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Giving it back: let me know if you want a CD. Essentially this is ALL of ORBIT on Disc, updated to current. and plowing back in time to '97, even further to '88 with the novel, Chasing Shadow. Whew, what a task trying to make 30,000 files link locally! Sorry if I've been slow, thought the dagnabbed disc was ready three weeks ago-- it wasn't, more glitches.

ORBIT CD The Secrets of Everything!


650 megs of orbit archives preserved for posterior, oops I mean posterity, on CDRom.

DONATIONS ONLY! I've sent the older-version CD out free to many supporters and folks that are broke, other donations have ranged from $10.00 to more (general Orbit support). No, I can't send them all free because I'd go busted-flat with shipping. But tell me your tale o' woe, and if your story is more desperate than my own I WILL give you one at my expense. The materials and shipping cost me about $7.00.

I make them each at home on my CD burner, signed and edition-number like the print artist's craft. Each one takes about 15 minutes to make and I wait until I get about 20 requests to set up for the ordeal.

Egads here I go again! Pray for my CD burner!



Kent Steadman

425 S. 156th Street  


Seattle, WA 98148

Questions? Please put ORBIT CD in subject line, EMAIL: bardsquill@aol.com

I feel it important that this material gets dispersed! JUST IN CASE!


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SNAILMAIL REQUESTS: Kent Steadman, 425 S. 156th St. #119A; Seattle, WA  98148


REVIEW: Date: 8/4/04 11:32:39 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Love your sight and am faithful on visiting and researching it every day! Your CD is a must for any researcher and a great education for those with questions concerning the mysteries of the universe. It has become the basis of reference for my research.

Date: 7/24/04 9:28:55 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Kent, Man I received your CD about a week ago. All I can say is WOW. What a wealth of information. I got to thinking it would take years for the serious researcher to search through this CD!! I love the CD,man. Keep up the great work!!

Date: 2/10/04 4:24:49 PM Pacific Standard Time

Hi Kent, I received my CD today and just have to say that I'm blown away! The massive effort this must have taken to put together.....incredible job!!! Thank you so much for hanging in there Old Coot!

Date: 3/6/04 9:33:05 AM Pacific Standard Time

Holy cow! If your CD isn't consciousness expanding I don't know what is! A bright beacon in the darkness.

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P.S. I do in fact send out free CDs to folks that have a hard-luck story as awesome as mine. So far nobody has actually surpassed my Cosmic tale of woe. You see I once had all the perks, BUT MISPLACED them as a result of a bolt of lightning from mighty Zeus hisself [in other words I screwed up].  However some hardship tales do match mine and that's a free CD for damn sure, sent a couple today. I'm thinking of sponsoring a HARD TALE O' WOE CONTEST, beings all humans are eventual screwups which is that single sole human-aspect that ranks us well with the hoary gods of Olympus.