Date: 10/18/02 10:16:18 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Is the following Egyptian myth an ancient depiction of Planet-X's passage?

Deep in the waters of Nun (space?) there lived the greatest of Ra's enemies, Apep or Apophis, a  gigantic serpent (Planet-X and it's snake-like dust trail). As the golden barque (Sun) sailed overhead the serpent would rise up (from the horizon), attempting to destroy (eclipse) the god,  only to be cast down again into the abyss (of space), defeated by power of the gods (gravity). The battle between the gods and Apep was unceasing (cyclical).

Sunrise May 15, 2003?

Could the thinly back-lit, illuminated red crescent of Planet-X be what the ancients believed to be the solar boat or barque of the gods (inhabitants of Niberu) on which the Niberuians crossed the deep "sea" of space (Nun), as the concept of a large spherical planet was beyond their comprehension?

Is this why the ancients usually depicted their "gods" standing on a horizontal crescent?