Stomping that wascally wabbit!

A Cosmic Outrage NASA's Baffling but Deliberate Self-Sabotage

Their overarching mission is NOT "to seek out new life and new civilizations" no matter how much we may yearn for it to be. More  GLP

We might investigate the agenda of Jesuit astronomers, dogging around everywhere in mainstream astronomy, but sworn by oath to protect medieval dogma--Kent

Was something snared?

The question remains, what does religion have to do with science? Science should be our eyes and ears toward the actual reality unfiltered through old moldy preconceptions of god or the devil, the Pope or Peter Pan. If we find life on other worlds, what, must we first check with the priests, shamans or gurus to see if it´s okay? Example, Corbally the scientist wrestles with the ET/dogma issues and the fact that he does suggest a taint.--Kent

Aquinas on Intelligent Extra-Terrestrial Life


Falling object lights up sky in eastern U.S.


Date: 2/19/04 6:08:17 PM Pacific Standard Time


NASA release a colorized image from Spirt today. Guess what. The little rock's color come pretty close to the colors I got on that pictures I sent you

Date: 2/15/04 4:11:25 PM Pacific Standard Time

Hey Kent remember me, I sent you that photo that you currently have at the top of your page. I've been pondering these little round balls more. They seem to be the same size, shape and color of these found in South Africa: The Grooved Spheres.

Date: 2/9/04 1:03:38 AM Pacific Standard Time


Kent,  I have a colorized version of the "round things on the rocks" that is [was] at the top of your page. The round things are a beautiful blue-green color. I combined the raw L4, L5, and L6 images from Nasa's site as per this website  
These little blue balls are everywhere. It's very awe inspiring. I can't help but think they came from some type of electric arc spray. Ever watch an arc welder and all the sparks that fly? The little sparks cool while in flight into little spheres. I tend to think that Valles Marineris was formed by an electrical interaction with another planetary body, thus the ancient myths of gods throwing lightning bolts and scarring the face of Mars. Valles Marineris is very close to the area that Opportunity landed at.

Check here

Here are some pics that show the calibration is very close. Look at the flag on rgb16.jpg, almost perfect. Look at rgb5.jpg very nice on the edges. All of the pictures here were processed the same and were not altered in any way


Frame animation

Holger Isenberg  PanCam color images from Spirit and Opportunity Mars Exploration Rovers  GLP

Diverse Ideas

How the Red Planet Came Down With the Pink Blues "We just made a mistake," said Dr. James F. Bell III, the lead scientist for the camera. "It's really just a mess-up."

How To Make Your Own Color Images Of Mars  Is The Mars Rover Cam Life-Blind?  The Mars Rover Cam Cannot See Blue-Green Algae  What is up at JPL?  The REAL NASA You Don't See...

IN DEBATE:  Real color of Mars round things, and other pics Reality Check: Spheres on Mars Not Fossils

Date: 2/15/04 12:57:07 PM Pacific Standard Time

Alien egg; or spheroids of frozen CO2? Whatever they are; they're everywhere.

[RIGHT] Another Puzzle On the Martian Soil [filaments] GLP

[MARSHROOMS? Maybe carbon-based life forms are a rarity...

We all know there be no such carb-beasties in Silicon Valley]


Date: 2/19/04 10:35:12 PM Pacific Standard Time

Meanwhile Opportunity's twin rover, Spirit, is about to dig a trench of its own in order to investigate soil that sticks to its wheels, suggesting the fine-grained material might be moist."

Sounds like mud to meeee...


Interactive Mars  President's Commission on Moon, Mars and Beyond

Astronomers Spy 10 Billion Trillion Trillion-Carat Diamond

I think in one of the 2001 sequels Clarke made the space elevator from carbon left over when Jupiter went nova and turned into a star called Lucifer. This chain reaction was caused by the monoliths. If I remember, his theory was that Jupiter's core was a huge diamond. When Jupiter turned into a star, massive chunks of the diamond core blew out and were scattered all over the solar system.

Experts studying photos of object seen flying near ISS  STS-92 A Very Strange Hour

Mysterious Object Caught On Video Over Kansas City Sky

Scientists have been giving details of the Huygens space probe, which is due to land on Saturn's moon Titan in just under a year's time.

Hubble telescope's future

Chinese Scientists to Head for Suspected ET Relics ARCHIVES: Qinghai Ruins GLP

ANCIENT SAGA: This first ship landed in a lush, fertile area we now call Egypt. The people began to bring back all the knowledge and life styles they had known from the past. The ship was taken and placed in a great vault, and a marker built over it, so that when the other clans arrived they would know where they were. Over the course of the last 10,000 years, The Bluestars have landed in China, Mexico, England and most recently, America...

NAREE PONS: the wee Thai pod Elves

THE MAY COMETS 2  Earth Changes: Q4 and the Ham radio intercept

Comet C/2002 T7

Comet C/2001 Q4



Magnitude 6.5 - BERING SEA 2004 February 6 21:02:08 UTC  2


EICMP and TECStorms





Strange fire in Italy evidence of Scalar?   Scalar Interferometers   Kite-Acheson hypothesis

Date: 2/13/04 8:30:10 PM Pacific Standard Time

My cell phone won't work... not one of my contacts work, and it feels downright SCARY outside! Shortwave reception's in the toilet for two days, yet NOAA shows nothing out of the ordinary! WTF, Kent?   SLEUTHS?

Date: 2/17/04 9:11:04 PM Pacific Standard Time

Hey Kent,

I dont know if this is related or not but I find it intriguing. I live in Louisville, KY. Two days ago we were covered up with chemtrails. The air became really dry. The static electricity is unbelievable. I've had to quit wearing anything made of nylon or polypropylene, but even cotton clothing is effected. Everything was shocking me including the water running from the tap. I had trouble breathing and a bloody discharge when I blew my nose. This is not the first time this has occured and it always happens after the spraying. Last week a day or so after a snow storm I went out to get firewood. The spotlight came on and I notice what looked like snow falling even though the sky was clear, but the "snow" was extremely reflective. Some of the particles clung to my jacket. I examined them after going inside. They did not melt, were smaller than a pinhead, rectangular shaped and irridescent. Seems there is a connection between chemtrails and haarp eh? Let me know what you think

Construction of a giant underground base in western Colorado 2 has locals and visitors wondering just what the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is up to. According to researcher Rose King, "There is a new tunnel that has been under construction for about two years now. It is located on the east side of the San Juan mountain range just west of South Fork, Colorado (population 604) on Highway 160

Welcome to Humboldt County, Papers, Please No; You're Under Arrest

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