The next coherent memory was my Uncle saying, "so you have discovered the Source. Your journey was a swift one."

Actually he had been nursing my still body for weeks, bringing me back slowly out of oblivion. I try to describe these processes from hindsight now, and from the descriptions of others, because in truth I was not fully attached to my poor body nor my designated time on Terra for many months, alas, even now I am not the same as before my journey, before Semjaza, and likely will never be again. Innocence was sacrificed forever.

It is immensely difficult to speak now about this span of my existence. In fact during a period of many seasons I did not speak at all--I could indeed utter words but it seemed useless. The filter of my earthly brain seemed to misconstrue my internal impressions.

I did eventually amble around, was able to perform directed chores, and would often break out in a wordless song, humming melodies from somewhere like a hollow flute piping in the wind.

All this was most amusing to Uncle Eman, well, almost amusing. I was starting to stir up some unexpected....difficulty.

I would by some instinct wander out to a grove of cedars and there I would sit--sometimes for many hours and days.

The local shepherds had witnessed my soul lights rise into the sky that night of my epic journey. This mystified them. One by one they would venture up to me at my nest in the cedar grove. Soon I had a dozen or so companions around me come to perch like a covey of partridges. They tell me now that I taught them certain things accomplished by writing on slates, as yet no words.

I retain no specific and cohesive recollection what these teachings were--with the exception that some of the epistles consisted of pure symbols, in fact, geometry. Yes, I remember the geometry which I now think must have represented some kind of tether, a mediary which then attached my earthly body to a remote and half-winged logos.

However an unfortunate dilemma arose: the rumors began to spread about the mute Sage in the cedar trees. I began to accumulate disciples.

With that came trouble.