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Wow, P., Thanks for the whole story. Winnemucca is just an hour or so away from here.
When I first heard of the Winnemucca SHERRIF'S Department ID'ing a man with out cause I wrote letters to the Editor to all there local papers AND sent emails to all Winnemucca's Judges, Law Officials and city & County Offices. I wonder if I can find those emails....
I defended our constitutional rights as Americans to not have to show 'OUR PAPERS' to law officers on command when no crime had been commited. IT WAS SUCH A GREAT LETTER that the Winnemucca Police personally called me to say -1 - They agreed full heartedly  2. Clarified that the Sherrif's did this AND NOT the Winnemucca Police. 3. The Winnemucca Police was filing a civil suite against the County for violating citizen's constitutional rights. 4. Wondered if I would be willing to testify to experiences that I had with law enforcement trying to ask for my 'papers'  illegally and unethically. I agreed. I may be testifying as a citizen for Winnemucca Police Department on the rights of citizen and the harrassment they feel.
Wow, and now you, all the way up there are covering this story!
In addition, a few weeks back I had a run in with our own Sherrif's department about this and WON. My daughter called, it seemed that my son was visiting her and the cops came about a restraining order violation against Heather's X. Because my son (who was only visiting and not involved) refused to give his ID they had him handcuffed and were threatening to take him to jail.
I went straight over there and reprimanded the two young Sherrif's Officers and had some heated discussion on my  rights as a parent and my son's constitutional rights as well.  I also talked down to the Officers and ordered them to uncuff 'my little boy' (he was 17).
In the end they DID uncuff him, no one went to jail, and even though every one else in the room was asked for and willingly gave their 'identification' NOT ONE OFFICER DARED TO ASK ME OR MY HUSBAND FOR OUR ID!!!
Thanks for covering the story, understand that the Winnemucca Police believe in Citizen's Rights and even called me (I referred them to your website and the Constitutionalist Message Group)  AND it is the Winnemucca Sherrif's that are trying to pull this crap!
Pass this on if you wish,
You are so on top of things!
Fallon, Nevada
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Subject: Welcome to Humboldt County. Papers, Please. No, You're Under Arrest

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Welcome to Humboldt County.  Papers, Please.

No?  You're Under Arrest.