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Date: 8/22/01 10:26:01 AM Pacific Daylight Time  Have you seen any Naree Pons? I did in Thailand and they are remarkable. What do you know about them?

EDITOR'S REPLY: Good Grief, I have been looking far and wide for photos of Naree Pons. Got any, I hope, or do you know where such pics might be? Saw them on a Discovery Channel broadcast only.

Date: 8/23/01 6:59:02 PM Pacific Daylight Time Here's a photo of one of the Naree Pons.


Seriously looking for pics of a Thai herb, Naree Pon, looks like a wee Elf in DETAIL! DISCOVERY: Learn the legend of Naree Pon, the Thai flower pod woman whose existence has been verified by x-raying tiny fruits for skeletal remains. Image near-left: headdress reflects strange flora as referenced.

Date: 9/11/00 10:18:06 AM Pacific Daylight Time The Nari Pon were actually faeries. They live in bodies now. In fact Nepthys-Hawthor was and still is their queen. We talked about it the last time we were together she said she hated being eaten by goblins, etc.

Date: 8/29/01 10:07:29 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Kent: Glad you liked the Naree Pon. I found them in a little shrine in a temple about an hour and a half north of Bangkok. Hard to find but worth the trouble. They have two and they are rather incredible. What are they? Hard to say, not quite a monkey fetus, not a pod that resembles a person, maybe some gourd type thing which has been altered and allowed to dry out and split and distort. They seem to be covered with fuzz like on a peach, and one of they may have had some gold leaf on it. What's your story and how did you become interested in the naree pons?

REPLY: My wife and I saw the Naree Pons last year on a Discovery Channel Presentation: Into the Unknown Sideshows and Skeletons. Unable to obtain a video of the episode, I sent a query throughout the Internet concerning the Naree Pon, now a year later I get your response, which I most appreciate. What do the Thai Monks at the temple say about these strange little entities?

Date: 8/30/01 9:53:26 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Kent: No one at the temple seemed to speak English, yet they were very proud of their Naree Pons. Perhaps equally proud of a preserved deformed pig fetus at the base of another shrine. Some female monks invited me to eat with  them and were all smiles when I indicated the Naree Pons. I did purchase a Thai magazine with an article about these Naree Pons but haven't had it translated yet. A small brochure at the temple was translated and touted how you would be rewarded if you donated money to the temple. If you get to Thailand let me know.

EDITOR: these creatures are small, notice the pins. I know, I know, at first glance this data smacks of a Texas roadside "Jackalope" attraction [I do love carnivals and roadside attractions]. But the info as presented on Discovery [gosh, wee Elves on TV] came across as most serious. As I recall the dialogue even mentioned that the Naree Pons were under study by US universities. Kent's wild Celtic instincts whisper that there might exist something of significance here. So in mighty ORBIT tradition let us SLEUTH!

ARCHIVES: I am convinced that this pre-Sumerian image is an accurate representation of the races who lived here before Inanna and her family acquired the planet. Inanna says they are called the "Nagas" in sanskrit. Their lineages are described in great length in the Mahabharata." (S. Ferguson, 31 July 1997).

Czech Cave Imp [notes]

After the victory of Atlantis over Lemuria and your subsequent genetic programming, your realm was enveloped in darkness. With the demise of Atlantis, you became puppets, manipulated by yet another then-dark group - the Anunnaki - who, with their advanced technology, made you perceive them as 'gods' and 'goddesses'