We Are the Night Watchmen

8/16/2002 9:25 PM

Planet-X Update

Personal Probability Rating: 76% (and climbing)

ETA: 9 months (270 days)

Current Distance: 20 billion miles (approx.) near height of acceleration curve

Probable Location: RA 04:21:14 Dec +11:54:03 (approx.)

Current Visibility: extremely limited by sunlight, between 4:00am and sunrise.

News items of note:

- Recent gravitational field changes

- Recent abnormal sun activity

- New NASA probe missing after launch

- Shuttle fleet grounding extended due to bad crawler bearings

- More Florida blackwater released (yet analysis still not released... Bushes sure love secrets)

- Government bunkers reported stocking up on addition food supplies

- "US Government´s" behavior increasingly DESPERATE

- FEMA preparing for urban evacs and c-camp activations

- Sudden uptick in global eco-disasters, (nature´s hints where not to be come May?)

- Glacier and sea-ice melt rate doubled and occuring from BELOW.

- El~Nino prematurely expected again (sea-floor warming?)

- New eruptions in New Guinea and Japan, Vesuvius closely monitored

- News "focus distraction story" coverage on the increase, (child abductions, trapped miners, twin separation, etc.)

- Global record temperatures increasing

- NEO sightings on the increase

- UFO sightings dramtically increasing?

- "Apparent" time drift, (track the moon relative to Earth´s spin)

Keep watch.