CSO:  hey
CSO:  getting reports in already
BARDSQUILL:  been concentrating onstupid neutrons, just as I thought they were declining, big spike  http://www.bartol.udel.edu/~pyle/thespnplot.gif
CSO:  big!
BARDSQUILL:  got this too but damned if I know what I'm seeing  http://www.fulldisklosure.org/albums/album02/movie1.gif
BARDSQUILL:  sun indices are low, solar wind is pissy mild
CSO:  wheres it comin from
BARDSQUILL:  only two traditional sources for neutrons, the sun, which has been comatose, and supernovas
BARDSQUILL:  or factor X which is new or unknown
CSO:  ok gonna write to the the ruskies and ask them what the graph represents, and why the sudden increase in neutron activity since that day
CSO:  then im gonna write to 2 independant sources
CSO:  and also nasa
BARDSQUILL:  well the ruskies been tweaking the moscow data
BARDSQUILL:  we get a spike then 14 mins later it's been erased
CSO:  can you get me pics of that happening
BARDSQUILL:  South Pole most reliable, maybe auto, no one there to screw around with data
BARDSQUILL:  got captures somewhere
BARDSQUILL:  here's spike at Moscow last night, they shrunk the resolution then later they zapped it [scroll-right]  now09.gif
CSO:  then have the fixed
BARDSQUILL:  here's another removed  indices3x.gif
CSO:  have you got one right after each other so i can overlay them
CSO:  the same graph
BARDSQUILL:  scroll right gone now
BARDSQUILL:  http://helios.izmiran.rssi.ru/cosray/indices.htm
BARDSQUILL:  different sample graph
CSO:  any chance of you getting them very close the sorta exact time the change
CSO:  cause the time stamp is way off
BARDSQUILL:  too late to do that
BARDSQUILL:  live data
BARDSQUILL:  spike was there then, gone now, about it
CSO:  let me know when the next spike happens then keep a watch out for the time its gone
BARDSQUILL:  time stamp is different because all I can show you for comparison is then capture and now, live data
BARDSQUILL:  well this is the third such incidence. I have captures for two, first one I missed.
BARDSQUILL:  caught me unaware, reloaded spike was gone.
CSO:  when you capture when the first time the peak happens save the image then as soon as you notice its gone  the time would of changed and thats how old the data is between both of them then i can go up to them and say why in exactly (time1 - time2) did this peak appear and now its gone
BARDSQUILL:  you can still ask them because the live data shows the time intervals with no spike as captured. Just ask, hey, what the hell happened to this spike.
BARDSQUILL:  live data shows recorded activity back two months
CSO:  is their any other station near by
CSO:  Latitude 55.47 N
Longitude 37.32 E
BARDSQUILL:  you can look around here
BARDSQUILL:  Here's the other spike I capture now removed from the index   indices2.gif
CSO:  i have sent quick email to them lets see what we get back
CSO:  i always start very short and sweet and let them get themselves into a muddle after explaining how , why and when
CSO:  ill publish the results as and when i get them
BARDSQUILL:  they might claim a data-glitch, but
A. the first three spikes remain on the Moscow index
B. this recent spike persists at the South Pole, looks like a genuine surge in neutron activity
CSO:  ill keep that information safe
BARDSQUILL:  Also spike most prominent at southern latitudes
BARDSQUILL:  gets a bit confusing because each station seems to use a different intensity graph filter
BARDSQUILL:  but preliminary question might be what is the neutron source at the south
BARDSQUILL:  most interesting because McCanney maintains PX is arriving from the south.
CSO:  i asked what does the graph represent , how do you collect this data and where does the activity originate
BARDSQUILL:  So did Harrington
BARDSQUILL:  Aggh, I'm too old for this shit, my head is buzzing like bees.
CSO:  http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/wales/south_east/3155928.stm