I plunged deeper into material focus as the seasons went by. There were many chores to perform as the children came out of their incubators. I taught them, helped build the city of Nim, worked with agriculture and animal husbandry. I even had to learn battle skills, the most mundane of the warrior craft.

The inhabitants of Nimru did have distinctive features that slightly were different from myself and other long-time Terrans, the most noticeable the shape of the head elongated toward the back of the skull.

"It will take several generations for us to truly blend," Nimru explained one night in the kiva. "The children carry the traits that are stored in the "Form-Maker."

I sat silently, receptively.

Nimru recounted, "you understand that all things in existence have counterpart in the less dense words..."

I indicated that I understood from my own limited experiences.

"Certain patterns can be stored," stated Nimru. "There are devices that by their very substance balance in existence between worlds. In these objects codes can be housed."

"Are you saying that our children here were stored in this object?"

"Actually it is more precise to say, 'their parents'."

I was amazed.

Nimru went on to elaborate. "At the moment of union these ancient parents allowed the signature of their blending to be stored in the Form-maker. We do not totally understand this powerful process initiated by our forbearers, but in my training I have been instructed how to withdraw the necessary codes. Once the codes are extracted they can be directed as waves to intersect and coalesce within the fluids of the incubators.

Nimru gazed deeply into my eyes and to my surprise said, "I think the time has come for you to see for yourself."

He took led me to the perimeter of the kiva and withdrew a stone plug from the wall. Inside was a plain ceramic urn.

I interrupted, "before on the Jade World you asked that I not come near these devices. In fear of contamination."

"Not a dense body contamination," Nimru clarified. "At that time the resonance of your spirit was not in an appropriate adjustment. The delicate codes could have been damaged. But you have been through much since then. Too preserve these ingrained formulas within the energetic field of Terra we will soon have to build a protective pyramid.

Opening the sealed lid he held an immense crystal before me.

"This is the Form-Maker."