*Earth, Earthlings, Entities and ETs, what are they?


Egypt Air 767 reported missing; U.S. Coast Guard searches waters off Massachusetts

 NEWSHAWK, 10/31/99 1:14:27 PM Pacific Standard Time: Esoteric, ultra-classified technology such as "positron-ray" and particle beam systems are known to be active in this area: at Montauk Point / Brookhaven Labs, at Otis Air Force Base on Cape Cod as well as on Block Island. Control over and access to these highly-advanced weapons systems does not necessarily remain with one group, but has been known to shift and change hands at times. complete report

Pulse Weapons   Pulse Hesitant Gateways HOR  2  3 4  5


 WASHINGTON (AP) - A month ago, the Federal Aviation Administration issued an alert to airline and airport security personnel after agencies received an unconfirmed warning that a bomb would ``soon be used'' on a flight departing from Los Angeles or Kennedy airport in New York.

The alert said the writer said ``three of these devices were smuggled into the United States between 1992 and 1993, and that the devices cannot be detected on a metal detector because of the PVC (plastic) composition.''

The alert was in effect until Oct. 30. EgyptAir Flight 990 departed Los Angeles on Saturday, Oct. 30, and stopped at John F. Kennedy International Airport, bound for Cairo.

EMAIL, 10/31/99 7:16:06 AM Pacific Standard Time: Why was it reported that Egypt Air flight 990 landed at Andrews [Edwards] Airforce Base? Why was this information then so strenuously denied? Who was on this flight? Does this "accident" have anything to do with recent archeological finds at Giza? Or does this have something to do with Montauk? First there was TWA, then Swissair, then JFK Jnr and now Egypt Air -- something fishy is going on!!

Samhain provides the rightful season for chaos and disintegration of both the physical world around us and the unconscious world which dwells within us. By embracing the death of the season and the psychic winter which is upon us, we assure our humanity and the light which will return again in spring. When you hear the high rattling shriek of the Cailleach echoing in the bare trees at night, fear not, all is well, Happy New Year.

TOP SECRET DEMON: Document pulled

Don't wait for your institutions to get it together for you. Common humanity may have to stand elitist management for decade or so until the inevitable happens. The inevitable is human apotheosis for the masses as a direct link between human and God and Goddess, and without ET necessarily consciously involved, and without human institutions moderating. And that scares our hallowed institutions of science and religion, our institutions of commerce and politics, it scares them all half to death. No wonder.




Arrgh, toss a coin in the cap, eh, EH?

A captain bold from Halifax
Once left his captain quarters,
Seduced a maid who hanged herself
One morning in her garters.
His wicked conscience smitted him,
He lost his stomach daily,
He took to drinking turpentine
And thought upon Miss Bailey.
|: Oh! Miss Bailey, unfortunate Miss Bailey! :|

2. One night while sleeping on his ship,
The captain heard a banging,
He left his bed and went on deck,
And saw Miss Bailey hanging.
His timepiece stopped at Midnight
And his candle burned quite palely.
And from the mast a ghost stepped down,
Behold it was Miss Bailey.
|: Oh! Miss Bailey, unfortunate Miss Bailey!:|

3. Away, Miss Bailey, he implored,
You don't affright me, really,
Dear Captain Smith, the ghost replied,
You've used me ungenteely.
The coroner was hard on me,
Because I acted fraily,
The Parson would not bury me,
Though I'm a dead Miss Bailey.
|: Oh! Miss Bailey, unfortunate Miss Bailey! :|

4. You won't believe me when I say,
The captain got soft-hearted.
He gave the ghost a five-pound note,
With which she then departed.
'Twill bribe the sexton for my grave,
And so I leave thee gaily,
Oh bless you, wicked Captain Smith,
For rescuing Miss Bailey.

|: Oh! Miss Bailey, unfortunate Miss Bailey! :|

CHOLULA: More evidence that modern man is a throwback?

EDITOR'S NOTES:  I was shaken by my visit to Cholula in the '60s.  This was my first clue that I had been lied to, that the historian-academic spraketh with forked-tongue.  Staggering are the architectural feats from the mists of time.  Notice the massive Spanish cathedral; however, a wee toy on a cake in comparison to the mega-structure upon which it is perched.



Malta Temples



(no planets in area)

10/28/99 C3

10/30/99 C3

Art Bell: Wednesday Night / Thursday Morning 10/27/1999,

Experienced pilots report massive triangular UFO



10/25/99 M-CLASS FLARE

10/26/99 M-CLASS FLARES (4)

10/27/99 M-CLASS FLARES (2)

Xray Flux   Proton Flux .Electron Flux..Magnetometer .Kp Index  

Aurora:  image one, image two, image three


For the past several months, the Sun has been quite active; but fortunately, due to the heliocentric aspects, the solar flares and ejection’s have been aimed in other directions. That will not be the case by the end of this month. As you know, we are approaching the Sun spot solar maximum, which this time occurs while the Sun is already acting very strangely (unstable),  continue

EMAIL, 10/21/99 6:46:50 AM Pacific Daylight Time: Here's a rather curious SOHO image to ponder. From the Remote Desk of: Col. James B. Ervin  full disk

EMAIL, 10/23/99 9:08:56 AM Pacific Daylight Time: Kento, I checked the time frame that this was taken from and there are no planets that are supposed to appear in this time frame. Tell me what you think. Is this the same Sun Cruiser we have seen time and again?

10/28/99 C3 (no planets in area)

Artist's Remote-view

10/30/099LASCO C1 8:10 UT




Biggest Explosions in the Universe

Bursts made on earth


Tuesday, December 16, 1997 [sic] Published at 15:43 GMT  UK: Wales Houses shake in Welsh quake

Alex Jones, 31, from Felinfach, near Brecon, said he was on the telephone when he heard at rumble lasting a few seconds just after 8pm.  He said: "We live quite near an Army firing range so I thought it was a big gun at first or a low-flying aircraft. But when I spoke to my father who lives nearby he said he thought it was an earthquake. His whole house shook."

[EMAIL, 10/27/99 11:05:51 AM Pacific Daylight Time: Something odd here, the Brecon quake was on Sunday [Oct 24] night, this year, 1999, why have they dated it 16 Dec 1997??? The news item is definitely the text posted for this week..what gives?]

EMAIL, 10/27/99 10:48:01 AM Pacific Daylight Time: Just heard that the Welsh TV news is about to show film of large UFO sightings over Wales - I am in Uni at the moment but Jenni is going to video the news. Will let you know exactly where it was sighted - by description it sounds like the one we saw a few weeks ago over Swansea. So what do you think...Quake = UFO, any EM activity around, ask around for fireballs or flashing lights. I think the time is rapidly coming.

EMAIL, 10/30/99 3:28:28 AM Pacific Daylight Time: Please look at the two locales on this current NEIC map-Chile, on and off shore. This on and off shore location-seen simultaneously- has some definite potential to trigger quakes in Mexico on/off that west coast to as far north as area north of San Francisco CA quakes.It's important to monitor activity in this area. Also possible that activity in Japan and Phillipines general area could occur before or after Chile-exact order is not clear. Would be a constuctive idea to worry less and surround it with some group healing energy.

Magnetic Field Mapped Anew

"A new model is necessary because the magnetic field is constantly changing and the magnetic poles are not stationary," says DSRI director Eigil Friis-Christensen.



27Oct1999 13:24:24.8 29.4N 144.8E 33 mb=5.2 A NOR NORTH PACIFIC OCEAN

27Oct1999 05:05:11.4 79.1N 124.2E 33 MS=4.5 M*GSR EAST OF SEVERNAYA ZEMLYA

27Oct1999 04:09:36.9 23.1S 112.2W 33 MS=5.4 M*GSR EASTER ISLAND REGION

Mount Etna Explodes

"Mt. Etna and Vesuvius signal the major changes!" Edgar Cayce

HOR  2  3 4  5

Hall of Records

And what Rough Beast, Its hour come round at last . . .

Choking smog puts Cairenes in fear

"What is strange is that we have been given no explanations about the nature of this smoke. We demand a plausible explanation," accountant Mohammed Abdel Monayim told the government daily Al-Gumhuriya.

UPDATE: 2012, Comet Lee and Planet birth








WHAT DIDN'T THEY WANT US TO SEE THIS TIME ??? A 1,500-mile flight of the doomed

What's Going on in our Skies?

Rusty's Radar Anomalies

Open Forum Talk Radio - Chuck West, Host




Giant cyclone slams into India's coast; thousands evacuated 2

Saturday October 30, 10:28 PM: FOCUS-India cyclone death toll may reach thousands


EMAIL, 10/29/99 3:04:06 AM Pacific Daylight Time: Kent-Would ask some west coast residents to listen for dolphin unusual or odd activities in local news. Please let me know asap if any occurs


EMAIL, 10/26/99 7:15:45 AM Pacific Daylight Time: I was coming home from Virginia Beach on I95 and as we approached the Washington, DC area I could "FEEL' very weird vibrations coming from that area. As we passed thru they went away. But it was north bound 95 on the DC approach that they were the strongest. I also saw a signpost on the side of the road that said Temple Hill, that was one of the strongest points of the weird feelings and a little farther down 1/2 mile a NASA sign. So the feelings made sense. Just what could they be transmitting from that area? SLEUTHS?.

EMAIL, 10/26/99 7:30:49 PM Pacific Daylight Time: I am writing to respond about the person who was going up I-95 from VA Beach toward Washington D.C., and the weird "vibes".... I work in Washington D.C., and travel to different parts of the country for my job. I also lived in Florida for several years before returning to the D.C. area. I understand about the "vibes"... there does seem to be some kind of energy vortex over or in the Washington, D.C. area.

I have felt it many times flying back into Reagan National Airport and driving up I-95 from different parts of the country. It is almost physical, the feelings get so strong.

Also, we got Pulsed/ringed in Washington, D.C. on Oct 21st. I was outside at the time and saw some type of high-energy "aura" or "field" in the air and around solid objects before and during the time of the pulse. It was very concentrated around objects, like a clear-white "aura". Has anyone else reported seeing the effects of these radar-rings?

I know this e-mail is rather long, but I wanted to tell you too, that you have a fantastic site, and keep up the great work!!

EMAIL, 10/26/99 9:14:40 PM Pacific Daylight Time: So strange you should post about the odd feelings on 95. This past weekend I drove to Richmond. I don't travel that often that far south on 95. I, too, had a very strange feeling as I passed through the Quantico area (I believe). I remember thinking two things. First, that I was reminded that I have had "that feeling" before traveling that route. And the second was that the feeling felt almost like a premonition of utter desolation. Not sure that makes sense. Almost as if something could happen to suck the energy out of that area (if that's possible) maybe like a flood or explosion...

EMAIL, 10/28/99 7:00:51 AM Pacific Daylight Time: I served in the Baltimore-Washington-Annapolis region for 7 years 2 months. This summer we escaped it, relocating back home in the Tennessee Valley. I can verify the negative feelings witnessed in that area and reported to you.

Verifying your reports, in my experience, there is a miasmic, psychic cloud of despair and negativity surrounding the entire area. Driving on the interstate highways in DC and Maryland I sensed its boundaries to be as far south on I-95 as Quantico VA, north of Baltimore on I-95 to White Marsh, and west on I-68 to the Sidling Hill scenic overlook and rest area. continue

EMAIL, 10/26/99 3:05:01 PM Pacific Daylight Time: I've been having the weirdest feeling for the last hour or so, as if something really bad is happening somewhere in the world (worse than usual). Thought I'd check your site to see what's up. Aside from the LA area being on alert, nothing current that you've posted. Anything you've heard about lately?

Email, 10/26/99 8:32:25 PM Pacific Daylight Time: Woke up last week with the theme song (Teothiucan) from the very end of the XFiles movie playing over in my head.

Last Friday, observed two fast military jets flying parallel to each other VERY fast from SE to NW, N. Marin Co. very high. Normally takes commercial jets a few minutes to go overhead, these took less than a minute. Followed by a dull rumble afterwards - sonic boom?

Monday morn had odd thing happen, woke up to go to work, and in the dark I thought I saw a golden glow coming from the floor, like a light from under our house.

Bent over an placed my hand over it, it disappeared like it would if it was coming from a hole in the floor. The it went out. Very odd, the crawl space under our bedroom is only about a foot high, and no holes in the rug that I could find latter.

EMAIL, 10/26/99 6:26:38 PM Pacific Daylight Time: I saw this one while browsing and wondered if that might have been it. I know of a group which used to be in the MD area back in the 60's - 70's and the members of it have since vanished. Circumstances very similar to the legendary "travel cult" in Ong's Hat, NJ. Only this group was using technology FAR in advance of what we are generally exposed to and the effects of it may be bleeding over into this dimension - somewhat similar to the Philadelphia/Phoenix Projects. Bending space-time at the quantum level, stuff like that. Bearden has been more vocal about the psychotronic weaponry used in the Gulf War, lately, and I wonder if he's doing so now for a particular reason. Add all this to the HOR events and the Solar mess and I shouldn't wonder that I "feel" weird. I'd just like to know some details . . .

"And the stars of heaven fell unto the earth."

"And the stars of heaven fell unto the earth, even as a fig tree casteth her untimely figs, when she is shaken of a mighty wind." (Revelation 6:13)

The above verse from John's Book of Revelation could *possibly* be found as a warning sign in a celestial event which occurred on November 17, 1998 and will occur again this November - the Leonid Meteor Storm. continue

EMAIL, 10/30/99 9:16:11 AM Pacific Daylight Time: According to the new Sky and Telescope Newsletter of Oct. 29, we may be headed for a new meteor shower never seen before. Around Nov 11 the Earth could pass through a debris trail left by Comet Linear. This set off a warning bell in my head. Isn't that one of the dates that Richard Hoagland said that 3 large meteors would hit? Could this have something to do with the predictions?

National Defense investigates Fort Resolution sightings

Northern Lights, atmospheric irregularities, drug use and over-active imaginations have often been used to justify - and dismiss - paranormal phenomena. But how do you explain mysterious lights seen by as many as 50 people in one community? One of the onlookers even videotaped the sighting. That's what happened last week in Fort Resolution. An unidentified flying object (UFO) with blue, green and white lights was spotted hovering for almost an hour by about 50 individuals. The spectacle was so intriguing, the North's top military commander, Col. Pierre Leblanc, travelled to the South Slave community Wednesday night with two military investigators. He said the investigation was pretty straightforward. They simply flew over the area of the sighting and interviewed eye-witnesses. They didn't return to headquarters empty-handed. They obtained a copy of the videotape, which will be forwarded to Defense officials in North Bay, Ont., for further study. Leblanc said information from other sources, such as land and sea radar, will be collated and compared to his findings. continue





  Lake Steadman and other things in its vicinity



Seven Faces, Seven Races? Viking/MGS Comparison The 'Mesa and 'Comb' Crater and Viking Face



Want to get in the mood for ultra-haunt?  Want to get REALLY scared?  Listen to this: Jeff Rense interview with Al Cuppet: Former JCS Officer On NWO Takeover. October 24

Miesha Johnston Reptilians

EMAIL, 10/22/99 2:57:03 AM Pacific Daylight Time: David Icke: NWO, Reptilians And World On The Edge LIVE from South Africa: Surprise Guest: A man from Africa has some very interesting things to say about African traditions regarding the aliens.