Uncle was teaching me (in the true sense) to levitate. "Select seven women, beautiful women, Goddesses," he instructed.

This was not hard. During my stay with my hermetic Uncle my dreams had been brimming with beautiful women.

"Imagine each Goddess in perfect detail, the first shall be the red woman, the second, yellow, then green, blue, violet and white."

"Just standing there?" I asked.

"Giving you scrolls," he replied.

The next few days were good as I spent each day visualizing a Goddess and reading her scroll. Uncle would not prompt the content of the scrolls. He said it was up to me bring into focus each text. It seemed to work.

At the end of the seventh day Uncle paraded each Goddess before my mind. As the women danced upon my closed eyelids I felt myself sinking into a deep well.

"We will now build your castle, your mystical Keep and your laboratory, this will take several days. Today imagine a place to build it. Pick a land and a landscape."

Uncle reined me in on the construction of this ethereal castle. I would want to leap ahead and have it finished, but under his prompt, he had me lay the foundation, construct the walls stone by stone and furnish each room.Uncle added only two details of his own to this design. In the Castle laboratory he placed a ceiling portal with a shaft of light falling to the floor. "With this device," he explained, you can move things in and out of your workshop. Uncle also placed upon a wall a window or a screen. "From this screen you can look into space and time."

I perched my castle on a high desert mesa, an immense dome with seven minarets representing each of the Goddesses. Inside I build a spiral stone staircase going to a subterranean crystal-studded cavern, my laboratory. From my internal domain I would travel far to other lands, other worlds, even formless realms.

From my lair I would travel even through time.

Like now.