We Are the Night Watchmen

11/20/02 12:36:36 PM Pacific Standard Time

At a present distance of approx. 17.4 billion miles and closing fast now,
PX is beginning to grow in magnitude and size as shown at:
http://www.zetatalk.com/teams/tteam342.htm   This pushes my personal
probability meter up one notch to 90%.

By Jan 7, 2003 PX is predicted to close to a distance of approx. 14.3
billion miles.

On or near December 4, 2002 Earth will pass between the Sun and PX, placing
PX nearest our midnight zenith.   For those with extremely high-power
telescopes, photographing PX at this time will provide the most accurate
plotting of it's actual position in relation to the background starfield,
as Earth will be the most closely aligned with PX's inbound path at that
time and not horizontally displaced due to the 1 AU radius of Earth's

We are now less than 180 days from the predicted time of the passover


Subj: ELFRAD activity on the rise?

Date: 11/20/02 1:59:56 PM Pacific Standard Time


The background noise of this planet appears to be getting quite excited about something lately?

Wonder what it is?


Also note the increase in Delta-frequency activity. What affect will that have on us all?

During one particularly large, off-the-scale spike two days ago, everything went a little "swimmy" on me for about 5 secs. I also felt really out-of-it or sedated after that.

I suspect whatever is coming is coming soon