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STS-80 Another Suppressed NASA Video

Real Audio

The Eye of an Hourglass Nebula
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Ye ol' Hat


Sun's hidden twin stalks planet Earth

Scientists have found compelling evidence that the Sun has a baby brother, [actually an angry Goddess, wouldn't ye know] a dark star whose eccentric orbit is responsible for periodically showering the Earth with comets and meteorites.

Dark Sun

Black Hole?

A dramatic outburst last September has shown scientists that a previously-known variable star in the constellation Sagittarius has a hungry black hole as a companion.

Look down the throat of a black hole

Scientists reveal gamma-ray mystery; new type of high-energy source is in our galaxy.

Jose Escamilla, RODS: Do we share earth with life forms in parallel?

Update on Tim Edwards and the Salida, Colorado Footage

Recent Ovnis In Mexico

The Heliosphere is Tilted - implications for the 'Galactic weather forecast'?

Archangel Ariel Transmission  through Isaac George

"Preparing for the Solar Maximum Cycle" March 10th, 2000




3/20/00 10:06   C2 MPEG . C3 MPEG . TRC MPEG



EIT 3/22/00 18:42 X-CLASS



A Scary Solar Scenario?

EIT 3/23/00 20:01 Here we go again!

NASA engineers break $75 million satellite during testing


C2 3/21/00 07:54

C3 3/22/00 00:18

Many are avidly seeking the last year HURTAK NEXUS Conference Video. It does exist! But we fear Spook suppression (not by NEXUS or Hurtak). Here are Real Audio sound clips from the video (a single somewhat edited video found on a table at a UFO conference in the UK): sent here for research purposes only. Will GLADLY replace these files for any info, ad, permanent link, as to where to obtain the video--in fact this Editor wants and has the coins saved up to purchase immediately!  The reason why? We here at ORBIT have been recipients of strong rumors of expeditions below the Sphinx, below the Causeway, deep down many levels, the possible discovery of ancient records, the possible awakening of Chaldean guardians, and EVEN the firing of cosmic stargate events as a result of the activation (2) of Annunaki devices.  


2 photo's of a large shaft that has been covered up by a strong tar like material. This shaft is located south east from the Sphinx. There are many shaft's in this area. This area is a little farther South of the worker's tomb location. This Shaft is the biggest and is the only one that is closed up in this manner. I was taken by my contacts to this location primarily to see this sealed up shaft. I was told that this shaft was sealed up because it lead underground to the Great Pyramid and also to a temple structure under the Sphinx


Valery Uvarov: New knowledge from ancient Egypt

However much mankind attempts to solve the mystery of why the pyramids were constructed, the darkness in which it is wrapped will be impenetrable to the uninitiated eye. And that is how it will remain until the mature gaze, contemplating the ruins of a lost civilisation, sees the world in the same way as it was seen by the ancient Hierophants. At that point, liberated, it will acknowledge the reality of what mankind still rejects, of what was for the Hierophants not a myth, not an abstract religious view of the world, but a guide for action.

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O'Kent sing along

Suddenly Seeing Spirals Everywhere: Whirlpools of Life Force?




Iceberg Images at AMRC

Cosmonauts Touched by Angels?








EDITOR: The cosmos so active: could it be that what we call matter is collapsed dense and least run with life?

Hubble Heritage Site

Date: 3/18/00 11:16:11 AM Pacific Standard Time
Phikent: aggggh, IT'S ALIVE!
FRIEND: I was not at my computer...looking
FRIEND: what the heck? what is that?????
FRIEND: looks like an eyeball
Phikent: well, ye look out in space through your big ol' Hubble eye and whatya see?
Phikent: hope it doesn't blink
FRIEND: man it that the Eye of Horus?
FRIEND: the cosmic rendition?
Phikent: it's a freakin' nebula
FRIEND: wild
Phikent: aw heck, must be.....God
Phikent: Hi, God! [wave]
FRIEND: My thoughts too :)
FRIEND: must be! I am stealing it...hehehe
Phikent: no kiddin'
Phikent: steal god
FRIEND: yep.
FRIEND: taking on my hard drive
FRIEND: named it Nasa-gods-eye
FRIEND: needs to go up on your site Kento
FRIEND: that is wild
Phikent: puttin' it up now
FRIEND: yep:)
Phikent: front n' center
Phikent: kento theory # x0001A
FRIEND: cool I am keeping a link to Orbit on our front page
FRIEND: what that theory?
Phikent: wellllllll, everywhere we looks, Mars, moon, comets, sun we keep seeing NASA edits. I mean they ain't even subtle anymore them-thar NASA suckers just cut n' paste stuff out.
FRIEND: yeah.
Phikent: so what is it they don't want us to see
FRIEND: yep...hubble for there eyes only...
Phikent: aliens? Nawwww, no big deal
Phikent: but what about something that totally destroys astrophysics theory forever making the scientists look like dopes?
Phikent: see, ever since Newton and Cartesian, our more stodgy scientists have adopted this machine-universe theory
Phikent: the universe is like a big ol' gizmo
Phikent: and like any gizmo it can be explained
Phikent: usually by trying to take everythang apart
Phikent: buncha lil boys
Phikent: but....
Phikent: what if they are wrong, so danged wrong that even the most primitive aboriginal tribe is more right than the nerds at JPL?
Phikent: it ain't a big ol' machine at all
Phikent: it can't be explained neither
FRIEND: yep..I trust Aboriginals and Dogon over JPL any day!
Phikent: because their ain't no fundamental laws
FRIEND: exactly!
Phikent: except maybe creativity and whim and the need to seek novelty and have fun because.....
Phikent: IT'S ALIVE!
FRIEND: yep!
Phikent: duh
FRIEND: we could all be sitting on a molecule on the rim of a coffee cup.
Phikent: everywhere I look, especially solar, what do I see
Phikent: living freakin' organisms
FRIEND: you know the image kinda looks like a double birth canal with an eye in the center.
Phikent: so here are a bunch of atheistic cosmonauts in mid-Seventies floatin' around in their Soyuz toy in space and whatta they see one day
Phikent: musta really freaked em out to see big ol' angels with wings, the size of a Boeing 747
Phikent: cracks me up.
FRIEND: or larger...
Phikent: must went wee wee in their space suits
FRIEND: they did
FRIEND: amazing the universe


An iceberg about twice the size of Delaware has broken off from the Ross Ice Shelf in Antarctica and could drift into shipping lanes around the South Polar region.

SLEUTHS, Date: 3/25/00 2:36:14 AM Pacific Standard Time

Hi Kent, Any idea what these strange parallel lines are on this sat image of the iceberg that's broken off?




On 5 December 1999, infrared sensors aboard DOD satellites detected the impact of a meteoroid at 10:17:58 UTC about midway between Montgomery and Birmingham, Alabama. The object was first detected  at about 33.1 North Latitude, 85.9 West Longitude, at an altitude of approximately 74 km. It was traveling on a path from just east of north to just west of south, at an angle of about 55 from the horizontal. It was last tracked at an altitude of approximately 23km at 33.0 North Latitude, 86.1 West Longitude.

Cambridge Conference Network


UFO metaphysics

Light-shielded phantom triangular aircraft? Technology: Philadelphia-Experiment-style?




Author details life of father of the Soviet space program

Russian doubted the ability of U.S. to reach the moon

SIGHTINGS: Begich Interview, HAARP, Jose Escamilla Latest On 'Rods'

3/22/00 12:58:33 PM Pacific Standard Time

Interesting point he [Nick Begich] stressed quite heavily while on Sightings the other night as one of Rense's guests:

In reference to the type of things that HAARP can be used for (implying that there is NO WAY IN HELL that ANYONE can even begin to fathom how many new, and previously totally unanticipated, new uses it can be put to)...well, he claimed that since the publication of "Angels Don't Play This HAARP" in '95 (maybe he said 94 but I doubt it?), that the ENTIRE collective scientific body of knowledge on this planet has gone from DOUBLING every FIVE YEARS, to doubling every EIGHT TO NINE *MONTHS* ! ! !

They got into quite a discussion of how several of the worlds premiere research directors, e.g., the director of R&D at Sun Electronics, et al., feels that technology NOW is totally runaway and out of control, and that there is really no way to stop some terrible, terrible outcome that they feel is quite short term INEVITABLE. What's more, these high profile scientists that are speaking out feel LITERALLY that science on this planet is EVIL and unstoppable and that some global MASS DIE OFF (including a major chunk of the human population) is inevitable in the very short term future (what ever that is, i.e., "short term future?")!

BROOKHAVEN: Particle collider to recreate universe's first moments

Scientists say there's no danger. Because the objects involved are sub-microscopic, the total energy in each collision will be comparable to that of a mosquito landing on a screen door. But that energy will be released into a space one-millionth of a millimeter across, concentrated enough to tear apart an atomic nucleus.


I glanced at the Full Moon to the east and took note of how hazy it was with a green tint color to it. at that moment I saw something that I can only describe's like that sudden shock moment you get when something happens fast and your mind just seems to go in slow motion. It appeared to me for a second that the Moon had in some way exploded? There was this slow flash and then a ring around the moon that expanded out then faded out.

Asteroid to pass Earth in 5 Earth-Moon distances, could reach 14th mag

Several amateur astronomers have spotted the newly discovered asteroid 2000 EW70 (see Updates # 181 story 3 and 182 story 3 sidebar) in the vicinity of the Earth by now, both with CCD cameras (it trails fast) and visually. C. Harder caught it - despite hazy skies - on nMarch 22nd with a 10" Newton and could see it move within minutes. And both he and another observer noted that the 13.9 mag. object was fuzzy and not a point source like near-by stars: It looked more like a Planetary Nebula. Or were they at the verge of resolving the asteroid's disk visually? (Harder in March 22)






ON TIME: Time is a dimension in and of itself. and the only place known that time exist is around earth. A three dimensional object is stationary in time, as a baseball,until it is thrown. When thrown it appears to be a streak and appears as a streak when photographed. The most famous golf ball teed off was on the moon. When it was in motion it still remained in focus as a round golf ball, not as a ball in motion would appear on earth. This is one of the greatest problems in space travel. Our human form is not able in this dimension to withstand being out of the dimension of time. That is a problem with the mars mission, to make sure our astronauts do not come back as a puddle of jelly fish. TIME is what will keep us earth bound. The only way we could travel a long distance is to create a kind of timeless worm hole to travel through.

ON THE SUN AND LIGHT: The sun in reality shows everything on earth as a negative, as in a photo negative. yes, white people are really black and black people are white in this theory. It is our optic nerve that developes this negative photo. To see the world as it really looks without the optic nerve is quite weird.

ON THE VIRTUAL GAME OF LIFE: It is explained quite well in "Plato", Timoeus tells of a man that died and came back to describe the after life. The theory is as such, say I would chose the life of John in 1954 The next time the life of Judy in 1959. I could live 2 separate lives at the same time. Judy could even marry John, that is what Silvia Brown would call a true soul mate. I could chose the life of John in 1954 and the next time Henry III. Time is only relevant  here not in the after life. Like Shakespeare said," life is but a stage and we are mere actors" Therefore the play is written and continuous. That is why time  travel is possible. It is like a movie with all frames showing at the same time. Who knows the beginning or  the end????

The Temple Inside The Grand Canyon

ANOMALOUS IMAGES: Temple Inside The Grand Canyon. images

Sunrise near Death Ridge

Check this out. Does this not look like a step pyramid?? No mention at all of this in the caption or information given. It is as if one is to believe that this is an entirely natural structure.

Ancient Civilization Beneath Death Valley?


I think it looks like a temple with the points. Bamley says they have something to do with Reptilian penis symbolism. Nowdays they hide cellular antennas inside. It never changes...


DROPAS: The disks were finally translated by Dr. Tsum Um Nui. It described precisely what is was said to describe, a space probe from another world crash landed in the mountains and even though they had friendly intentions, they were hunted down and killed. The rocks were tested in Russia and found to contain cobalt and some other metallic substances. When they were spun around on one particular test, they hummed, this means that they might have been part of an electrical circuit. So far over 716 disks have been discovered.

In 1995 China released the following news report about us: "In the province of Sichuan, which lies on the eastern border of the Baian-Kara-Ula mountains, 120 people of a previously ethnologically unclassified tribe have been discovered. The most important aspect of this new tribe is the size of its people: No taller than 3 ft. 10 in., the smallest adult measuring only 2 ft. 1 in! This discovery might be the first hard evidence on the existence of the Dropa/Dzopa - a people whose predecessors are said to have come from outerspace."


LUCAS: Another Version of the 'Stone Disks'?

Art's Parts

The Olmec and the Shang

The continent of Asia at the western edge of the Pacific Ocean and the Americas at the ocean's eastern edge lie 15,000 kilometers apart. Today, a US-resident Chinese scholar believes he has found evidence in ancient writing that 3000 years ago, a lost people of the Shang Dynasty went to Columbus's "New" World. . . .

These images are all of the world on stones and carvings. It is very simple if you understand the key.



"I name thee on behalf of the dreamer," by his side in quiet witness stood
Lowell, Wells, Verne, Herbert.

In a message dated 5/19/99 7:43:36 AM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

Subj: martian lake

Date: 5/19/99 7:43:36 AM Pacific Daylight Time

From: (Jenny Blue (GD.Flagstaff)



Dear Mr. Steadman,

Ms. Annie Bennett forwarded your email to me because I am responsible for managing the database containing planetary names. I'm afraid that the naming process is long, involved and rather strict. You can read about the rules and regulations of the process on the web site which contains the Gazetteer of Planetary Nomenclature

If you have any questions about the naming process after looking at the web site, please feel free to write.

Best regards,

Jennifer Blue

Subj: Re: martian lake

Date: 5/19/99 2:34:30 PM Pacific Daylight Time

From: Phikent



CC:, Phikent


Attention Jennifer Blue:

Dear Ms Blue:

I'm just an ordinary citizen that found in the MGS MOC Mars images a lake, highly reflective and watery--well it looks like a lake! So I named the wondrous artifact, "Lake Steadman," thinking of my Dad, a great fisherman.

Also I published my findings, notes, dates of discovery and enhancements to the Internet and proudly sent notice to everybody I know.


I'm an artist, and therefore I took some liberties in visualizing the significance of the artifact, even seeing a wild resemblance in features along the cliffs to the great Egyptian temple Abu Simbel. Perhaps this is too much the imagination, but then I would cite as kindred, Lowell, Sagan, others, all in my opinion great dreamers as well as dedicated researchers.

I have received encouragement from Kathy Kasten, UCLA, to contact yourselves, also received other support such as:

5/13/99 4:36:51 PM Pacific Daylight Time: Kent: Great find. The lake deserves your name or that of your father. I studied Mars prior to going into our national space program, but nothing like this. Congratulations. Clark McClelland, Former ScO, Space Shuttle Fleet, Kennedy Space Center, Florida.

Wouldn't it be an awesome idea for NASA to recognize ordinary folks as partners in discovery? What a great handshake that would be!

I could use some help please. If you have any forms that need to be filled out I'd be most grateful if you would forward to:

Kent M. Steadman

Nasa 'knew Mars mission would fail'

Peek under Mars' surface reveals ancient channels

Future Martians Could Live In Caves

Date: 3/23/00 6:05:58 PM Pacific Standard Time

Just looked over the Lake Steadman stuff. Made me think of this that I found last week. I think you'll be interested. Two things are obvious - the strange glowing orb and what looks like water in that crater. Maybe what I think are waves are just sand dunes. What do I know? ;-) If that's water, can this be called Lake Hartley? And can I have the marina concession? . . Detail

 Area map (lower left)