We Are the Night Watchmen

12/3/02 8:00:44 PM Pacific Standard Time

December 3, 2002:

Earth just crossed PX's inbound path as projected upon the elliptical plane, which means we may be getting down to the wire of the final 6 month lead up to the big event.   PX will be passing directly below where our southern pole is currently pointed on approximately May 5th of next year at a velocity of approx. 553,571 mph.  It will pass roughly below the sun on  May 13th, intersecting the solar ecliptic on May 16 and passing above our orbital plane 180 degrees opposite today's current position around May 19th, thus crossing our bow only 15 days travel or 23.9 million miles ahead of us.  Just as Mother Shipton had predicted; "For seven days and seven nights, Man shall watch this awesome sight", as it will take approx. 7 days for PX to travel the distance between the Sun and the Earth's orbital plane.  At it's closest approach PX will pass approximately 42 million miles from the Earth.  However, it's "Dragon's Tail" (now visible through high-powered telescopes) may end up MUCH closer, smattering us with meteors, hydrocarbons and dust.   We should consider ourselves lucky, poor planet Mercury will be luck to survive when PX passes just 8 - 10 million miles below it's southern pole.  Hopefully it won't get crushed by any of PX's moons and sucked into PX's gravitational wake.  That could make for a very severe case of Mercury poisoning for all of us.

The following diagram illustrates the approximate position of the planets and PX on May 16, 2003, and is drawn to scale.  On the weekend of the 17th, the Passover party may get a little out of hand and things could get a little topsy-turvy as a result.

But wait, there's more!  There will also be a spectacular lunar eclipse to help kick Passover 2003 into high gear on May 16th, followed by an annular eclipse on May 31st for the grand finale, however it may not end up in northern Scotland as was expected.   The clansmen shouldn't feel too cheated though, as it will likely be obscured from view for just about everybody by thick volcanic ash and condensed atmospheric moisture.   Here is a picture of how the Sun, Earth, Moon and PX will all line up along the ecliptic in May 2003  for those who may miss out on it.

Interestingly, it was Mother Shipton's prophesies  that convinced me "something" was going to happen shortly after the turn of the century.  But what did she mean by a "Dragon's Tail"? [http://www.dreamscape.com/morgana/helene.htm]  At first I suspected it referred to a mini-nova or an intense solar explosion never before witnessed.  But you wouldn't necessary see these coming for seven days and nights.  Close, but it didn't quite fit perfectly.   So I kept looking.  When I first came across www.zetatalk.com, I gave the PX theory a probability rating of 5%.  With the recent discovery that it's rate of passage in fact matches what Shipton predicted, and the sighting of PX's tail, my PX probability rating is now riding at 93%.

Keepin' The Watch!  
(Even if appears to be gaining time)