Subj: FW: Los Alamos Update
Date: 5/10/00 7:16:20 PM Pacific Daylight Time

From a friend in the midst of it....note what he says about the backburn.....Love....Sis

Subject: Los Alamos Update

I have a prototype machine shop at the Black Hole on 4015 Arkansas
street in Los Alamos, [number] cellphone

Spent the afternoon spraying soapy water on some of the buildings that
are most prone to catch fire. The fire has been out of control since
wednesday when a controlled burn went ahead despite warnings from numerous
sources. The back burn set off yesterday is also out of control. the
30-40 mile per hour winds are nothing compared to the firestorm winds
which reach hurricane force. As the flames crested the hills south-west
of us they seemed to leap to each nearer crest while I watched trees
explode. as it got nearer it sounded lie a train close by or the
tornadoes I have experienced. when the smoke got so thick so breathing
as difficult and the fire too close for comfort we evacuated, I went
down of the mesa and Ed Grothus headed home for his adobe thich walled
house with a new roof
we left a sprinkler on the roof spraying the two trees nearest the main
building and my machine shop.

Recommendations to Governor Johnson of New Mexico

Independent verification that no nuclear material or high explosives
have been stolen or compromised during the smoke screen

Monitor all airborn dust/smoke for chemical/biological and nuclear

Provide adequate breathing equipment to all emergency persons.

Set up secondary boundaries for verifying that no nuclear material leaves
the mesa in any way, shape or form miles from the lab

Provide for better fire protection in the future including reservoirs on
top of near
-by peaks with gravity feed pipes

Hang the arsonists that started these fires

If you cannot trust the government with matches, how can you trust them
with nuclear bombs, civil, human and constitutional rights!!!!!

Former Federal Nuclear safety inspector
Former member of FEMA
Badge ID[number]
Shop owner/operator Tulip Technologies
c/o The Black Hole Suplus Store
w/50 years of artifacts/ scientific equipment from the dawn of the
Nuclear Age