And so as you can witness, my poor head is warbling with voices. As I communicate with you in your time I find that I speak through a wee window, now open, but could close quickly and without warning, thus, I will stream my thoughts quickly too.

Your languages are strange to me, seeming narrow, words split into opposites, like the day and the night. Even back in my time, centuries ago, the language had already begun to deteriorate. Uncle explained to me that in more ancient times, all people across the globe could communicate far more directly with a speech, more like song, sounds that all were able to understand. Uncle explained that Earth was washed by great catastrophe, a confusion of languages, a confusion of mind itself. He said the sun came out of its sheath and sent a bolt through the heavens. A "robe if lightning" blanketed the huge sections of the planet including the populated centers in the "cradle" of civilization.

The people tumbled to the ground with actual waves of force pulsating through them. The solar strike endured several days The sun traced a deadly swath across the landscape. The human brain became formatted. All memory vanished, language vanished. Earthlings found themselves rambling in circles, completely lost, not knowing where they were, not recognizing their own kinsmen, not knowing even themselves!

Fortunately not all territories were directly targeted. The cave dwellers, the miners, were spared because the sun rays did not penetrate into the deeper tunnels. Ships at voyage in northern seas were outside the sphere of catastrophe.

Fortunately human instinct prevailed: the people appeared to be like automatons foraging for food and shelter, but legend speaks of transformation, as though the children of earth became more like children of the sun. Somehow many survived. Unexpected things happened. With this erasure of memory, the bad human traits were washed away, animosities ceased, fighting halted--warriors forgot how to fight--tribal conflicts stopped, ancient enemies began to huddle together through the cold of the night.

Eventually the mariners returned to home port to reintroduce the language, imagine, sailors teaching language, and to reintroduce the technology--a difficult task, impossible odds, the human adventure on earth had at least for a generation dramatically changed.