Subj: Real color of Mars round things, and other pics.

Date: 2/10/04 9:11:58 AM Pacific Standard Time

Hey Kent, I've attached some pics that might be helpful to you.

I've attached a pic from the Nasa release of the outcrop in its true color. There's a slight blue tinge but not as blue as everyone has been making them out to be. Personally I'd say they're garnets in schist, or glass spherules (considering we're in an impact crater), though I think there might be something there with the lightning glass idea. We need the chemical data to be sure.

I've also attached a picture of the view over the crater rim, the two objects are parachute and backshell of the lander package. Thought I'd attach this in advance because I suspect people will start claiming it's a dome or artifact.

Here's the link to the press releases for this stuff:

As for whether or not I think the spheres are signs of life; Lets just say that if there was Life on Mars, NASA would really want to find and show it to the world in order to justify their existance. NASA has a budget of some $7+ billion per year of tax payer's money. They have some success but also many failures. It's a lot of money to be sending into space. So if they found life, they'll want to shout about it after they prove it, in order to= justify NASA's own existance. Not to mention it would be a great boon to the Bush administration. So the bottom line is that they WANT to find life.



Check here

Here are some pics that show the calibration is very close. Look at the flag on rgb16.jpg, almost perfect. Look at rgb5.jpg very nice on the edges. All of the pictures here were processed the same and were not altered in any way

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