With the music I became more settled into the deep world. I realized it was in fact a place of deep meditation, as special as the ethereal realms, a place to limit and to rest.

I was beginning to better understand elements that had always been for myself uncertain. One day a magnificent Golden Eagle swooped down to snatch a mouse. Why is this, one thing consuming another? Then with Nimru's guidance I began to realize the true relationship between the eagle and the mouse.

"Have you not seen the wonderful and the frightening...out there", queried Nimru in his instructional manner.

"Aye, the Overseers, Semjaza, others. Bad, I think," I faltered at the troubled memory.

"They are like..the Engineers", declared Nimru. "One day you will understand. But then what about the sublime?"

"Oh, the Eloi", I declared, "Such magnificent beings."[in your epoch you coin, angEL]

"Are they not like your great eagle? Will they not truely feast on you?"

I was taken aback at Nimru's irony. The Eloi were to my experience magnificent, glorious.

I shuddered at the thought of the digested mouse. Nimru had also witnessed the capture of the tiny creature. and he recognized my dilemma.

"Ah, but that mouse is not annihilated," he said. "the small creature has indeed left a powerful record. Tomorrow at sunrise we will visit the mirror of the mouse."

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