Subj: Assorted Calif weirdness
Date: 1/10/02 5:50:34 AM Pacific Standard Time

Some comments to file in your LA weirdness investigation. Loss of time and other symptoms are not limited to So. Cal, but I picked the posts that were from the area. I think the ones about the USGS posting EQs for times not yet arrived are especially curious! Do you suppose the govt is fortune telling now?
BTW, my brother lives in LA and reports that he has noticed nothing unusual.
Date: January 09, 2002 at 22:01:44
From: Jack,
Subject: Weird shimmering in LA sky



We drive from the Foothill-LaCresenta locale into Pasadena 3 times a week on the 210 Frwy , and noticed thick rich blood clouds over the entire San Gabriel Valley all the way out to at least West Covina and perhaps beyond. When entering this zone we always now make sure the vents are closed and windows up tight.
On at two occasions for sure we noticed red exhaust being emmited by a chemtrail jet. With the air then permeating into a softer red within 2 hrs afterwards. On another occasion I alone noticed while riding my racing bike in netween chemtrail spraying - momentary clearing- another chemtrail jet emmiting "blue" exhuast materil with the same effect following as the first jet. Someone we know has also mentioned seeing"green" gas particulates being emmited by a chem jet. Have never heard of green stuff before.
Date: January 09, 2002 at 23:31:59
From: Jim Berkland,
Subject: Weird shimmering in LA sky


When heated, barium gives off a greenish light. I understand that barium stearate is one of the substances analyzed from mist coming from chemtrails.

A few years ago there was a big deal made about shooting barium into the stratosphere by rocket. It ionized and produced a beautiful greenish 'aurora' after sunset on the East Coast.

It apparently ties in with HAARP experimentation, and there seems to be no end of it. I don't buy the explanation that it helps with the global warming "problem".

Date: January 09, 2002 at 19:08:16
From: Michelle in LA,
Subject: Sun - Really Bright



I must be losing it. The sun seems extroardinarily bright - almost as if it has a corona - can someone in LA area take a look outside and let me know what they think. Just looking through kitchen window, I'm still seeing spots after looking at the sun (pink spots if you're interested).
Date: January 09, 2002 at 19:35:46
From: Penny/AZ,
Subject: Moderate activity reported! This is weird!


Think that's weird. I got a USGS map that had the time 20:00 PST and it was only 17:00 here MST. Roy reported getting a future time today too. Maybe time is warping. LOL
Peace and Love
Date: January 09, 2002 at 11:41:10
From: roy,ChesBay,
Subject: WHAT THE HEY????????

URL: USGS World wide EQ map

Want a REAL joke?
See link.
At about 1530 UTC(1130 Eastern Standard Time) it was updated as of "15:48:41 UTC"(about 18 minutes into the future).

I had seen USGS being a few hours behind times, but NEVER had I seen them operating in the future.

Hurrying to get this posted before 1548 UTC.
Date: January 09, 2002 at 12:41:10
From: Gina,
Subject: Radio Reception Shift



At 9am this morning, a dramatic radio reception shift occurred. I had perfect reception with the radio facing to the east direction. At about nine minutes past nine, the reception immediately became distorted with an odd high pitch buzz and static. East is usually the direction I get the best reception. I now get clear reception with the radio facing south.

For you regulars: This is the radio I was using way back to report shifts. I just started listening to it again about two weeks ago. For the past year, I have been listening to a newer radio. What can I say, the newer one has a CD player. I used it in the other room to play Christmas CDs, which is why I'm listening to the old radio right now.
Date: January 09, 2002 at 21:47:24
From: Carol CP,
Subject: Major Forgetfullness and Insomnia



Ditto!! And I also feel that strange quiet, calm. Actually, I like this better than that craziness I was feeling. I also feel something is on the horizon. But what? I live in So. Cal. San Fern. Valley to be exact!