Earth forces? Sun forces? Explanations?  Doesn't matter, Terra just got creamed   Weird GOES

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First - I have been following your site for over 12 months now so am familiar with what the agendas are - I have not contacted you before as I was awaiting confirmation from a number of sources which are HIGHLY relevant and may answer a few questions recently posed. Second - keep it up you are doing a great job and I can tell you, your pages are followed by many, including some you may wish not to get involved with!

1. Anomalous weather patterns, earthquakes and solar system effects caused by Comet Lee, fireballs and evacuations. A. Combination of events that are being prepared from subterranean research centres - involves more than one or two races!

2.Comet Lee: a tomb or chamber at Giza has to be opened by 21st/22nd Sept before full electro magnetic effects take place beneath surface of Giza - there is a working machine there tied up with MONOLITHS on the MOON - they are RELAY devices - see my web site.

3. In this ‘Tomb’ in suspended animation, is a member of one of our original race here on earth - of reptilian race. The rest of us are but a genetic experiment carried out millions of years ago by the Pleiadians, along with their followers the Chaldeans. These are our nearest relatives and are here to make sure we open tomb on time.

4. THE MOON AND RECENT SHADOWS SEEN ACROSS SURFACE: attempts to displace matter and move moon back into orbit by Pleiadians - not sure if they were successful, in order that soul energy transfer machine will function.

5. All that is going on at the moment is wrapped up in electro magnetic activity.

6.  After September expect FULL DISCLOSURE from our genetic forefathers - sightings on increase already due to a ‘window’ opened.

The latest data on your web site has now finally found the truth, re: ALGOLS - yes the full effects of Lee, as we have stated will be from 22nd to 26th - September So chamber opening has to be by 21st - they are only on the second level!!! I do not think they will do it.

After 26th, Lee’s electro magnetic effects will have done their dirty deed - prophecy WILL occur, and people will see for themselves.]  ...if we can get the ancient crystal aligned under the plateau, this may help - BUT our agencies are not listening....

We will wait and see what transpires - keep an eye on the activities on the moon (or rather under the surface of it) NASA has been following the activities, but are at a loss as to what is going on.

1. Reptilians may be able to access soul machine.

2. There WILL be a resurrection in the coming few days - Esau and his 400 have been out in front waiting for this time- he has returned to regain what is his from his ‘brother’ -read relevant section on my web page.

3. What happens to souls? I am waiting confirmation of that one. Will Pleiadians step in--after all it is their original genetic experiment.

All this may seem far-fetched, but you have been following all the anomalous weather reports, emlf, HAARP, evacs, sightings in eclipse etc etc, - it is all heading for one purpose - and that purpose is the revival of what the prophecy calls the ‘King’ a claimant who long ago was placed in stasis.

Keep in touch, it is a matter of IMPACT now not CONTACT!!

Have already seen Chaldean guards in Maadi tunnel entrance near Cairo - big mothers, the Pleiadian henchmen.

We have the ‘code’ to enter.

1.One has to enter access tunnel barefoot - sensitive to vibrations.

2. The whole area is supported by columns in suspension, they give to avoid damage by earthquakes etc, seem to be held by some advanced force field.

3. There are ethereal guards, (Chaldeans etc) who one should be aware of, they will only permit positive-like minded people in - only three allowed, ANON is one of them, ANON may be another, possibly ANON the third.

4. Inside are large screens like videos for want of a better word, these depict past, present and future images, reflections of our souls.

PENDING: 9/24/99 10:31:05 AM Pacific Daylight Time: will be back online tomorrow . . . have given permission for me to release into public domain the description of what to expect in the Hall of Records and chambers on way in - but will it be too late to enter now - will have to wait and see. Will write up tonight and download onto site tomorrow.

EDITOR'S NOTE: 9/25/99 7:06 AM PST: For another take, I went to a reliable sleuth. He knows the teams and designations of the teams--declared the HOR was in fact RECENTLY entered by an well-trained party of physical-acquisition specialists barged John-Wayne-style right on into the upper tiers of the HOR (under the Sphinx, ancient command-post, the headdress actually an antenna-array--not the Causeway). IRONY! This team (designated by some, the Firm, survived to verify the existence of the ancient implements. The HOR technology is ACTIVATING ITSELF bigtime, as well as all the other sister-devices around the world. Chaldean guards, possible Annunaki, ethereal, are coming out of stasis and and have been seen near the entrances. Ultra-Beings that have been below Giza through the ages are on the move. Planet-X reported nearby and cloaked, and awesome energy is being DRAWN to the earth through the sun-moon (monolithic)-earth relays. Watch the moon, has been reported to have been, certain regions, unusually aglow. Soon the Cheops capstone will arise from WITHIN. Dr. H. is shaking at his core, muttering about the return (and implied revenge) of Ra! Dr. F. (NASA ) is at Giza now preparing with others to enter, not realizing perhaps that his designated crew has been upstaged by a few days. WHAT A TALE! THE TALE OF ALL TALES!  Hope I'm getting it right--feel like I'm in a meatloaf sandwich here, and I'm the ground-up-hamburger (if this scenario all oozes to goo, I will try the online stock-market. Can't lose there, eh?)

If *Intelligence from the Plateau is accurate, the HOR is indeed firing up, perhaps the entire earth-grid, and human-buccaneers, worthy or not, were seemingly down there to do their part on time. All great events seem to do a dogleg-left. It figures!

UPDATE, 9/25/99, 1:08 PM PST: word just came in that the advance team has penetrated to great depth below the Plateau and have confronted the Chaldean guards.

UPDATE: 9/26/99 3:00 AM PST: Additional Intel concerning advanced teams, that they did in fact penetrate deeply, down many levels, made "contact with Chadean-beings" witnessed many archane wonders.  I would hope that these wild buccaneers provide additional information.  This is the place to do it, and from what I have been told the "contacted-source-entities" made favorable mention as well. So cough it up, buckos, the world awaits. Secrecy sucks.

EMAIL, 9/25/99 7:49:14 AM Pacific Daylight Time: EXACTLY - trust the 'firm' to breach as normal! There are ways and methods - this probably will not alter the task that ANON has to undertake, even more so now. The very physical nature of the entry may have altered and stirred/fired up events which we may all be witnessing soon. Don't forget, this is' only' the HOR - there is THE chamber (soul machine) to access and the tombs - resurrection of three tombs. Perhaps this event, if true, will ignite after shocks - So where were Chaldeans? X forces would not have gotten through that easily - is this a trap?  Wait for it, I think there is more to come - it is not all over until the fat lady sings (Pleiadians etc).

IMPORTANT RELEASE, 9/25/99 9:32:54 AM Pacific Daylight Time: Time to step in , (if Intel ) is correct. Kent can place on his site "if he wishes" my name [contact: James Michael WilkieAMBILAC] with request that they contact me when they are ready...before it is too late...after a point there is absolutely nothing I will be able to do.

For over 20 years, Mr. Wilkie has worked towards understanding secrets contained in the pyramids at Giza. Through his research and his many travels, he discovered that there were many sources that appeared to be pointing him in a specific direction. It was then through meticulous research that he was able to correlate and analyze these numerous sources of information that brought him to his present conclusions that are presented herein.



Was cleaning up my piles of paper here earlier today and came across an email to you dated June 23, 99, with some prophecy type visions I sent to you, Krsanna and Lilith. "The sphinx is being prepared for something, and this is being done with humans working there as well as alien involvement. They are gonna use it for something or show us something." How's that, to come across that today? Others too, all happened now. The grid is activated....expect "travellers". Many hands, one voice.

The Grid is awakening
SLEUTHS: ASSISTANCE NEEDED.  We need recon, seismic, sat, radar, eyewitness of the following  areas: Giza, Stonehenge, Easter Island, New Zealand, Azores, Tihuanaco, Titicaca, Tibet, Chichén Itzá Hawaii: Big Island, Maui

EMAIL, 9/25/99 10:04:14 AM Pacific Daylight Time: Maybe your sleuth is correct. Check this MET IR Sat shot! Can't even view that area of the world from NRL or UNISYS.

EMAIL, 9/26/99 12:17:16 AM Pacific Daylight Time: Contact from Oahu-if needed will assist and relay info increased seismic activity on Hawaii - vents reopening and new flows expected. best regards and aloha

EMAIL. 9/25/99 10:10:59 PM Pacific Daylight Time: THOUGHT YOU BETTER SEE THIS

(dark line over N. Africa in detail from 9/25/99 6:15 EDT WEATHER CHANNEL SAT)

EMAIL, 9/25/99 8:35:12 PM Pacific Daylight TimeYou asked for sleuths on any radar, sat, etc. You might find this site interesting as it shows the weather over Egypt in several different settings and closeups. The site also includes an archive of many interesting anomolies over that area.

EMAIL, 9/26/99 7:54:10 AM Pacific Daylight Time: We had a very bizarre electrical Storm yesterday in Perth-Fremantle around sunset - from 5.30pm to about 8.00pm - with the sky turning dark red-black and multiple lightning strikes along the same path errupting all over town at the same time. Some vertical, some horizontal, multiple zaps upto 10 per go errupted simultaneously at many different centres. The horrizontal ones crossed huge lengths of the sky many times going back and forth and then - almost as an afterthought zapped an extra feeler out to hit the Darling Ranges to our east. Clouds glowed with aerial plasmas - it was crazy, dangerous, exotic, overbearing, & very spiritual. The entire scene was like the scene in Ghostbusters when the "Devil" returned through the New York"Gate". Only minor thunder noise but boy was the air heavy heavy. Never seen anything like it - totally un-forecast by weather bureau. Everyone is talking about it.

It could be relevant since according to popular belief Perth was a great spiritual centre in a bygone age?

Apart from the East Timor scenario it has been the only really anomalous energy thing that I am aware of down here !!!

Other news from South Africa is that it too is now suffering a full blown "flu" epidemic with hospitals busting at seams, many deaths, large number full blown poor respiratory cases etc. Just like UK, USA, and recently OZ. Have no data yet on if they had chemtrail spraying?  Sleuths?


9/26/99 shock



EMAIL, 9/24/99 1:01:26 PM Pacific Daylight Time: Check out this frame from the C2 image movie this morning... It looks as though something may have caused a plasma arc from the two streamers on the left in the image to something unseen in the image frame. (New Millennium)

EMAIL, 9/24/99 1:11:41 PM Pacific Daylight Time: Sept 22, 1999 we saw a big "magnetic" hit on Earth. It is interesting that day in the Quiche Maya daycount was longcount and it started a NEW cycle of the 260 kin. 9/22/99 was Kin 1 known also as "Hun Imox" -or- "1 Imix".  The Imix glyph is also called Dragon and carries the energy of Birth.

There is a book out called "5/5/2000" which talks about planetary allignemnt occuring in this time period. May 5, 2000 will be in the 260 cycle started on Sept. 22, 1999. 5/5/2000 in the Quiche longcount is and is kin 227 known also as "Wakib' Kiej" -or- "6 Man'Ik". The Man'ik mayan glyph looks like a Hand and is also called "Blue Hand". Normally this glyph has a Solar Disc also incorporated into it. This "Hand" glyph carries the energy of Accomplishment and it also relates to planet Earth. ...hmmmmmm.... Blue Star

The 260 cycle began on Sept. 22, 1999 will end on June 7, 2000 on longcount with kin 260 known also as "Ox Lajuj Ajpuu" -or- "13 Ahau". The Ahua glyph is also called Sun and carries the energy of Enlightenment.

June 2, 3, 1998 ... two objects hit the Sun

July 16-22, 1994 ... Shoemaker-Levy 9 hit Jupiter

EMAIL, 9/24/99 12:39:08 PM Pacific Daylight Time: My wife and I live in Myrtle Beach SC. This morning on her way into work (she drives torwards the sun rise) my wife saw a rainbow that was just a shaft of color from the sky to the ground. She said it was just to the left of the sunrise and appeared to be coming out of a cloud. This would have been at 7:52AM and was so bright you could not miss it. She watched it all the way to work and it was still there as he entered the building. You know what the say "watch the skys for the signs will be there."

GUESTBOOK, 9/24/99 10:01:28 PM Pacific Daylight Time: This is to express my deepest appreciation to Kent Steadman for his continual, tireless effort to bring out some vital information which the so-called "regular" news media neglect to report. I hope that through this and other sites, that the people would come to know more about what is truly going on in this world, filled with the unexplained and filled with "cover-ups" of all types.-from Norio Hayakawa


WASHINGTON -- Astronomers worldwide are tracking down a mysterious and unusual burst of energy that exploded like a flash bulb in the sky last week, lingered several hours and disappeared.

9/25/99 10:31:51 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Dear Colleagues,

The following info sugests we were correct to question aspects of the northern New Guinea tsunami? It at least demonstrates that weapons to induce tsunamis have been in existance since at least 1945

Regards, Harry Mason

Published in the todays West Australian "Sunday Times" (26-September 1999 - in the World on Sunday section page 32 - no author given).


WELLINGTON: Top-secret war time experiments were conducted off the New Zealand coast to perfect a tidal-wave bomb believed to be potentially as effective as the atom bomb.

An Australian professor at Auckland University, Thomas Leech set off a series of underwater explosions triggering mini-tidal waves at Whangaparaoa just north of Auckland, in 1944 and 1945, the New Zealand Herald reported yesterday.

Professor Leech's work was considered so significant that US defence chiefs said if the project had been completed before the end of the war it could have played a role as effective as that of the atom bomb.

Details of the tsunami bomb, known as Project Seal, are contained in 53 year old top-secret documents released by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Prof Leech died in 1973.  Additional detail

9/23/99 1:00:38 AM Pacific Daylight Time

I've got another capture for the latest Interplanetary Shockwave to arrive at Earth caused by a recent CME from the Sun. There was a 8 nT pulse that NOAA recorded, too. It shows up on the captured output from the Fluxgate Magnetometer.


Also, the two other MAG/ANO Graphs are completed and available here:



I didn't have enough time to complete the Solar Flare data yet. But, I expect to have it ready within 24 hours for the past two days.

Frank Condon


9/25/99 12:17:19 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Here is the first of at least three graphs that should be completed within 24 hours. It takes an enormous amount of time to completely annotate them so that it's clear enough to see the relationships that I'm bringing forth between the Sun, Moon and the Earth's Geomagnetic Field. Most notable is the ULF Burst prior to some of the most powerful Aftershocks (M6+) in Taiwan! Also, take note of the Color-Coded Magnitude scale that corresponds to what the USGS is reporting on their Worldwide Current Events page. So, M<4.0 is equal to Orange. M<5.0 is equal to Yellow, M<6.0 is equal to Green, M<7.0 is equal to Blue and M<8.0 is equal to Magenta. I plan to simplify this to just the categories Light, Moderate, Major, and Great on the next series of graphs and place it into a legend. Next, I plan to examine that portion of the spectrum where those ULF Bursts occurred for a deeper understanding. I will forward the results to you when it's been completed.


Frank Condon


NASA Says Mars Orbiter Lost In Space




What's Going on in our Skies?

Open Forum Talk Radio - Chuck West, Host .











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