"As I entered your city here I saw throngs of young people." I puzzled. "Where are they now? They seem to have vanished?"

Nimru was an Elder and Warrior, older than myself, more experienced. "You came here as an Ethereal," he explained, "and so you saw the others of the same refined substance as yourself."

"Are they then, ghosts? Departed souls?"

"Quite the opposite, they are kindred to myself waiting to be born. Later we will go inspect the incubators and the hatchling children. They are most beautiful. This migration--a great event!"

I thought for a spell and many things began to dawn, including more about my current adventures and perceptions. "Then...I am no longer in the dreamstate?"

"It is necessary that you realize your Terran nature again," he grinned, "well at least partially, we need you." Nirmu dipped a ladle in a ceramic urn and drew water. He poured the water over hot stones. I could see him distinctly although we were below ground in a small circular compound; there was no real illumination.

"This heat will help secure your density," he explained. "You are yet in a transitional condition."

The thought formed with a jolt, those Roman guards inspecting my cell, the empty shackles. I chuckled nervously.

Nimru glanced at me with a look of understanding. "Yes, you are here now with me, not there in your cage."

With the increasing heat from the stones I began to feel more cellular again, to sense pleasure. The darkness came with the steam, but not the fearful midnight of the void, not Semjaza, more of a protective womb, a peaceful mothering.

"Terra is magnificent world, in fact a great composite Being," Nimru stated, "so charged with life in every grain of sand and drop of rain--a great torrent of life, but in some ways difficult for my body, our bodies, to adjust. The jade world in its bleakness is more suited to our life strands. Here we must go through a purge to adapt as a physical entity. In this effort we have failed before."

I acknowledged, "I did see other Blue Stars in my wanderings."

"Yes, we have come before in other Eons, at times in pure exploration, or to escape crises. In the record of time it is known that our worlds were more compatible neighbors. Of course we have always traveled here, like your visit, in dreamstate."

"When I visited you," I whispered, "it seemed most real."

"Oh, it was real," declared Nimru. "Here on Terra in this rich atmosphere, the light will often reveal itself in layers."

I nodded. "The rainbow."

Nimru emphasized. "There are many aspects to our identities."

"I have an identity I would never have imagined," I said, "It is though my body is only a chrysalis. I have no idea why all this is happening to me."

"As we sit here together having shared what we have shared you must now realize that you are not unique."

"Are there many others like we are?

Nimru spoke deeply, "this solid body as well as the winging through time and space, even the entrance into the Void, there is no mystery. This is simply what we do." He inhaled deeply and with metered words added, "yes, there are many like us, many others. In truth all of us. Everyone."