Blackout puts S.F. in the dark  HAARP: This report is to identify a strange coincidence. Just as Secty Tom Ridge announced today the raising of the Terror Alert status to HIGH, HAARP came on the air in a standby mode. The transmissions were on 3.39 MHz and were at highest daytime transmitter power. FORUM

Information on obtaining the new ORBIT CDROM [all of ORBIT from '97 til now] This could be important considering the current state of things. Scrooges at work! Will the Internet as we know it survive?

Keep the Internet open: The free flow of ideas pays off [except for Scrooges]  White House Web Scrubbing Pentagon IG Sets New Policy On Web Information

CLAUS ON MARS Christmas Day Mars Landing 2





Coincidental Report? Not a big convincing revelation, but sometimes these astro-reporters whisper to us, whisper what? Jupiter is unusually radiant, shhhhhh:

DAYTIME JUPITER: Jupiter is bright enough to see in broad daylight--if you know where to look. On Dec. 16th the quarter Moon and Jupiter were only a few degrees apart, so sky watchers were able to find it using the bright moon as a guide. For instance, Wren Keller of Tucson, Arizona, took this picture of Jupiter through a 10-inch telescope at 9 o'clock in the morning.


A strange black spot on Jupiter, near the equator, imaged at two different times by Olivier Meeckers on Oct. 19.  Mystery Spot on Jupiter Baffles Astronomers FORUM GLP  Recent Jupiter Acquisition

EMAIL: I am amazed by the plume effect! I believe that shows something extraordinary is going on.


 Neutron Surge South  Spike Countdown to Jupiter Impact  

South Pole,  Moscow  [recent capture] Forum  [Notes]

PRIOR ALERT: Nuclear reaction when Galileo spacecraft impacts into Jupiter in September 2003 unlikely but possible.

Jupiter Ready For Star Child Birth  

Enterprisemission kicks in

 Ron Baalke  

Arthur C. Clarke

What M5 Red Dwarf classified as the Sun's nearest 'star', is traveling at the rate of 16,000 miles [see debates] per second, and is due to arrive from the South, carrying its own entourage, right on top of our Sun any moment? [GLP]


There have been several positions in this debate.


1. The relative speed [to Sol] of Prox C=?

2. Does parallax work to determine distance when oberving high speed bodies?

3. What is the relative speed and position of Sol and the Proxima Centauri Companion?

A Slight Dogleg But Right On Course
"The asteroid trail in Centaurus was a serendipitous discovery made using the Wide Field and Planetary Camera (WFPC2) while NASA´s Hubble Space Telescope (HST) was performing a detailed study of the Sun´s nearest stellar neighbor, Proxima Centauri, using the Fine Guidance Sensors. This primary program by Dr. Benedict, Dr. Jefferys (both of the University of Texas) and collaborators was designed to search for small deviations in the position of Proxima Centauri that could reveal the presence of an unseen planetary companion."


Subj: Re: proxima centauri

Date: 12/18/03 4:25:57 PM Pacific Standard Time

After reading the message today about Proxima I searched and found numerous web sites that detail such facts about it as...not bound in orbit to Centauri A &B, has highly magnetic properties, obscured by a cloud of debris, has a planet, etc. same things I have been reading about Planet X for the last 5 years. 
NASA sites providing details won't come up for me.

NEW RED DWARF A Separate Issue?

The Berkeley search for a faint stellar companion to the sun  Has Nemesis´ orbit been detected?

Carl Sagan and Voyager

The Field that Ate the Milky Way  Where did you come from? It's not Godzilla, but mysterious magnetic fields that have swallowed our galaxy and probably most others. Sophisticated computer simulations support the controversial theory that fields leftover from the big bang evolved into those observed today. Magnetic fields would make great movie monsters. A field has already swallowed our entire galaxy, and no one knows where it came from or when it arrived.

Experts baffled over balls of ice falling from the sky  NASA unveils 'super telescope'

Tolkien at the End of Time; Alchemical Secrets of The Lord of the Rings

The Battle of Darkness & Light  Our Troops Give Michael Moore a Piece of their Minds!

Kurds claim Saddam capture


Kent is on family-saturation mode, kids arriving for holidays. Send urgent messages and news to or Forum  Forum 2 [suggestions sought]

9/11 Chair: Attack Was Preventable

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