If you were to trip a silent switch you would remember the time parallel when the world was only a vacation.

"I had two old aunts with wrinkled faces, one of them having two teeth  protruding like the tusks of an elephant, which she buried in my cheek every time she kissed me." TESLA

Have aliens been with us from the beginning?

Above the high moorlands of Lancashire, reveling in the force of the wind, large numbers of angels and nature spirits of air are to  be seen.  These sylphs are rather below human height, but quite human in form . . . yet no human spirit shines through those large, upward slanting eyes.



 I wandered with my family going north and west. Hopefully we would settle on the western island where my ancestors once lived: this same land to where I traveled in youth under the plea from my own parents to depart and search toward the setting sun to find what remains of our own people. As I feel the near approach of my own death I have instructed my spouse to carry on and to rear our children in a safer territory. They will inhabit a country away from the persecutions that I have sadly brought upon us by my own bumbling.

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Upon one solar day a strange vessel of beings appeared on the central island, declaring to be of creation.

Eventually these mortals spoke claim to the Terra Land and demanded of the ancients a departure forever.

Dr. Bruce Cornet: "Dracos, Targs, and Nagas."
"You show a picture of a Draco.  This particular group of interdimensional 
entities has gotten a lot of attention among abductees.  Historically, these 
beings are grouped or classified with demons and the devil.  But in pre-Sumer 
time they may have openly walked this Earth with humans, considering it to 
be as much their planet as we consider it to be ours.  The ancient Goddess 
worshipping period tended to place the female members of this species in an 
exhaulted position . . ."  continued

So we made the departure for an "interval" and allowed the mortal-sway over Homeworld.