link: CO-OBSERVER: But
CO-OBSERVER: It's not uploaded yet
CO-OBSERVER: So click it in about 1.5 to 2 minutes
BARDSQUILL: 23:04:21 clear
BARDSQUILL: Should I link it in?
BARDSQUILL: 23:08:42 clear
BARDSQUILL: 23:13:03 bright streak, left center
CO-OBSERVER: Yeah go ahead and link it in
CO-OBSERVER: Alrighty; I'm away from keyboard...Got tons of work to do; I'll keep you posted tomorrow if anything happens
BARDSQUILL: GAWWD, starting up again
BARDSQUILL: 23:17:25 bright streak left center
BARDSQUILL: 23:21:45 clear
BARDSQUILL: 23:26:06 faint streak right-center
BARDSQUILL: 23:30:28 clear

Date: 1/15/02 12:24:32 PM Pacific Standard Time

Hey ol' buddy, I hate to tell you this, but the Mt. Wison Web cam shoots 12 second time delays. I have been using it for a while, can even spot our helo's during day. You have time exposures of normal aircraft.

The string of pearls effect is the strobe lights of a commercial jet flashing during the time exposure.

EDITOR: we of course thought of this but the enduring watch raised questions: wouldn't there be more distortion on the cloud patterns on a time-lapse? The clouds seemed to be boiling and yet the edges were sharp and distinct, as were the wind-blown tree silhouettes on the morning screenshot.

EXAMPLE ANOTHER WATCH JAN 16, 2002 17:59: 01

See if these anomalies [below] are plane strobe lights, time-lapse, I would think the boiling clouds would show more multiple edge effects. Also in this case the clouds are foreground and would show more movement relative to the lens. Regardless, whatever that beaded-object was it was really traveling fast, or a single intact entity.

STRANGE LOOP, JAN 16, 2002 19:17:20


Also we were getting lights and streaks almost every frame from 11:00-12:000 PST.  If air traffic, the flight controllers must have gone bonkers! These anomalies were junping all over the screen and following no defined trajectories, like sparks, many scores of them!

The observations need to be continued on successive nights for comparison. During the several-hour time period my notion seemed to grow suggesting electrical activity between the opposing cloud layers. Were we seeing some kind of natural capacitor phenomenon? ADDITIONAL SLEUTH ADVISED!

[LEFT] SATELLITE INFRA-RED [Notice opposing cloud-flow from East out of Southern Nevada, Area 51]


Luminous Phenomena and Seismic Energy in the Central United States

TST: Tectonic Strain Theory  EARTH LIGHTS & UFOs


Date: 1/16/02 6:42:41 PM Pacific Standard Time

About that gif you got of the view over LA on the day the weirdness seemed to happen, the one with the "sprites".

Some friends and I saw something very similar one night in 1994 over Melbourne. It would have been during our winter, your summer.

We were looking down on the city from about 80km away, maybe half as the crow flies. The sky was orange like in the pics you and the other fella posted, but we could see the city clearly enough. The orange haze seemed to be drifting back toward the east side of the city. There were several weird white and yellow/orange lights darting about over the city. They were pretty small. We could see the police helicopter taking off from Essendon airport flying off to check them out then flying back to the airport.

They would be replaced by one that had taken off just before they left their surveillence, and each sortie lasted only 10 minutes. We saw a couple of sorties then drove down onto the plane and into the city, couldn't see a thing by the time we got there, too cloudy/smoggy.

The weird thing was that we had got lost driving from a small town, Daylesford, NW of Melb, even tho we knew the area like the back of our hands. we ended up on a small road, looking out over the city at a very weird scene. that movie you or your mate made about the night you watched LA online from the solar towers was so similar to what I saw that night. I can't remember any details about weird behaviour of electrical equipment messing up, but hey it was 7 1/2 years ago. Wow time flies.

I don't know of anyone else that noticed it, we asked around; our friends and family but that was it. given our lifestyle choices its pretty unlikely anyone would have believed us anyway. But we all saw it and it was most strange.

I'm trying to chase up the people in the car that night, so if any more useful or interesting detail turns up I'll get back to you.

Date: 1/15/02 7:28:39 AM Pacific Standard Time

First I was looking for "sprites" in the sense of shuttle video I saw about thunderstorm sprites, electrical discharges out the top of the clouds into space. I was ignoring the LA basin traffic.

Most of the traffic enters from the left(east) side of the photo and descends to the right into LAX. Another aircraft departs center low (methinks ONT, or could be the closer to LAX, Fullerton, I do not have charts handy) through the cloud and is seen off to the east again just over the clouds heading toward Banning Pass towards Palm Springs. The other misc. traffic is or may be slower moving light aircraft. I am an ATP (airline transport pilot)rated jet driver (now unemployed) who likes the lights dim to see the heavens. LA from above at night may look like a glinting jewel, but its electrical waste (all urban areas)hides the true jewel above.

Approach speeds into LAX depend on the minimum or maximum speed of the aircraft and the amount of traffic inbound, sometimes you get slowed as far as your gate of departure, but in this neighborhood, the long strobing Airliner streaks heading to LAX can have indicating airspeeds (airspeed directly read from the aircrafts Airspeed Indicator)any where from 130 knots, to maybe 180 or 190 knots if it is clear of traffic and your aircraft can go that fast, or slow. You can even seen their approx. 2.5 degree slope down to the field.

Therein lies ATC's main woe, how to mesh a 110 knot (fast) Cessna 172 with a heavy slow 777 at 150 knots.

Another general Airline piloting rule of thumb is to have all your lights on below flight level 180 (17999' and lower) and most is called see and be seen.

Also Astronomy, Aviation Week, Photography, and Sky and Telescope magazines sometimes have "time lapse" (or what is known as time exposure) photos often showing aircraft strobing lines or similar looking meteor trails. I as an amature astronomer have built 2 telescopes and taken my share of time exposure photos. I spend more time in or looking skyward than most.

One thing about the photos, which is notable with patience and presence there (or any cloudy mountain vista), is the wave like motion of the clouds seemingly lapping in and out of the canyons at the bottom of the photo. Also the higher clouds brighten and dim in relation to the amount of lower clouds obscuring the city below.

I really feel that there is nothing unusual in this particular clip, unlike the Popo Cenapred shots which always seem to have bogies. But some of the nearer metallic looking streaks may be worthy of a closer look, there is/was a "mile high club" charter flight out of Van Nuys airport. The San Fernando Valley would be at your back, where Van Nuys, Hollywood Burbank and Pamona airports are, and I have personally passed within shouting distance of Griffith more than once in my travels there. It is always busy.

As far as the 'tubes of light', I have been watching, and have not caught any visually yet. I would wager that they are related to doppler radar, just can't figure out anything else to cause it. But then we do not have all the information available. I have noted this... then go radar/your local site/_____loop and watch this at sunrise or sunset and note the beam aimed in the general direction of the sun just after sunrise or before sunset. You can follow the terminus across the country, all sites along the sunset/sunrise line beaming towards Sol in unison. Also note the intensity of the site scale and colors. They give an explanation on why it changes that I do not buy, If you fool me once, why should I trust you again? Now that this is out, it will probably cease or disappear.

P.S. And the answer to your question is... yes I have, many many times, and we are not nor ever were alone.

EDITOR: Don't know. If you have the time and madness-patience try a watch tonight at the cam. See what you think.

Some of the sprites remind me of the "rod-phenomenon", more like plasma.

One thing we noticed: these frames may not be time lapse at all, but rather the standard digital video frame. The clouds seemed to be churning below and yet the edges were distinct rather than blurred in the way one might expect in a long or multi-clip exposure.

I've enlarged a frame I captured after the gif-movie was constructed for you to take a closer look.


Date: 1/15/02 3:57:49 PM Pacific Standard Time

Hi, Icame across a fourm at chemtrail central with this photo in it. in looking at your Mt. Wilson pics, it seemed to have a little resembelance to the shape below. I provided the link to the fourm and a picture that appears there. I don't know if the photos are for real, but if they are it sure is interesting.