Subj: Jupiter
Date: 9/13/00 12:37:04 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Hi Kent,

I only live on this planet, but enjoy trying to put two and two
together. Terraform Jupiter, ignite it into a sun or something else?
Someone should check to see if Jupiter is already a star. See your email
(Lucifer's companion sun), about A. Clark's version.

Remember the 355 U.S. Starcraft parked at Baker's Lake in Canada (some
say that an underground base is there), by the Galactic Federation?

Dan, from Idaho Falls, was interviewed recently on and said that our Earth is in a space that will
blow up due to the explosion or the hypernova of the star Betelgeuse 307
years ago (see: http://info.aoc.nrao,edu/pr/betel.html). This is my
summation of what he said.

The blast wave is coming our way at the speed of light and is 310 light
years away. The first hypernova gamma ray burst will reach us on the 6th
of Sept. 2003, when we will also be able to observe that explosion. The
bad event will happen in December of 2003, taking place over 406 days,
when a sustainable neutrino pulse of high and low energy will strobe
down thru the lethel 6 energy neutrinos that interact with matter (do a
search sor Walter Russell's table of elements and how they relate and
where isotopes fall). For 42 months we need to avoid the effects of the
neutrinos. This emergecy is mentioned hree times in the Book of
Revelation. Our nearest star system, Sirius, blew up in 1996. In
December of 2003 we get the "beast" neutrinos or ball lightning. Ball
lightning forms in the mantel of Earth or the photosphere of the sun.
Electricity starts the "beast" or hot fusion process of the neutrino. It
is a little cyclotron or resonance.

It will take a great deal of effort on our part in order to survive and
Dan's job is to convey the solution. We need to prepare living
structures and 7 years supply of food (certain facilities underground
needed to be expanded to include us). We can't continue to live the way
we are living now. We have to earn the right to survive by our own
efforts. Particularly, we need to do the physics, engineering and
chemistry involved in the process - yet to be explained, in order not to
be extinguished.

We also need to make a TREATY with the Galactic Federation in which we
will trade things they need for services we need. This will take place
in Arizona, when noteable people come together to make the necessary
negotiations (see Richard Boylan's Genesis project and gathering in
Arizona and upcoming CONTACT meeting). Dan will oversee these
negotiaions. They can take us into hyperspace for three days and protect
us (Photon Belt info. and J. . Hurtak's electroomagnetic null zone). We
would go into another dimension. The sun would be essentially shut down
and we will have three days of darkness. This will avoid the effects of
the neurinos. They can use three or more of their own Starships and put
a shield around the entire Earth and put us into hyperspace. In order to
help us and the other planets in our solar system they NEED - boron ?10,
copper, zinc and bromine. Arsenic, bromine and zinc create a nuclear
process that can stabilize our sun. In September of 1999 the Galactic
Federation prrevented our sun from going supernova. Recently, one of our
Starships was sent 16 kil. into the sun's potosphere (in subspace) to
halt a supernova and/or also stabilize the sun with the above process.
There are various types of skupernovas. The Galactic Federation has a
base on our moon and have mining operations on our sun. They acquire
useful elements like 144. They channel the plasma through the ship and
use electro-magnetic sepaaratio to mine the isotopes (also see: Walter
Russell's Secret of Light book and his chart of elements on the web).

According to Dan there are EVENTS that witness that something is going
on. A man called in and said that by using forward infra-red (? special
binocs.), one can observe something is different about Jupiter and
Saturn of late. Dan said that on the "King of Terror" day in July of
1999, a high magnitude neutrino pulse came through that caused a fusion
process that ignited Saturn and Jupiter (gaseous planets) into stars.

He has written a "Theory of Everytlhing" book that discusses the
elementary pattern in which everything unites when you get the internal
structure of the parts. The "beast" neutrino is tetrahedronal (maybe
hyperdimensional?). He calls the highest energy neutrino, the Omega. He
wants to develop a web site where he can post his findings. He would
like to meet with others at the Idaho Falls Library every Tuesday night
at 7:00 p.m. The BLAST WAVE is coming our way and three and one-half
years is not very far away. He also has measures that can heal diseases.

True? False? - hope we can check it out.