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Above enhancements by Kent

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Kent Steadman

10/31/99 12:52:45 PM Pacific Standard Time:

Kent, I am catching up on mail, I have no idea where these plates are from, etc. Did not have time to follow that thread.

However, was struck most by the seven sided (pointed) plate. As in principles of mapmaking, the idea is to work from big to small, and that the initial keys would be big. The real science, physics of spirit that operates in all reality systems, divides energy into 12 or 12 plus one 'elements' and seven basic compounds of these energies. (19, as the 19 core 'angles' i.e. 'angels' of the third sutra of the Holy Koran). In the cabala the ten seperoth are of three different types.

Tiphereth, the central ball, solar/soul is one category. Physical reality (same map works from other realities) is expressed as Malkuth with the energy coming to it, Kether as the energy having passed through and 'raw' again'. The seven left are the seven compounds, four of six elements, and three of four elements. This has been so cleverly hidden in 3D, that it has never been seen until Pavlita, (in modern 'scientific' times).

There is also indication of a 'entity/person/figure' with a 'head' at top.

At first blush, this is the 'overall' statement which would be key as you translate from big to small.

There is now absolutely no doubt in my mind that he crop circles are talking about the 'new'/'Pavlita'/'universal' geometry. They continue to go from basic to complex and back to basic again.

Where are these plates from?

Will post to Starfriends as well.


Norfolk, Virginia