We Are the Night Watchmen

Date: 4/8/03 6:40:32 AM Pacific Daylight Time

The following is a list of updated coordinates for locating PX as it makes it's final approach:

Apr 07, 2003 - RA: 04:07:57.0 Dec: +11°09'47.0"

Apr 16, 2003 - RA: 04:07:52.0 Dec: +10°14'12.0"

Apr 21, 2003 - RA: 04:07:46.0 Dec: +08°06'56.0"

Apr 30, 2003 - RA: 04:06:51.0 Dec: +03°57'12.0"

May 04, 2003 - RA: 04:05:44.0 Dec: +02°58'55.0"

May 09, 2003 - RA: 04:04:35.0 Dec: +00°46'41.0"

May 15, 2003 - RA: 04:03:52.0 Dec: -07°27'06.0"

Here is a diagram of how these PX coordinates appear when plotted against the early evening sky.

If you tilt this diagram 45 degrees to the right it will better approximate the current orientation of these stars in relation to the western horizon.

On April 6th the crescent moon should appear just above and to the right of Aldebaran, which may diminish viewing conditions somewhat.

Toward the end of April this area of the sky will become increasingly washed out by the sunset as the Sun enters the constellation Taurus.

Note: If you cannot spot PX with a good telescope or pair of binoculars by April 10th (on a clear dark night), chances are you can disregard the remainder of these coordinates and limit your worrying to man-made catastrophes.