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 Los Alamos National Laboratory

Many of the Laboratory's operations required hazardous chemicals and radioactive materials such as plutonium and uranium. Use of these materials resulted in the contamination of facilities, and in some cases, of the surrounding environment. A major source of environmental contamination was waste being discharged into the environment or buried in material disposal areas. In addition to hazardous chemicals and radioactive materials, the contaminants of concern include explosive residues, unexploded ordinance, and asbestos. Although it is no longer used, asbestos is generated as a waste during facility modification and decommissioning activities.  In support of the Laboratory's mission, the Environmental Management program is also investigating approximately 2,100 sites to determine if cleanup is needed. These sites range in size from less than 1 square meter to tens of hectares (a few square feet to tens of acres). Potential residual contamination may exist at these sites as the result of 50 years of Laboratory operation. Contaminants may include radionuclides, organic solvents, metals, and high explosives. Residual contamination may exist in more than 7 million cubic meters (9.1 million cubic yards) of environmental media, primarily soils and sediments.

Los Alamos firesite CONTAMINATED!!

EDITOR: Torch the local contaimination that is affecting the base-bound Dr. Strangeloves and spread it around the world, you know...democratically?


Did our government KNOW there was going to be a disaster in the Los Alamos/White Mountain area last year? Last year on July 27, 1999 there was a fax sent to Hilly Rose of the Art Bell Show concerning an evacuation notice to residents of White Mountain. Evacuation could be on a twenty minute notice. more

5/12/00 5:50:51 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Kent this information has just been presented to us by our Pentagon contact. About 2 weeks ago a secret meeting was held between Lockheed Martian, Boeing, the Pentagon and the Air Force to name a few. The entire meeting was to discuss the building of new "underground and under ocean bases" that must be completed by 2004. My other sources say that the "powers that be" have "switched camps" and now are taking orders from anothe
r alien faction. More when it is available. Remain in your spiritual power center people no matter what the "media" says.


Major concerns have also been raised by reports of explosions being heard in and around the Los Alamos Labs, but so far, no Department of Energy Official has confirmed these reports.

Governor Johnson and several other New Mexico politicians have also expressed their concern about the impact of the fire on Los Alamos National Laboratory. Lab officials say nuclear chemicals and weaponry are safely stored in concrete bunkers several feet underground. According to experts, those bunkers are made to withstand firebombings and are not in danger of releasing dangerous materials into the atmosphere.

But for some reason, FEMA director DeWitt is still very concerned. And here's more:

The Associated Press is reporting that they have a copy of the special weather forecast faxed to Bandolier shortly before the fire was started, and they reported that it was practically a blueprint for a spreading fire.

The infamous Los Alamos National Laboratory is threatened. Explosions have already been reported coming from the Lab's property. There are two separate wildfires and the number of evacuated is reported to be in the hundreds. UPDATE: EXTREME FIRE DANGER  UPDATE  UPDATE LOCAL STATION LOCAL OBSERVER


This could be one of the world's worst nuclear nightmares if the winds pick up in the Jemez mountains and the Bandolier national monument today. I believe the people of Santa Fe and Albuquergue are at great risk and the government ought to consider evacuation...

CNN, 5/11/00: Three towns evacuated as Los Alamos burns; blaze reaches laboratory campus

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Some environmentalists and scientists remain concerned that the fire could release small concentrations of radioactive materials if it burns over Bayou Canyon, site of the Ra-La experiments in the lab's early years. The canyon underwent two cleanups but some of its plants and trees still test mildly "hot" for strontium-90.

Sat Map Smoke Plume

Fire position in respect to lab

5/11/00 7:52:23 AM Pacific Daylight Time

The southern/western part of Los Alamos was destroyed by the original controlled burn set by the National Parks department on Wednesday last week. The Northern part was destroyed by the backfire that was started Sunday. Most of Los Alamos is a series of finger mesas connected by a series bridges over deep canyons. The trees and brush in some of these canyons have absorbed radioactive and chemical material from decades of dumping; burning these releases toxins/radioactivity.

Rep. Heather Wilson, R-N.M., a member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, sought and received confirmation that "federal assets normally used for national security would be used to monitor Los Alamos." That term generally means satellites and other intelligence-gathering resources.

5/11/00 1:28:52 PM Pacific Daylight Time


Before the fire that ravaged Los Alamos was started last week, the National Park Service was sent a forecast of higher winds, higher temperatures, reduced humidity and maximum conditions for a spreading fire just west of the town.

"This is the worst of circumstance, I mean, you couldn't script anything worse," Gov. Gary Johnson told CBS News. "The numbers that are floating around here are that a lot of Los Alamos is going to be lost to this."

300-Plus Homes Damaged   Los Alamos Security Raised as Forest Fire Rages


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Howdy Kent, I'm an everyday reader of Orbit and live in the Sandia Mts. over looking the desert towards Santa Fe and Los Alamos. The clouds around Los Alamos have just turned turned deep black. On the radio KOB reports red and orange clouds. It looks real bad at this point. I have been watching it all week. I'm keeping an eye on it and will report to you any explosions. Z

5/12/00 5:30:00 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Kent, Santa Fe has spent most of the day under part of the plume from Los Alamos. So the winds are moving west to east. The clouds are normal smoke color. Can't see much. Z

Date: 5/12/00 8:19:51 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Subject: Los Alamos Update Friday Evening

This Morning in Tesuque I measured 1200 counts per minute on my gamma scintillation meter for minutes at a time but fond no surface contamination I could bag and tag. I was unable to find a source of known radiation to verify my meter was really responding to radiation. Colman lantern mantles no longer contain thorium and could not find any old clock or instrument dial faces or uranium oxide orange fiesta ware ceramics. So there is some doubt that my meter is reliable without a source check. I still suspect chemical and radioactive isotopes were in the wind as it shifted last night into Tesuque and the Santa Fe area. Only particulate and gaseous activity and chemical analysis of the actual smoke plume will verify the presence of toxic and radioactive substances. One can only assume that the canyons were used for dump sites during the 40's and 50's before controls and records were established. Most oxides of heavy metals are water soluble and therefore easily absorbed by plant and animal life.


Kent, Yeah, I'm seeing the same thing from here -- backed up by the close-up TV coverage. Los Alamos -- Technical Area 66!! -- is definitely burning. No telling what chemicals and other stuff is in those clouds...RCH

5/11/00 7:36:03 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Kent, it isn't just the plutonium, weapons and explosives in the bunkers-it's all the chemicals and biological research materials in the labs. How much is already in the smoke? It would be helpful to ASK website readers to sent all possible protection/meditation/prayers for the residents of that area. Generate some strong positive group mental energy around them. Have a sense at moment that the lab will be at least partially destroyed. The closer we get to the full moon, the stronger the possibility for "many tears to fall" will be. If that isn't karma, what is? M




Flames roll across Los Alamos

Dying winds helps N.M. firefighters

Another danger was posed by a hazardous waste area in nearby White Rock that includes asbestos, low-level radioactive waste and PCBs stored in steel drums and fiberglass compound containers. Paul Schumann, an official with the lab's environmental restoration project team, said that if the area catches fire, possible health effects could range from short-term problems such as liver poisoning to long-term ailments including cancer, the result of breathing a plutonium particle.

Russians Offer Water Bombers Listen to Forest Service official explain how prescribed burn got out of control

NEWSHAWK: Extremely bizarre burns reported from HAARP or other transmissions

Flames still at nuclear laboratory

Numerous fires still burned on the grounds of the 43-square-mile Los Alamos nuclear laboratory, birthplace of the atomic bomb. Authorities said a construction trailer was destroyed and a facility containing nuclear materials singed.

Fire caused outage that darkened much of New Mexico

Los Alamos Danger Admitted

For days, the Energy Department has assured Los Alamos residents that the flames were nowhere near radioactive material at the nuclear weapons lab. But, ABCNEWS has learned, Energy officials admitted the blaze came close to an area that stores waste contaminated with radioactive plutonium. Firefighters have been successful in their battle to keep the
flames from radioactive and hazardous waste, and federal officials insist there is still no danger to the laboratory. But New Mexico health officials are replacing radiation monitors destroyed by the fire so they can watch radiation levels, some of which have been above normal.


President Declares Disaster

Historic atomic site destroyed

NEWSHAWK: Critical Nuke Facility Nearly Compromised/Radioactivity Increases Acknowledged

The lab's heavily armed security force was also forced to retreat Thursday when the fire raced toward the lab's main plutonium storage facility. Officials said they didn't fear a security breach since the compound was surrounded by flames and thus was inaccessible.

IU/ANMO, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

HELP!- Fires & Media Black Out in New Mexico

Well kids..were screwed here. We've been buried in smoke for a week and this is not just smoke.

Los Alamos National Labs did surface dumping of toxic waste for  50 years...the areas where the dumping happened have a bedrock layer 20 to 90 feet below the surface and it's no secret that the folage in this  area is hot as hell.

Overview of Material Disposal Areas (MDAs) At Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL)

Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) has disposed at least 17,500,000 ft3 of hazardous and radioactive wastes on-site at twenty-four different officially-designated material disposal areas (MDAs) since 1944

5/12/00 6:49:07 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Los Alamos Fuming Over Nukes

Dangers persist of nuclear contamination in Los Alamos wildfire

Date: 5/18/00 8:27:50 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Subject: Trouble comes in threes

Los Alamos fire

Dutch fireworks top it off

Santa Fe New Mexican Thursday May 18

Chernobyl reactor accident causes shutdown, also forest fires nearby re-releasing radioactive smoke from contaminated trees from the 1986 disaster! Deja-vu tit-for-tat times 2

Very curious timing......Dutch-American former nuclear safety inspector/tech.

A return just came in for NY...not from Ha*rp, so any ideas....the beam image is the line to Ak, this is below it.


Hello Kent, I took a look at the spike on the Cam pics on Tue, 9th. Haven't a clue as to what it was, however there were more like it. Also there was a pulse chain with a duration of 27 minutes which lasted several hours. Very regular.

Am sending a precursor pic  of the Argentina quake this afternoon. There was a very clear indication of high intensity frequency bursts for a period preceding the quake for 92 minutes and 39 seconds. I found this interesting as this time frame and the events, have been occurring frequently after geophysical disturbances from Solar causes, arrive on earth. Always from 120 to 90 minutes. Charlie Plyler Elfrad Group

5/12/00 6:02:39 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Take a look at THIS! I have attached an zoomed in animation of a perfectly circular object that appears under the clouds (or out of the mountain) in Colorado..... By the way... this happens at beginning around 1615 Z through 2115 Z today. You can still see it now at 2315Z... but it is MUCH clearer at 2115Z. I sure feel like the fire is a diversion for something else happening, guys...or a way to obtain components needed without transport other than the jet stream...

SLEUTHS: Although the plutonium is reported stored in concrete bunkers, what laboratory facilities at Los Alamos require support systems to keep nuclear Genie contained?

Los Alamos: The town the bomb built

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