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Date: 11/30/99 2:58:43 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: (Robert Trebor)
CC: (Kento)

> Valerie...BLESSED BE!!! Your "handle" IS a "give-away"...good to hear from a Kindred heart. Do you attend the OPEN ceremonies twice yearly (Beltane and SOWAIN)...IF SO, we could meet in person.

> The info KENT printed out (this is the first I've heard that he did..but it's OK, as he's a GOOD friend.) is from MANY places..a compilation of both NASA info, the fact that I've been an Aerospace Engineer since 1962, A consultant for the last 15 years with TOP secret clearances; and from "personal experiences" NOT common to MOST of the world. (I'd say that I was in a distinct minority here, but I Do know that there are quite a FEW who have been put through "STAR-SCHOOLS", however, MOST of what they were taught is still in a LOCKED place in their memories.) I've been FED some pretty wierd info from time to time as well...but ALL of it MAKES SENSE!!!.

> We'd have to get together on Cyber-space and have SPECIFIC questions from the article so I could answer EACH ONE separately and give you the source for each.
MOST are NOT on the I said: Personal experiences are the
MOST difficult to get through to others...L O L!!! The article was
mostly an answer to a Government generated (NASA) article that
irritated me beyond composure!!!

> Since your TITLE tells me that you are probably "Talented" in the "spiritual" world of "TRAVEL"...then you can better understand SOME of my "Sources"...I DO have an ALIEN Pleiadean Lady friend who is presently a "prisoner of WAR" beyond Jupiter. We were together during the time between Jan 25th of 1996 and the following December when she left with ALL of her remaining comrades who'd BEEN here since before 1937. That ALONE should open a WIDE WIDE World for you to explore.

information...which makes them the biggest hypocrites extant.

In Perfect TRUTH and perfect LOVE...Bob wrote:
> Hello,
> I was looking through Kent Steadman's site, CyberSpace Orbit today, Nov.
> 29. I saw the information that was included in the site.
> This is the first time I can remember seeing anything from you...though it
> is possible I have seen things before and just never noticed the donor of
> information.
> There was a lot of hostility in the I am sick
> and tired of being lied to by our govt. But, there was a lot of information
> there I have never heard of before. So pardon me if this sounds
> strange...and definitely I don't want to offend...but who are you? I
> mean..what is this information and how do you come by it? I'm not asking
> because I don't understand it...but was wondering where you came by this
> information so I may look it up myself.
> I have already been keeping an eye on SOHO and the weather. I have known
> for many years that weather patterns have changed dramatically. I don't like
> the fact that I didn't know about the Sun becoming a Helium Star. I knew the
> problems had something more than a loss of ozone as a cause.
> I hope I haven't offended...I'm just a concerned person wanting to know
> what the hell is really going on.
> Sincerely,
> WhtMgcWitch (Valerie)



Subj: [Fwd: ANSWER to: "Science News Reports November 27, 1999]
Date: 11/27/99 3:55:17 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: (Robert Trebor)

The "Copy" as promised to "shield" all of you!!! "DOC"

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Subject: Re: Science week - New Reports November 27, 1999
Date: Sat, 27 Nov 1999 17:33:58 -0600
From: Robert Trebor
Organization: Dare Corp.
CC: "Paul, Rep."
References: <>

  Dear NASA Editors...I've taken NASA Briefs for over 20 years...this service NOW is pretty NICE...BUT...Why do you still FEED the OLD nonsense about OTHER "possible" planets when your very OWN NASA leader has been to the Plejaren (Pleiadean) group twice in the late seventies...500 lt. yrs..a 30 day trip in a class 2 ship, 7.4 hrs in a class 3 "beam" ship; and also KNOWS that there are at least TEN Ambassadorial positions EXTANT (since the seventies again) with OTHER Planetary civilisations NOT including the KNOWN 320 Eridanus planets in the "Celestial" River group a scant 10 to 15 Light years away...from Orion's feet the the Southern Constellation of Phoenix??? They were known as the "KATCHINA" to the Amer-Indians. They also consider OUR planet PART of their Empire. ALSO why are you hiding the WAR going ON just beyond Jupiter since June 8th of '99.

 It is between the "IGF" and the Sirian group who took a year to get here from the fall of '98 and arriving on June 8th, '99?? ANY GOOD scope can SEE it!!!ALso the NEW ship that SOHO saw coming in at 1.5 million miles per Eridanean "Plasma" Carrier with "drones" in tow and has since Sept '99 reached the WAR ZONE beyond Jupiter.  

  I personally 'WATCHED" the MANY ships around MARS while "HUBBLE" was allegedly "shut-down" during the Hale-Bopp Caper and afterwards when the "Companion" (A DRACONIAN Command ship) attacked the Galactic Fleet just beyond MARS on Sept 27th, 1997...and the meetings on MARS from Nov. 97 thru at least Feb of '98 when MARS went behind the SUN on the western horizon from Texas. Thank you for SOHO, it has been VERY revealing!!! At least 3 to 9 ships were around MARS for 6 months that MARS could be seen. Again, I watched them DAILY!!! (also "mapped" them!!! Where were YOU??? I DO have a TOP Secret Clearance and AM familiar with MOST "COSMIC"-Top-Secret "Crap" as well.

 Do you think the people of this Planet are actually that DUMB. They are LAUGHING at you!!! NASA means: "N-ever A S-traight A-nswer"!!! How about "changing" your reputation to something Believable!!!(Considering the evidences extant since 1947 when our 3.5 megawatt RADARS Knocked the cheap Sirian-made ships OUT of the sky on at least FIVE or more Occasions.) I am also PRIVY to ALL of them including "Hanger 18" and the 3-volt CHIP industry that started with GTE/Sylvania (before 1960) and later was given to Texas Instruments. Even their VICE Prexy admits to it!!! (Circa 1963/64)

 Even the Bright Star: Capella has a civilization of "Warrior-Women" (Reptilian) who "revere" their smaller men...and it's a death sentence to "mis-treat" ANY of them! They are ALSO part of the Galactic (Also inter-Galactic) Federation. 150 of them were lost along with 250 Plejaren on Sept 21st just beyond MARS when a "Saboteur" wiped out the "front-end" of a large ship "waiting" for the Draconians to attack! (the 27th).

 The recent "AMELIORATION" of the SUN in November of '97 (after "Ulysses" verified the 1962, (Jan 12th) "half-Life" Scenario that took 30 years (till 1991) to blow off its FINAL mantle and become an HELIUM STAR. The "BS" of the 30 year "warming" that was pushed by Uncle was a travesty of TRUTH! The 1962 Incident is what "birthed" "SKY-LAB...remember??? The BIG explosion near first week of September 1972 that tore away 2/3rds of the SUN's REAR side and was finally "printed" in Nat'l Geographic about 1978 or so. Again...the WHOLE World was KEPT "in the Dark" except for many that I informed of the "happenings".

 GLOBAL WARMING, HUH??? Yeah, SURE...I should well HOPE Helium Star is a pretty HOT baby. Sept. 11th of 1998 was a pretty good time for you to FIRST admit that the SUN had REGAINED its Polarity...say WHAT...WHY didn't you inform the public on Jan 12th, 1962??? The SPECTRUM" of the SUN is even NOW different with HIGH intensity from Yellow thru x-rays!!! The SUN bathers NEED to be informed as the "extant" SUN-BLOCK does NOT work. I act as a "first-aid" person at some NUDIST gatherings and manufacture an EMU-OIL-based SUN Block MADE to work in the NEW "paradigm"!!!NONE of the OLD ones even BEGIN to do the job NOW needed!!!

 Don't you think the population of this U.S. (and the WORLD) is intelligent enough to handle the TRUTH??? Just think, had you told
the TRUTH in the'ld already have had MOST of the Population in the 7000 Concentration Camps built for just that purpose...MARTIAL LAW;..Oh, that's had to have a coast to coast FREEWAY system first...that DID take a while, RIGHT??? That DID "simplify the Transportation" problems...chuckles. It's TOO LATE. Fellows, the populace ALREADY KNOWS the STORY...and are NOW waiting for the BIG Earth-Quakes, starting with the Dec 3rd one in Calif. in the year 2003 @ 0103 AM!!! 3.5 million will be killed!!! Our THEN PREXY, Al Gore. will have a pretty BAD problem on his hands considering the Financial Markets will also go SHAZBOT!!! Not too good for his seemingly nice popularity!!!(then).

 OK, enough for NOW, but watch out for the first week of JULY in 2011...that's going to be another BIG'un...BIGGER than the Calif. tragedy...only on the EAST Coast!!!Even Houston will be evacuated...and that's a LONG way from the "epi-center" that will make Rio de Janeiro "Dis-appear" in about 10 seconds. The WHOLE Gulf and East Coast will ALSO be affected, NOT to mention many countries in South America.

 WHY am I writing this...because I'm SICK of the LIES being told the INNOCENT people of this country!!! (AND the whole WORLD as well!!!) "DOC"


Subj: [Fwd: the clock's starting to tick.]
Date: 11/30/99 3:11:55 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: (Robert Trebor)
To: (

Ok, read the below. This might not pan out, but it has
some strong urgings to follow, especially one of letting
your congressmen know. You and I both know it's very likely
to happen if a certain president has his way. It certainly
fits the facts that we know already and sure as hell fits the
suppositions we know of to come.

And it also hopes like (like I do) that it won't happen. But
being a gambling man, I wouldn't lay odds on it not happening.

It's about 350 lines from this point on, so you may want to
wait till you read the copy that I'll have printed for you.

Like the subject line says, the clock is ticking.

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Date: Mon, 29 Nov 1999 20:25:48 -0700
From: Christopher Goodheart


Dear Friend of Truth and Freedom:

As a member of Y2K Newswire, I just got the following report which I'm
passing on to friends and family. I suggest you do the same.

Today I was in town talking to my insurance man whose son has been
dating my daughter over at MSU (small world). He shared with my that he
has talked with two different National Guard members who said they had
seen Martial Law signs in storage or being painted. Folks, I'm getting
a LOT of reports along those lines the last two months.

What you NEVER hear from politically correct media minions on Y2K is
that there are power elite factions who are planning provocateur chaos
if not terror to compound Y2K disruptions and bring on Martial Law
suspension of the Constitution. The greatest fear of these elite wolves
in sheep's clothing among us is that the public would wake up to who
they are, and the Internet is doing that "too well" perhaps to let it
continue. Martial Law takeover and purging of "potential terrorists"
(the resistance) is thus seen as the last desperate means for these
wolves among us to maintain if not consolidate their power and control.
Never forget how Roosevelt, Clinton's favorite President, had prior
knowledge of the Pearl Harbor attack but let it happen to get the U.S.
into WWII. And if they can get away with the Waco Massacre, Oklahoma
City provocateur bombing, Iraqi civilian depopulation with depleted
uranium and Kosova over-kill to save Slick Willie's political hide,
don't fool yourself thinking they won't use Y2K to manage chaos right
into their long-planned New World agenda. Pray fervently that their
thoughts are confounded and plans are foiled. And prepare
for more than a few weeks of disruptions that the
scripted media pundits predict. --C.G.

------------------- GREAT ARTICLE FOLLOWS:

>From Y2K Newswire


Suddenly, there's one more good reason not to be in a major city when
Y2K arrives. Y2K Newswire presents four strategies for "bugging out" and
offers tips and advice on how to prepare your vehicle, avoid
confrontation, and arrive safety at your Y2K-prepared destination.

“Why be out of the city? Because under a national emergency, travel will
likely be restricted. The cities are where federal troops will have to
enforce the strongest restrictions -- that's where people can get out of
control. Small, country towns will find their own order. The
community-minded locals, most of who are armed, will take care of that.
But in the cities, out-of-control mobs can easily overtake on-duty law
enforcement personnel.

“So the military must focus on cities. Being outside the city means
you're outside the focus of military action. You'll also be outside the
range of potentially dangerous mobs or Y2K-related infrastructure
disruptions. For example, if a city loses power, it may become the most
dangerous place on the planet until power is restored.”

----------------------------------------------- article follows:

Thanks to a breaking story published by WorldNetDaily, the Y2K-aware
members of the U.S. population now know that the President has plans to
declare a national emergency on December 28th. (The rest of the country
still doesn't know about this because the mainstream press has so far
refused to report it.)

This declaration comes with one condition: that Y2K problems exceed the
capacity of local emergency response resources. With FEMA revealing it
can only handle 56 simultaneous problems nationwide, it appears this
condition will be met very quickly.

Whether the day is actually the 28th is questionable. Now that the cat's
out of the bag, they will likely change the day to further discredit
WorldNetDaily and other Y2K-focused news organizations. Or they may
change the name. Instead of calling it a "national emergency" the
President might declare a "Y2K response week" or something similar,
making it sound like a holiday. (That will explain the bank closings...)

Either way, the message is now clear: some type of emergency or disaster
may be declared, granting government authorities new "rights" to bring
in the military to handle Y2K problems. Under a national emergency, of
course, the executive orders already in place grant the federal
government full control over all supplies: food, medicine, vehicles,
equipment, guns, ammunition, even labor. In other words, under this
scenario, you can be legally be asked -- and required -- to turn over
your "stuff." It's all for the good of the country, of course, to feed
the people who refused to prepare.

This, by itself, is disturbing enough. Add to it the fact that the
government is still not telling the people about these plans and you
have an even bigger problem. By brainwashing the public into not
preparing, the government is actually creating a situation that could
lead to fear, panic, looting and other problems that justify the
declaration of a national emergency. They've created this situation --
and now it appears they might use it to further expand government powers
over the people.

There's nothing like an "emergency" to get the public to give up more

Even more disturbing: the fact that the government apparently knows this
is not a "three-day snowstorm scenario." If Y2K is solved -- if it's no
big deal -- why do we need plans to declare a national emergency? Why
have plans to deploy troops?

Fortunately, according to this article, the Dept. of Defense has urged
field commanders to be "very cautious" about deploying troops to help
with local Y2K emergencies. They are told not to interfere unless there
is an immediate threat to life or property. However, it seems clear that
condition will likely be met very early on.

There's one saving point here: if Y2K is, indeed, no big deal, none of
this is likely to occur. If the problem is as small as they claim it to
be, there will be fewer than 50 problems, no troops needed, no
terrorism, no rioting, and no national emergency. This is the desired
outcome. Pray for this outcome; even if it means the Y2K-aware people
have been wrong. ...even if it means you have extra food sitting around
on January 2!

But if we're right, this now means things are far more serious than we
thought. Even a medium-case scenario is likely to stretch emergency
response resources to the limit very quickly, resulting in a
Presidential declaration of a national emergency. And under that order,
anything goes. Nothing is off the books: gun confiscation, food
confiscation, the suspension of elections, confiscation of gold and
cash... you name it. It's all legal. In fact, we can't blame Clinton for
a lot of this: these were legal, too, under many former administrations,
including Reagan and Bush. Those Presidents, however, were probably far
more reluctant to actually invoke emergency orders.


Frankly, the invocation of a "national emergency," if it happens, is
probably very bad news. We urge all government officials reading this to
urge your higher-ups to back away from this declaration. Why? Because it
will be the final sign needed by every hard-core terrorist,
anti-government group or "freedom fighter" to launch an all-out assault
against government troops. It could actually spark a civil war or
even a
military coup.

Here's why: Clinton is widely distrusted by nearly half of Americans --
and especially by the military. Many people are familiar with the idea
that under a national emergency, all rights are suspended, and most
thinking people are at least a little uncomfortable transforming Clinton
into a dictator (which the declaration would effectively do). Cries for
civil unrest, open rebellion, and even outright resistance would be
loud, indeed.

All this would only create more chaos and potential bloodshed. We don't
need this. Y2K Newswire is in favor of peaceful government reform, not
gun battles. Yet if Clinton declares a national emergency, it could
actually motivate people to take up arms.

Make no mistake: there are probably a million Americans -- armed
Americans -- who are close to this point right now. A declaration of
"national emergency" and the unleashing of federal troops onto civilian
streets would be the final straw for these folks. They would see this as
an invading force or an attempted overtaking of the People by federal

And the very first incident of bloodshed -- where federal troops blow
away civilians in an armed clash -- would unleash even more
anti-government sentiments. We're literally talking about the chemistry
for a civil war here.

That's why this is potentially so dangerous and why Y2K Newswire urges
the federal informants reading this to urge the White House to avoid a
national emergency declaration. This is one case where the government
overreaction can be far more dangerous than any public overreaction.


Given that a national emergency declaration now looks at least somewhat
likely, we urge all Y2K Newswire members who live in a major city to
consider leaving the city right after Christmas. If you can, head out on
the 26th and stay away from any city until January 2. If you have a
relative out in the country, make arrangements to go there. Shift some
of your supplies to this country location, too, to make sure you have
items at both locations.

Leaving on Dec. 26th gets you out of the city well ahead of the
potential national emergency declaration. The President won't do this on
Christmas, of course, and he only has until December 31, so the possible
dates for declaring a national emergency are the 26th, 27th, 28th, 29th
and 30th. With the 28th now made public, it seems like the day would be
moved to the 29th or the 30th.

Why be out of the city? Because under a national emergency, travel will
likely be restricted. The cities are where federal troops will have to
enforce the strongest restrictions -- that's where people can get out of
control. Small, country towns will find their own order. The
community-minded locals, most of who are armed, will take care of that.
But in the cities, out-of-control mobs can easily overtake on-duty law
enforcement personnel.

So the military must focus on cities. Being outside the city means
you're outside the focus of military action. You'll also be outside the
range of potentially dangerous mobs or Y2K-related infrastructure
disruptions. For example, if a city loses power, it may become the most
dangerous place on the planet until power is restored.


If you're in the city, and your supplies are securely stored away
(hidden) right now, you might be safer to stay put. You'll have to make
this decision based on your own situation. However, consider that this
new revelation about the potential for a declaration of "national
emergency" certainly alters the equation. It now appears more important
to be out of the city from Dec. 26 - January 2.
We provide four options for staying outside the city:

1. Go to a relative's house out in the country
2. Take the RV out to the country and live in it

3. Stay in a hotel out in the country
4. Go to a retreat or cabin out in the wood

We're going to talk about each one:

Relative's house: This is, by far, the best strategy. First off, you can
move some of your supplies to your relative's house ahead of time. This
also helps prepare THEM for possible Y2K problems. Secondly, you're also
keeping the family together during what may be a difficult time. The
more people you have in one place, the more secure you'll be. If things
get really out of hand, for example, people can take turns standing

Take the RV: Overall, this is a poor idea. For one thing, you're totally
dependent on fuel and interstates. You also can't store a lot of
supplies in most RVs. If you run out of fuel, you'll literally be
stranded. And remember -- gasoline supplies are, in our opinion, likely
to be disrupted. That could mean gasoline rationing.

Stay in a hotel: Bad idea. You can't store anything there, for one
thing. It's also expensive. Thirdly, you'll probably end up staying
close to the Interstate -- a likely target for control by federal troops
under any kind of emergency orders.

Retreat to a cabin in the wood: Great idea... if you have one. This
is a
good strategy for several reasons. First, nobody is going to come
looking for people out in the woods. The cities are where the action is.
Second, you'll be well away from the interstates and other cities.
Third, you can stockpile the cabin with basic supplies (just make sure
nobody can break in and steal your supplies). This strategy also
protects you from potential terrorism (nobody nukes the deep woods, they
nuke cities...). Drawbacks: no electricity. Make sure you have a Baygen
radio so you can stay tuned to radio broadcasts.

Remember: these are temporary strategies. If nothing happens, simply
return from your "vacation" and return to normal life on January 2. (Or,
at least, as "normal" as it gets...) But if something bad does happen,
stay put until the smoke clears. Only return after you're convinced
things have cooled down.

If the worst case happens, welcome to your new home in the woods. Start
reading those "living off the land" books you hid under the
floorboards... you'll be needing them!


In previous articles, we've talked a little bit about preparing your
vehicle for "bugging out." Here's more information: You'll need the
basics: extra water, gasoline, heating supplies, sleeping bags, spare
tools for on-the-spot repairs, extra car parts (spark plugs, belts,
battery, etc.) a porta-potty, and so on. Our advice: don't bug out
without some sort of firearm, even if it's a cheap shotgun packed in the
trunk. Make sure you follow all applicable laws, and don't wave your gun
around, but when you finally get to where you're going, you'll
definitely want to have a firearm for protection (especially if you're
out in the woods...)

Today we got word from Revelation Arms that they have 18 portable food
kits left, and it turns out these are perfect for supplying your bug-out
vehicle with a high-variety supply that doesn't take up much space.

These kits contain thirty #2.5 cans (like small coffee cans) that fit in
two easy-to-pack cases. That's a thirty-day supply for one person. The
small can size means you get high variety, which isn't possible if you
try to load up the car with huge buckets of food. All the foods in this
kit are dehydrated, as usual, so you'll need to bring along water to use

These kits are $199 + $25 shipping from Revelation Arms. Call:
503-642-9066 to order directly from Roger (one of our recommended
suppliers). There are 18 left right now. But with the announcement of
the possibility of a "national emergency" these will probably be gone in
two days. Roger told us he won't be stocking any more of these. (That's
why he's selling them at a discount from the $215 retail price.)

You can also make your own "bug out vehicle" food supply kit by buying
some containers and filling them with food items you already have in #10
cans or buckets. This gets kind of tedious, though, and you end up with
a lot of opened #10 cans, which ruins their shelf life.

The hardest thing to transport in the car is water: it's difficult to
carry enough! Make sure you also bring a water filter (so you can refill
at a stream), an LED flashlight, spare rechargeable batteries, a solar
battery charger, and personal hygiene items like soap, toothpaste,
shampoo, etc. We also recommend you bring along a portable colloidal
silver generator for medical emergencies. (Revelation Arms, by the way,
has the Gen-27 colloidal silver generator for $149.) Hopefully, by this
time, you already have a colloidal silver generator as a "standard item"
in your medical kit. If not, pick up one today, and pick up some extra
silver, too.

Important: have all this in your vehicle ahead of time, if possible. But
if you live in a high-crime area, and you're afraid someone may break
into your car just to steal supplies (very possible!), keep them in bags
and boxes that you can move to the car in under five minutes. When
you're ready to go, just stockpile the car and drive away. Have
everything ready ahead of time, and make sure it all fits.


As we've said before, make sure you have a route pre-planned. If you
leave on Dec. 26th, you shouldn't run into any military roadblocks. In
fact, at this point, the population may still be relatively clueless. So
you should be able to travel without restriction.
However, just in case, have an alternate route planned that avoids major
interstates, toll bridges, tunnels, and other potential "checkpoints."
Stick with the back roads, where possible, or use state roads.


Above all, be safe. Remember, we're advocating the contemplation of
these strategies as self-preservation strategies. Our #1 rule: avoid
trouble. Don't cause it, avoid it. Don't hope for a gun fight just
because you carry a really big gun. Do your best to steer clear of
confrontation, and you'll likely survive Y2K just fine.

Also, note that we're not predicting these events will definitely
unfold. They are one possibility. In fact, they're the possibility we
hope will NOT unfold. But preparedness means being prepared for all
possible outcomes, and this one is certainly possible. So prepare for
it, then hope you never need it.

# End #


Subj: Re: very curious
Date: 12/1/99 4:06:22 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: (Robert Trebor)
CC: (Kento)

Elora Gabriel wrote:
> Hello Robert,
> I recently received a forwarded copy of your "letter to NASA". I was
> more than intrigued to read in this post about certain events that I
> knew of via psychic experiences. The parts of your post that refer to
> those experiences are quoted below:
> >> I personally 'WATCHED" the MANY ships around MARS while "HUBBLE" was
> >>allegedly "shut-down" during the Hale-Bopp Caper and afterwards when
> the
> >>"Companion" (A DRACONIAN Command ship) attacked the Galactic Fleet
> just
> >>beyond MARS on Sept 27th, 1997..
> Even the Bright Star: Capella has a civilization of "Warrior-Women"
> >>(Reptilian) who "revere" their smaller men...and it's a death sentence
> to
> >>"mis-treat" ANY of them! They are ALSO part of the Galactic (Also
> >>inter-Galactic) Federation. 150 of them were lost along with 250
> Plejaren........
ANswers interspersed...Bob:
> >>On Sept 21st just beyond MARS when a "Saboteur" wiped out the
> "front-end" of a large ship "waiting" for the Draconians to attack! (the 27th). My Plejaren Lady friend, Cherjase was aboard this ship...thus the "connection"...fortunately in the rear area and "safe" as a result. She assured me she was OK! She gave the number of the casualties...and added the statement: "I don't know WHY 'HE' did it", as though the saboteur was WELL KNOWN!!! Apparently these people are a bit Naive about "dedication" of "desparados" and their tendency toward Suicidal 'HE' WAS also killed. Total casualties: 401. I figured HE was a midget draconian "posing" a Capellan, but I really do NOT know at all...L O L! Bob


> My friend, Roger Kerr, was directly involved in this battle with the
> Dracos, on a psychic/4th dimensional level. He wrote up our experiences
> and posted them to Conflight afterwards. I would sincerely like to know
> whether you read our account of these events, or whether your
> information came solely from direct observation. You state that you
> actually watched this happen. . . how?
> The Sabotage was a GUT feeling of "Danger" and Cherjase verfied what had happened the 21st of Sept, 1997...the next day (the 22nd)...SHE "bi-located" and gave US (myself and another VERY psychic link) the "quantity" (400) killed. Right after the MAIN attack on the 27th, another LINK to a Commander of another ship (his mate lives in Oklahoma) verified the original number but also added the Breakdown of 250 Plejaren and 150 Capellans. He also gave us the damages to the Draconian ships which numbered 16, "self-destroyed" due to the "mirror" shields of the Galactic group. They finally "got the flick" ( in just a short time) and broke-off.

> It was a few days after that I learned about the "negotiations" to be held on MARS. It was a direct "subconscious" message, probably from Cherjase. I started "mapping" the MARTIAN meetings which exhibited itself in "orbiting" vehicles from three to 10 daily in a fixed 22 degrees tilted orbit...the smaller ships nearer the surface...and the Bigger ones further out at about 20 diameters of MARS. These went on past the date that MARS dis-appeared behind the Meridian on Feb 12th and went behind the SUN. When it appeared again this summer in 1999, they were obviously gone as the WAR beyond Jupiter was THEN raging.

> I had direct reports from "participants" (earthlings who's names are "secret" forever) at that time. It started on June 8th (although I knew for a year it was coming from other sources; some from the net itself.) The "source" also told of a "visit" to what MUST have been a planet around ALPHA-2 and it had suffered a PHOTON BLAST attack that KILLED the entire populace. Skeletons homes, in theatres, etc just "sitting" happened that fast. This was shortly before June 8th. Bob


> I had "heard" from some source
> I would be most interested in exchanging information with you. If you
> like, we can forward to you our complete version of what happened that
> September of 1997, from our point of view. It is also fascinating to
> note that a man named Jim Toth experienced (and wrote up) a very real
> and concrete "time warp" a year or two previous to that time. Jim
> somehow went forward in time to October 1997 and witnessed a war going
> on between Earth humans (and perhaps other ET's) on one side, and the
> Dracos on the other. When he came back from the time warp, he was still
> bleeding from injuries he's sustained in a hand-to-hand combat with a
> Draco warrior. The Draco attack of 9/97 was stopped, but if it had not
> been, we'd be toast right now.
must have landed "in spiritu" (OBE???) ON the draconian Command
ship...It was still lodged in the Asteroid Belt...or he went to MARS
during the "talks" and had his encounter there...He'd have to give me
a "date" for me to tell which. Bob


> There are so many people on the Net who claim to have inside
> information, and it sounds to me as though you are one of the few who
> actually does. In closing, I'm curious as to your opinion or any
> knowledge you have of the much touted "photon belt". Do you think it
> actually exists and will we be encountering it?

> ******************************************************************************
I learned about the PHOTON Belt in 1945 from a "Pleiadean" Science
Teacher who was also the coach of the Jr. High teams. (I SAID they'd
been here for a LONG TIME, like before 1937 or more.) I've met
people who've had "chance meetings" even then. Mr. John Peach, now
BACK in the command, told our class about several things NOT in the
books. One was about the "regular periodic encounter" with what he
termed as: an "ION" belt that each Galactic arm passed thru every 100
million years or so. He mentioned the "freezing temps" as well. He
said that WE would encounter it at some Not so far off future
date,,,he did NOT specify exactly when but said it probably would be
in the lifetimes of his students!

> It DID start in Jan of 1996 at the "Edge" and we've possibly avoided it due to bad timing...maybe we'll get more of it though...quien Sabe??? A "money-monger"? who has made "capital" of the "Photon" belt,,,has led MANY astray,,,and is just NOW beginning to falter in his following! Tsch-Tsch. I think you KNOW of whom I speak without my "slandering" the "deer" man. He even wrote a BOOK called: "You are NOW becoming a Galactic Citizen", which I have and have read as well. I have a retired dancer friend in Austin that literally worships him, and she's thrown GOOD money after BAD that she could NOT well afford going to his "Seminars"!! UGH!!

He, Mr. Peach, also told us that WE: (our Solar system), was in the
Gravitaional pull of the biggest white star in this sector of the
Galaxy (VEGA) and that it would be about 5 million years before we
were Gobbled up, Since our SUN will again become Helium in about
3000, it is supposedly scheduled to blow about 3045, all planets will
be IAW the "2nd PETER" prophecy up to the surface of Jupiter. It and
the other giants MAY experience a sort of re-birth. The "attraction"
fact has only recently become part of the regular education
theories...and a group of Scientists in about 1987 noticed that there
was a tremendous amount of what appeared to be Massive amounts of
"matter" around Vega as well. Deja Vue...all over again..L O L!!! My
respects to you also; Bob

> With sincere respect and appreciation,
> Elora Gabriel


Subj: Re: Deed is Done????
Date: 12/5/99 10:16:02 AM Pacific Standard Time
From: (Robert Trebor)
CC: (Kento)

Howard...The Plasma CXR with 5 (or more)"DRONES" in tow...there seems
to be a few anomales here as well. I was NOT aware that the "item/s"
were still in the vicinity of the SUN. I had seen a group of on-going
charts showing its TREK toward Earth and haven't seen any of those
since before Sept, 1999. Maybe Kent can put some light on this
situation. The outline of the ship is identical to the Eridanus type
shown to the EARTH-CLONE from Eridanus. (He stayed with me up till
last AUGUST 18th).

As far as the "History" of the SUN, since Jan 12th 1962, its having
blown OFF its FINAL remnants of the Hydrogen mantel sometime in 1991;
and its amelioration in November of 1997; and its having regained
Polarity on Sept 11th 1998. Even Kent ALSO knows the FULL story on
it...including dates of "changes" as they occured. The reports from
Ullyses are also part of the story in EARLY Nov of 1998. He also has
backup GIFS for "Show and Tell" I suggest if you want to "print"
anything in that scanario, that you discuss it with him first...Both
he AND I know each step taken and WHEN each took place for the most part.

Jolly-Good show otherwise...Bob

> Bob,
> Thanks for the comments...appreciated.
> We do realise the problems of the 'Pleiades system', e.g. too young etc,
> and pondered the 'publication' of this update for some time. We came to
> the conclusion, and from what Jim has received, then time is of the utmost
> and people should be informed of what is going on...As you can
> appreciate we had to explain in terms that people (most) could relate and
> understand.
> We will, this week, be placing more detailed data, correct as we know and
> from what our sources have been told, explaining and offering more data
> om what we 'divulged'.
> The sun...from the 'historical' evidence and the age-old agreement, and
> from what we know of what lies under the plateau at Giza, we considered
> the events since sept 22nd (predicted in our Genesis article) were the
> 'wake up' call for the race in stasis.
> I see now the 'plasma carriers' seem to be harnessing energy from our
> sun, and verticle objects have been noted in orbit. Possibly to build up a
> CME energy blast, directed to earth.
> We realise that this may not be a global thing, and seems to be directed at
> the tech situated mainly in North America...sats out, then nothing in the tech
> that we know at present will work (or rather 'traditional tech')
> We will enlarge on a number of points as best we can, and your points
> seriously taken on board, whicj I will pass onto Jim.
> We all know this is a highly complex scenario, and if we can 'educate' as
> many people as possible as to what is going on then all well and
> good...hopefully we will get much feedback, much negativity which we can
> handle, but hopefully will get more on the lines of your constructive
> comments.
> At least, in part, we have let a few cats out of the bag.
> It was a choice that we though we should implement in the circumstances,
> The aim was to inform and to assist readers to instigate their own research.
> Our next step now is to offer hard data to support many of the statements
> we made, and take it from there.
> Thanks for your comments, please feel free to add at any time, in the
> circumstances I think all comments will be appreciated and worked in with
> the data.
> Thanks
> Howard
> PS if you wish to get in touch with Jim, his e-mail is
> He runs the 'Ambilac' site and his partner is Dr. Jan Mertac, I think he is still
> an advisor for NASA in one or two sections.