Nimru relegated me to a residence, a pueblo, some distance away from the main city.

"Your ethereal self is ramming with force against your Terran self." Nimruth insisted. "This creates an egg of power that extends out. It is necessary to remove you away from the city and the incubators to avoid damage."

And in truth my attempts to ground towards the Terran were only partially successful as I was still journeying out and away.

I made a visit to the Jovian world where I was able to continue discourse with more of the mighty Eloi. These blessed beings had established a portal [at the north pole of what you now call Jupiter]. They lived unhampered existences in the upper layers of the ethers. I likewise traveled to the ringed world to meet there the Transcendental Beings. To my surprise they declared their true origin being from the sun. These Eloi revealed Sol as a world too, but of higher frequency. Of course my sense of curiosity prescribed a hopeful visit to Sol. The ringed-world Eloi declared such a visit possible but unwise. I was simply not ready.

To my confusion I held in my peripheral memory a prior visit to Sol, but it was not clear, and indeed if I had so visited the sun then the journey must have been only in tangent and in a wink.

So back I went to nest in my solitary apartment at the edge of Nim. In truth I was becoming lonely. I expressed my loneliness to Nimru who would visit me often at my outpost.

Nimru instructed me further, "to be with us in this experiment you must establish... a grounding."

"But how?" I asked.

"With you rediscovered attributes to soar away, instead of winging out-there, allow the out-there to visit you." Nimru had with him a bundle which he slowly unwrapped with a certain gleam in his eye. Suddenly revealed was a curious implement.

But then I had no idea what was this object he had gifted to me.

Nimru pointed. "See the great red sentinels that array the top of the mesa....recording time and whispering to us..."

I eyed the trees [what you now call, cedar] and acknowledged that I did indeed hear them sing when the desert winds blew in from the west.

Nimru added, "when one of these Beings passes into the ethereal we gather it's bones to fashion the instrument that you now hold in your hands. Like its corporeal forbearer it too will sing. And this singing brings to us the singing of all that is out beyond."

Left alone for sometime with this gift of the Sentinels, I bumbled and failed, tried again, slowly, until gradually the sounds became bearable...

Eventually with vibrations more settled the young denizens of Nimruth joined in with a wizardry of reeds and the downflow, the merriment, began.

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