By John C. Rice, October 11, 1999

I was fairly happy with my prediction of high solar activity for this past July 28, 1999. It also coincided with Comet Lee activity. Recently, each time something dramatic occurs, it is accompanied by a number of events in synchronicity. It’s almost as if the Universe was telling everyone to wakeup. I also said that I did not think August 11 would be that severe (solar effects), which it wasn’t.

I use both geocentric and heliocentric astrological charts. Incidentally, the Nelson RCA reprints can be found on the "" web site. In general, a heliocentric chart shows what the solar and space weather situation will be; that is, sun spots and solar flares. However, if humanity is going to be effected, then events must also show in the geocentric chart. Severe weather usually shows as zero, ninety, or 180 degree aspects to Sun, Venus, Mercury, and/or Mars from one of the major planets. I use New and Full Moon charts as a starting place, since the Sun and Moon are already conjunct or in opposition.

For the past several months, the Sun has been quite active; but fortunately, due to the heliocentric aspects, the solar flares and ejection’s have been aimed in other directions. That will not be the case by the end of this month. As you know, we are approaching the Sun spot solar maximum, which this time occurs while the Sun is already acting very strangely (unstable).

My predicted dates (on-or-about) of major solar activity that will impact the Earth are:

October 24, 1999, Full Moon. Heliocentrically, the Earth is conjunct Jupiter, at ninety degrees to Neptune. There are other aspects that trigger solar activity as well. Also, expect late hurricanes.

November 7, 1999, New Moon. Heliocentrically, the Earth is conjunct Saturn, at ninety degrees to Uranus. Again there are more aspects.

By the November 23, 1999, Full Moon, the solar effects on the Earth will have calmed down, but expect some severe weather.

Whether either of the first two dates is Major Ed Dames "kill shot" (which he has postponed until 2001), is anybody’s guess. When it does occur, the atmosphere will be so electrically charged that effects will be audible. That is the reason why people will be looking up. Daily more evidence is coming to science about the coupling of the Sun and solar effects, to Earth weather. It seems to me that there is also an electro-dynamic link to earthquakes. Earthquakes are difficult to predict, and seem to lag the predictor by a week, to months. Stress lines seem to be setup, and then triggered later. I mention this, because the two dates above will add tons of particles to the earth system, which will drag the rotation, and will produce earthquakes soon thereafter due to plate inertial movements.

Looking at the situation for January 1, 2000 and the "Y2K bug," I do not expect other than minor problems.

Incidentally, the May 3, 2000 heliocentric chart does not look that bad. Geocentrically, there are a group of planets clustered in a small sector of the sky. But Heliocentrically, they are all on the other side of the Sun from the Earth. While there may well be Earth weather (and other) problems, I do not see this as a solar peak that effects the Earth.

Copyright © John C. Rice, 1999.