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Val Thor  The Day the Earth Stood Still



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Dismal glut of Pfascist Pfigs around lately, now where are the Hippies? If you ain't comatose please raise your hand, balance needed. We will all be poor soon so what the hell, let's groove.

Communes, Collectives, Organic Gardens, Tribes, Free Thinkers-- no biggy we did it all before piece o' cake! Make love, not war!

Original Whole Earth Catalog, Special  Autobiography of a Yogi

In Search of the Miraculous Ouspensky  Tertium Organum (1920)

Cosmic Trigger I : Final Secret of the Iluminatti  Spiritual Midwifery

This Seasons People-A Book of Spiritual Teachings  

The Center of the Cyclone  The Way of Zen  Book of the Hopi

The Findhorn Garden  God Speaks  Black Elk Speaks

The Politics of Consciousness  Lame Deer Seeker of Visions

The Illuminatus Trilogy  The Urantia Book  The Decline of the West

The Two Babylons  The Tibetan Book of the Dead  

Listen, Little Man!  Screwtape Letters  Stranger in a Strange Land

Childhood's End  The Tao of Physics  The Way of the Sufi


cover Interview with Alexandra Robbins, author of Secrets of the Tomb: Skull and Bones  

I was actually surprised because there was a lot more basis to these theories than I had expected. For example, members of the Skull & Bones did indeed oversee the deployment of the atomic bomb. They did choreograph the Bay of Pigs invasion. They did fund Hitler when they could. But it wasn’t the organization pulling the strings. It was the individual members. There are cliques within Skull & Bones that tend to gather together and elevate each other to power and then exert their control and influence…GuerrillaNews