UPDATE: Galileo Team Disbanding as Long Jupiter Tour Winds Down

February 26, 2003

The flight team for NASA's Jupiter-orbiting Galileo spacecraft will cease operations on Friday, Feb. 28 after a final playback of scientific data from the robotic explorer's tape recorder. The team has written commands for the onboard computer to manage the spacecraft for its short remaining lifetime. Galileo will coast for the next seven months before transmitting a few hours of science measurements in real time, leading up to a Sept. 21 plunge into Jupiter's atmosphere.


1. In late Oct. Galileo was prepared for a deep plunge to Amalthea.

2. Jupiter seen with strange radiation, wobble, Norway.

3. Galileo uplink lost.

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You may not realize how right you are. However, brace yourself, the changes are only just beginning. Do not fear however, the "EXPERIMENT" as you call it is not over, it will continue. The only thing remaining to be seen is the way in which you humans handle the coming times. Look to Mars, and the red storm of Jupiter as well. You will be amazed at what you discover.

UPDATE: Science - Reuters Big Planets Form in Hundreds of Years, Not Millions

Astronomy Picture of the Day Archive  Lightning Storm on Jupiter

UPDATE: Galileo wakes from radiation-induced coma

JUPITER from Norway

 October 28 - November 3, 2002  Galileo November 4-5, 2002

"Knowing the risks of the Amalthea encounter, we used the last passage of Io (which took place in January) to put the spacecraft on path to take it to impact requiring no future course corrections from us," said Galileo's project manager Eilene Theilig. "We wanted to make sure that while we could still control the spacecraft we did that."

NASA tries to revive Jupiter probe Probe shuts down after pass by Jupiter  More clues:  Jupiter clocks up eleven new moons

 ARCHIVES: A Suicide Dive for Galileo?


The Satanic Sun  [Fire in the Minds of Men]

Mysterious Dark Spot Seen Near Jupiter's Pole

Nasa aims to move Earth

2010: The Year We Make Contact (1984)

A titanic volcanic eruption FEB, 2002, has been spotted on the surface of Jupiter's volatile moon Io using a telescope back on Earth. Astronomers believe it to be the most powerful eruption ever witnessed in the entire Solar System. More


RETRACTION: Unless updated Io data comes our way, the current sequences of events must be reconsidered. The investigation will continue because of reports concerning observed anomalies: Jupiter. SLEUTHS?

The eruption was recorded in February 2001 during routine monitoring of Io's volcanic activity by a telescope at the Keck Observatory in Hawaii. But the images were only recently analysed. [a bit strange, this delay in reporting data, why now?]  http://astron.berkeley.edu/~fmarchis/Science/Io/PressRelease/ Io's volcanism has been monitored for the last eight years by the Galileo spacecraft and by Earth-based astronomers.

ARCHIVES FOR DEC, 2000-MAR, 2001    **

Hmmmm, Galileo and Cassini were double-teaming Jupiter

Dec 20, 2000 - 09:08 PM Spacecraft Maneuvering Problem Halts Jupiter Studies PASADENA, Calif. (AP) - NASA suspended the Cassini spacecraft's observations of Jupiter on Wednesday because of a problem with a maneuvering system.

What the heck, let us dare some really far out stuff:

TREBOR: They were known as the "KATCHINA" to the Amer-Indians. They also consider OUR planet PART of their Empire. ALSO why are you [direscted to NASA] hiding the WAR going ON just beyond Jupiter since June 8th of '99. It is between the "IGF" and the Sirian group who took a year to get here from the fall of '98 and arriving on June 8th, '99?? ANY GOOD scope can SEE it!!! ALso the NEW ship that SOHO saw coming in at 1.5 million miles per day...an Eridanean "Plasma" Carrier with "drones" in tow and has since Sept '99 reached the WAR ZONE beyond Jupiter.

SooOOOoooo, in that  earlier reported Io blast time-frame the events began with both Galileo and Cassini muckin around up there and was puctuated at the end with a Y-class flare!

Solar [Y-Class Mega] flare biggest ever recorded. It missed earth! SLEUTHS: were any of the other planets in the direct path [Venus, Mercury?]

Now if we have peeved Commanders, the Galactic Empire, what might they do? Retaliate where it hurts without maiming, a Mil-Indust remote region? Maybe somewhere in Spookville, Alaska?

AFTERTHOUGHT: If we live in the EL universe, ELectricity, ELoheim, etc., could it be that when we send a couple of silver-slivers out there, we screw up the circuitry!

EDITOR: Well I'm not Norwegian, but it seems like somebody saw a bright object in the sky, declared UFO, but then an astronomer butted in, debunked the UFO thing and said, aw that's just Jupiter wobbling, egads.

Date: 11/5/02 2:45:27 PM Pacific Standard Time

Everyone,  In an effort to keep you posted on Planet X (Nibiru). I am presently researching what Norwegian astronomers have found on Saturday night.

Actual live pictures were shown on television of Jupiter going through a number of gyrations consistent with the magnetic pull Planet X exerts as it passes by planets.

Date: 11/11/02 11:54:13 PM Pacific Standard Time

I happened to see that someone was interested in a Jupiter/UFO video showed on the national broadcast company of Norway (NRK) last week. I saw this on TV, and the original page is this one:


Date: 11/16/02 9:05:01 AM Pacific Standard Time

Hey Kent: On one of the old pages: feba.html I found the following:

EMAIL, 2/23/00 7:52:10 AM Pacific Standard Time

I seem to remember a while back the rumor that the Galileo probe was loaded with plutonium and was a secret plot to crash it into Jupiter??? Could be totally wrong but I thought I read it before....Anyway check it out.  Galileo mission may end in a blaze of glory

February 21, 2000: PASADENA, California (AP) -- NASA is considering a spectacular finish for Galileo's mission to Jupiter: A suicide plunge into the gaseous planet or one of its moons.

I was just wondering if the above might be related to all the activity that we are seeing on Jupiter now? Someting to think about.

Date: 11/16/02 11:42:43 AM Pacific Standard Time

Kent do you have a picture of Io's flux tube in archives? I have looked every where with no luck. I believe it was on Orbit way back when....


Jupiter's Io Torus [click images for movie]


One Day in the Life of Jupiter's Io Torus

http://sol.physics.usyd.edu.au/sosp18/node4.html http://www.jpl.nasa.gov/videos/io/caption_plasmawave2.html http://www.jpl.nasa.gov/videos/io/index.html

Click here for Io's South Pole--Plasma-Wave  Click here for Io's North Pole--Plasma-Wave


Date: 11/16/02 4:18:48 PM Pacific Standard Time

The mass of plutonium on Galileo is configured to be a shielded reactor, not a bomb. While it is possible for it to undergo a sort of meltdown in extreme conditions, it is NOT, repeat NOT, possible for it to become a bomb. Those who write otherwise are ridiculously ignorant. As Carl Sagan himself, no advocate of lofting nuclear weapons to any planet, noted, the plutonium reactor in Galileo represents no real threat to anyone. People who obsess on such things ought to get a life.

REPLY: I have no idea about bombs, but delivering a toxic package to another world seems a bit huffy does it not? It's the old raisin-brain idea that distant worlds contain no life at all, just because they don't, so there. Under what rock do these rocket scientists "get a life?" Space-jock in the back row gets an A in engineering but a cosmic F in stellar ethics. Averaging the scores I'd say Z-minus. --Kent


They Wanted to Nuke the Moon The US Air Force developed a top-secret plan to detonate a nuclear bomb on the moon as a display of military might at the height of the Cold War. 'It was clear the main aim of the proposed detonation was a PR exercise and a show of one-upmanship. The Air Force wanted a mushroom cloud so large it would be visible on earth,' he said yesterday. 'The US was lagging behind in the space race.


Rule by Secrecy: Jim Marss

EDITOR: Listen, Bela Lu-Strangelove and mob, you got away with blasting earth a thousand times, but stay away from all the other worlds. There is life out there, you dummies!

‘We found that life on Earth isn’t a closed system, it interacts with outer space’ Given their capabilities, the Americans could have done this experiment earlier and even better. However, they did not do so probably because of the prevailing conviction that life is confined to Earth. -- JAYANT NARLIKAR

U.S. ponders resumption of nuke-weapons test   Nuclear pumped X-ray laser  Critical Mass  Project “Prime Argus

An international team saw something never before seen at heart of a nearby galaxy-- Pair of Supermassive Black Holes Inhabit Same Galaxy, Destined to Collide NASA TV


Ra blown gales

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Frozen shores

Siren moan drawn



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