Subj: Fwd: (meteorobs) Near Earth Asteroid 2000 EW70 cometary?
Date: 3/23/00 8:40:44 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: (Joseph DiVito)

>From: Daniel Fischer
>Subject: (meteorobs) Near Earth Asteroid 2000 EW70 cometary?
>Date: Thu, 23 Mar 2000 22:06:28 +0100
>German amateurs watching the NEA with a 10" Newtonian claim that it
>was not a point source but a fuzzy object - confirmation would be
> Amateur astronomers excited by close asteroid
> Several amateur astronomers have spotted the newly discovered
> asteroid 2000 EW70 (see Updates # 181 story 3 and 182 story 3
> sidebar) in the vicinity of the Earth by now, both with CCD cameras (it
> trails fast) and visually. C. Harder caught it - despite hazy skies - on
> March 22nd with a 10" Newton and could see it move within minutes.
> And both he and another observer noted that the 13.9 mag. object was
> fuzzy and not a point source like near-by stars: It looked more like a
> Planetary Nebula. Or were they at the verge of resolving the asteroid's
> disk visually? (Harder in March 22)
> Story 2
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